Carmelo Anthony And The New York Knicks

<b>NBA Trade Deadline</b> And. </<b>Carmelo Anthony Looms Large.</b>

Hello world,

First, let me make a quick comment about the Cleveland Cavaliers and their new record low last night. I cannot believe that they are that bad. I know Bryan Scott is a good coach, and I know that there are good players on the Cleveland Cavaliers,
So why are they playing so terrible. What is really going on with those players? I am not a Cavaliers fan by any means, but come on Cavaliers, play with some heart.

Now that the football season is over, we can turn our attention to the next big news in sports, and that is the NBA trade deadline (Trade deadline,) Carmelo Anthony) Carmelo Anthony scores 50, and the New York Knicks. (New York Knicks ). The fact that the Knicks were jilted suitors by Lebron James, Knicks fans are very happy that at least Carmelo Anthony wants to play for the New York Knicks.

Amar’e is really playing like an all star. He wanted to come to New York and he is playing his heart out. He loves this team and we can only hope that the Knicks will not have to do too much to the team to bring Carmelo Anthony here.

I think that a day is going to come when the Knicks fans will look back over time and say, we did not need Lebron James as we thought we did. Lebron wanted to go where he did not have to be the point man, while Amar’e wanted to go where everybody would know his name. After all, did Steve Nash win an NBA title with Dallas? If Amar’e did not come to New York and take the Knicks on his back people would think he needed Nash. Amar’e has proven that he is not just Stoudamire, but a stud. I think Knicks fans are praying, “Come Carmelo, even so, come now.” Enjoy your day!