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The Other AppleA

Keep Riding

Keep Riding

Hello world,
It is just feeling like winter here in New York City. The weather has been so good to us we forgot we were in winter. But every now and then we have some snow and a few severely cold days, and we have to pause and remember, we are not in control. If you are a photographer, the cold weather can really throw you off. But things are still happening and you need to dress yourself and get out there.

Also, you must have a camera with you. If you don’t want to carry a big one, at least have a good camera on your cellphone or carry a point and shoot. You miss every spectacular and money shot you don’t take.
The two photographs you saw above were done with my blackberry camera phone.

Monday was really and one of the photos shows a frozen lake in Central Park. That was just so beautiful I had to capture it. Winter photography is beautiful if you can bear the cold. Central Park by Columbus Circle and West 66th street is a great location to get some awesome shots.

If you are coming to NYC or if you live here, go to Columbus Circle and go to the Apple store. You will love the experience.

President Obama’s Inauguration



Hello world

Today is a big day for the United States of America and for this one day we can be selfish and focus on ourselves as a nation. Hundreds of thousands have made their way to Washington, D.C. to be eye witnesses of this second inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States.

Whether you are among the 52 percent who voted for him or you are among the 48 percent who did not- today we come together as Americans as he is indeed the President of these United States. Today’s inauguration is even more significant because it is the birthday of Martin Luther King (MLK). Had Martin Luther King been alive today he would have said, we all Americans , rich or poor; red or yellow, black or white. We are all

  • God’s children and therefore we count. Congratulations to President Barack Obama.
  • How To Buy A HD TV



    HD Television Basics

    Hello world,

    In a few weeks it will be the Super Bowl and chances are even if you have no idea what that means, you will likely be swept up in the excitement. I find it interesting that people who watch the Super bowl and go to Super bowl parties never engaged themselves on the journey throughout the football season. On Super bowl Sunday, they want to be part of the crown and the excitement and some have no idea the two teams who are playing. Let me help those of you who vested your time from pre-season until now, don’t let them come to the party and be asking a lot of questions. If they don’t know at least one of the teams playing – don’t let them in.

    So now we have that out of the way, we want to move on to the television. If you are getting a new television here are some basics. Here is a short list:
    Screen Size– Yes, size matters. Screen size is measured diagonally. Do not settle for less than a 42″ screen especially if you are going to have a few friends over. It’s football so a big screen will make it easier for everyone to see even from a distance.

      Resolution– This is not about new year’s resolutions which you are working on. This is about the quality of the picture you will see.
      720p is not full high definition. Look for 1080p. Your colors will be vibrant.
      Internet Capable– Many televisions now are what they call Smart Television and you can connect to the Internet and surf the web from your couch. Maybe that’s something you want to look into.
      Connection Ports– HDMI, Firewire, RCA, VGA- The connection ports allow you to connect different devices like tablets, cameras, camcorders, blue-ray players). Select one with at least 3 HDMI ports so you can connect several devices at once.

    Think Long Term

    These are just some of the basic considerations if you are purchasing a high definition television for the Super bowl. Remember this is not something you are going to throw out after the Super bowl, so you want one with certain basic features and then you can go for the extras. Extras would include getting a plasma over an LCD. The issue of glare is a concern especially if your television will be placed by a window or will be in the direct path of glare. Plasma is ideal if this is a major consideration. However, LCD’s are great and they are less expensive.

    Please add comments. This list is by no means exhaustive. Happy shopping.

    Skating at the Rock

    anything They Can Do I Can Do Too

    anything They Can Do I Can Do Too

    Winter photography is exciting if you know what to look for and how to keep yourself and your gear protected from the cold. If you can get a covering for your camera, do so. if you cannot or do not want to purchase an expensive one, a piece of plastic will do just fine. Also, remember to keep yourself warm. Wear layers and make sure whatever you are wearing have inside pockets or wear and extra jacket with pockets. The pockets will come in handy to keep your extra batteries warm. Wear a hat or cap and big headphones work great as ear muffs if the wind and snow are really blowing hard.

    So now that you have been reminded to dress warm and protect your camera from the snow and rain, you are ready to pack your bag. One bag should be sufficient for a short photo shoot and a backpack is preferable because it frees up your hands.

    What to put in the bag? One lens is good enough. A zoom lens 24-70mm is a good walk around lens. What this lens will force you to do is to get closer to the object or subject. Extra battery and a charger should be in the bag. Two memory cards rather than one. So two- 8GB rather than one -16GB is what I go for. Also in the bag make sure you have your camera reset for this particular photo shoot. Remember when you are doing street photography for example, you get one opportunity to get the shot, so have your camera ready. Leave the flash home and take a little led light. If the subject is lit properly you will be fine without the flash. Furthermore, it is heavy and you want to keep your bag as light as possible.

    So in your bag is your one camera, one zoom lens, 2 memory cards, 1 small led light and a piece of plastic or a plastic bag to cover your camera in case the snow gets too heavy. That’s it. Today is Saturday, so get out there and get some great travel photos. Skating at the Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park are just two places to visit.

    NFL Football Playoffs

    This weekend is a big weekend for football fans. Some of the big matchups include Denver versus Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks against Atlanta Falcons. there are so many story lines here that it is must see television. As a New York Giants fan I can only wish that they were still in it, but the interest is still there. I am not going to root for another team, but I will definitely follow the games to see Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis and Aaron Rogers.

    No matter which team you support, if you are a football fan you have to keep watching. My only issue with some sports analysts is the praise they are heaping on Denver. If they claim that Tim Tebow was not a good quarterback and he took them to the playoffs and won a game, that means Peyton Manning has to do at least one better. He has to win a series and possible make it to the super bowl. Anything less will be a failure.

    Ray Lewis says this is his last ride. Whenever the Raven’s season end he walks away from the game. As a result it will be interesting to see how things will go with them. Flacco is not on the level of Peyton Manning, so I expect the Ravens season to end in Denver.

    Atlanta Falcons played well all season and they are a young team. They have a great quarterback who has a good command of the game and so they should put up a good fight against the Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks are the sleeper team this season. They piqued at the right time and they should make it to the Super Bowl. My prediction is Seattle Seahawks versus Greenbay Packers for the Super bowl. Tom Brady has not won anything since the cheating scandal. Eli Manning beat him fair and square last year. The New England Patriots need to regroup and come back.

    Well, there you have it. Please feel free to comment. Check back on Monday to talk about the results.

    Winter Photography 2013

    Hello world,

    Every new year we are so glad to leave the old and enter the new that for many people new year’s resolutions are at the top of their “To Do” lists. The new year is such an awesome thing because as in other months of the year, December is the only tome when we come to the end we not only start a new month, but we start a new year. That is really something to shout about. Winter is a great time for photography and since it is now the new year, it’s a great time to make some resolutions that will improve and expand your photography business this year.

    Winter photography is fun. The fact that it is cold does not mean you cannot be out and about with your camera. There are still a lot of things to photograph. There are winter sports, ice skating and snow if you have it. If you’re in New York there is skating at Rockefeller Center, Central Park and Bryant Park. In Bryant Park the skating is free so you can actually lace up and get on the ice with your camera.

    Protect your camera from the elements. Keep a piece of plastic handy just in case it snows. Keep extra charged batteries for your camera as the cold will drain batteries quickly. Keep batteries on body to generate heat.

    Look for different angles to photograph landmark buildings. Get in a boat, on a bridge, do whatever it takes to get a unique perspective. For example, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most photographed bridge in the world. If you Google it you will find hundreds of photographs on the Internet, but majority of them will be from the same perspective. Be creative.

    New Year Makes Lucky 13

    2013 The Year of New Beginnings

    Lucky 13

    In many buildings the elevators do not have a 13th floor. Somehow we have come to fear the number 13. Friday the 13th is always viewed with suspicion. But this year, 2013, you have to put away fear and declare over your life and anyone or anything you have authority over that this time around it is lucky 13.

    Thirteen is not always bad. In some cultures thirteen is overflow. It is known as a Baker’s dozen. When you buy a dozen things they give you one extra making it thirteen. So, set your mind on this year, 2013 being a great year for you. Believe that it is a year of harvest. A year when you reap double.

    Jets Nation Press Conference

    The recent tattoo of Rex Ryan’s wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey can now be put to rest because this was done three years ago. So, what are the real sports stories about the NY Jets.

    The first thing is that Rex Ryan remains the head coach and that is a good thing. Even though the NY Giants were Superbowl Champions they got little to no coverage. The New York Jets stole the headlines all year and as a result stayed in the spotlight. Only Rex Ryan could do that. He has the personality and the swag to do just that. So, all the people on the radio who have a lot to say- what would you say if Rex was not around? As a matter of fact, Rex Ryan was in the Bahamas on vacation and the news media sought him out. He wasn’t bothering anyone, but the truth is when Rex Ryan leaves town there is no excitement.

    Now, I am not a NY Jets fan, I am a NY Giants fan, but because of Rex Ryan I have to keep an eye on them. Rex does not bother me. Rex takes the spotlight off his players and that works well sometimes. New York needs a Rex Ryan or else the Jets would become “Team Irrelevant.”

    What did we learn from today’s press conference that gives Jets fans hope of a bright future? Well, we learned that the coach is committed to winning and he recognizes that last season he made mistakes, which if repeated, will cost him his job. Sports people and journalists are funny people. If Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson were to have revealed everything prematurely, the same news media would criticize them. When they say they can’t speak about players at this time because they need a coordinator and a GM first, the media says they wanted more. It is a no win situation with the media and Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning know that. Eli created a firestorm when he answered a question as to whether he was elite or not. If he had said he was not elite the media would have said he has no self-confidence. When he said he was elite they went searching for evidence to show he was not elite. But Eli Manning proved to them that it doesn’t matter what they think. He knows who he is and what they say can’t deter him. That is the same mindset Rex Ryan has and that is the mindset needed in a big sports city like New York.
    I wish Rex Ryan and the NU Jets good success because I like Rex Ryan and I believe he is the best man for the job as coach right now. Please share your comments.

    New Year New You

    New Year New You

    New Year 2013 is already five days old. Many of you were so happy to see the old year end you could hardly wait for the new, but what have you done with your first five days? Have you made them count? Have you set any goals or plans for the new year? There is a Bible verse in Psalm 92 that is used a lot at funerals, but as I was meditating on it today I realized that it is not for funerals but for those who are alive. It starts by saying Teach me to number my days that I might apply my heart (mind) unto wisdom.

    If we do not make each day count 2013 will slip away and we would not have accomplished even one goal. That’s why in a previous post I wrote – set only one goal. Set one goal that if you keep that one goal it will affect every other area in your life for the better. Teach us to number our days so that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

    These first days of 2013 in the first month is the best time to do an inventory of your life. Throw out the old ideas from 2012 that didn’t work and be creative. As Donald Trump says, “if you are going to think, think big.” To number your days is to be aware of the time. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today because tomorrow has its own things to get done. So that we don’t waste our time with foolish ideas, people who have no ambition or drive and people who like to ask what happened instead of making something happen.

    Look here, in 2013 you have no time for that. This is your year of harvest. Don’t waste your days. Everyday you wake up declare, “This is the day the Lord hath made I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will seize the moment and do what is needful.”. If you have no and for your day – there are people who will find plans for you. This is your year. It’s time for a new you.

    A new you is not going to come about because you got a new hair do or hairstyle or new clothes. A new you will only come from the renewing of your mind to who you are and your purpose. People who are on purpose don’t waste their days. Just as 2012 is gone and there is nothing you can do about it- so five days are already gone and there is nothing you can do except go forward. The past is over. Move forward by not wasting a day this year.

    Christmas 2012 at Rockefeller Center

    Holidays at Rockefeller Center

    Rockefeller Center

    Hello world,

    We are four days into the new year and a few people really gt a few extra days Monday.  If you are like those people great! New York City is yours for the taking.   There is still time to see the world’s most famous Christmas tree as seen in photo above.  Also, while at Rockefeller center you can rent a pair pf skates and get in the rink.  It is pretty awesome even if you have to hold unto the rails and make your way around. Rockefeller Center is a major attraction in New York City.  Right in that area you have NBC studios and of course, the Top of the Rock and for those who watch Saturday Night Live, there is 30 Rock.

    The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2012IMG-20130103-00066

    Inside Rockefeller Center there are many stores and even a nice seating area where you can have a cup of Starbucks Coffee and just chat with friends.  The subway is probably the best way to get there especially in the winter.  The B, D, F and M trains will take you right to Rockefeller Center between 47-50th Streets and 5th Avenue.   There is a grand concourse from the subway that will take you right to the skating rink .  Rockefeller Center is a lot of fun and it is beautiful as you can see from these photos.  All of these photos were taken with my Blackberry Bold phone as I left my professional camera home.  The key thing is to make sure you have a camera.  At Rockefeller Center you will create precious memories for years to come.

    Skating at Rockefeller Center

    Skating at Rockefeller Center



    New Year’s Resolutions

    The new year is here and resolutions abound. Everyone has a list of things they resolve to do in 2013. Some common new year’s resolutions include losing weight, be a better person, to get out of debt, go back to school, eat healthy, pray more, fast, go to church more often, be punctual, and have stronger relationships with family and friends. That is all wonderful, but just how many of the 2012 resolutions did you accomplish in 2012. Could it be that you were overwhelmed by your list of resolutions and therefore ran out of enthusiasm and inspiration after a few weeks? So here is an idea.

    Instead of making a list of resolutions, why not just have one resolution that if you focus on it you will accomplish many other things along the way. Let’s say your one resolution is to eat healthy in 2013. Then that will cause you to lose weight, save money, have more energy, be more fulfilled and so on. Why not try one resolution for the first 100 days and do an evaluation like the President usually does.

    FIRST 100 DAYS
    Last year I had a list of resolutions under different categories and needless to say, I would have had better results had I just focused on one. So, try the one resolution for now and see how it goes. That’s just an idea. More on new year’s resolutions in next post. If you have others, please comment right here.

    2013 The Year of Harvest

    Today is day one of what we believe is the beginning of a great year. The fact that we made it when so many others did not is a testament of the goodness and mercy of God. Many people passed on in 2013, but thanks be to God who kept us. We have another year ahead of us to reap our harvest.

    I declare 2013 the year of harvest in your life. This year, you will not leave your harvest in the field. You sowed too many seeds over the years and whether through ignorance or the lack of support to reap, you left your harvest in the ground. But 2013- this is the year you recover all. This is the year you reap your harvest.

    This is the year you reap the harvest of souls into the Kingdom. This is the year you reap the harvest of health. This is the year you reap the harvest of peace, love, grace, fellowship, friendship and favor. This is your year for an abundant harvest. It will not just happen – you have to do your part. Take action. Happy New Year!

    NYC Snow Day 2012

    Hello world,
    Well, we are almost at the end of the old year and the start of a new one. Many people can hardly wait for 2012 to end because it was such a rough year. Yes, indeed! What a year! Yet, we are alive and therefore we have to be grateful because it could be otherwise.

    Today is supposed to be a snow day in New York City and the tri-state area, according to the weather people. Well, nothing is going to stop New Yorkers from getting out and doing what they have to do. there are so many events planned for today and the weekend overall that it is going to be challenging to get around, but New Yorkers will find a way.

    One of the events that is of interest is World Changers Church New York having their inaugural service in their new permanent location at the Paradise Theatre at 2403 Grand Concourse in the Bronx. This is good news as they have been moving around from Madison Square Garden to Manhattan Center, Wamu Theatre, Hilton and Sheraton Hotels, and many more locations in the city. This goes to show that if you have a dream and a plan – do not give up on it. At the proper time it will come to pass.

    Please post your comments and share this blog post. Also visit my website at

    New Year’s Eve 2012- Times Square


    It’s 2012 that’s ending- not the world

    New Year’s Eve is a bigger holiday than New Year’s day because it is such an amazing thing to know that we lived through one year an dare about to witness the new.  So many people started 2012 and many are no longer here, they have passed on. We are still here and while that is cause for celebration, let’s pause for a minute and be thankful we are still here.

    Times Square- New York

    Times Square in New York City is the place to be for every New Year’s Eve celebration.  There is just no place like it.  I am usually in church when the ball drops, but, you can still go to Times Square in the day and capture the feeling.  People line up in Times Square from early in the morning, as a matter of fact, if you want a good spot to see the ball drop, you need to be there around noon.  Follow me on Twitter and you will see the crowds lining up from early on Monday, December 31, 2012.

    Times Square Museum and Visitor Center

    In Times Square itself you are at the center of the world.  Everything is within a stone’s throw from Times Square.  So, how do you get there?  The best way to get there is by subway (A C E N Q R S 1 2 3 7).   If you are a visitor, go straight to the Times Square Museum and Visitors Center at 1560 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.  The entrance is located at 7th Ave between 46th & 47th Streets, and you can call (212) 452-5283) if you have questions.  Another cool thing to note about Times Square is that there is free Wi-fi so just look for “Visitor Center free Wi-fi” and then connect your tablet or phone.  Times Square is just the happiest, busiest place on earth.

    If you want to take in a Broadway show while in Times Square for New Year’s Eve 2012 celebration, look for the TKS Booth and get your tickets to Broadway shows.  In many instances you can get deeply discounted tickets for some of the most popular shows.  In addition, you can do shopping, go to nice restaurants, or just sit in Times square and enjoy all the excitement.  Make sure you have a camera, fresh batteries, and a bottle of water.  Enjoy Times Square.  If you found this helpful, spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites, even My Space. Yes!


    Cyber Monday 2012

    The Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center


    Hello world,

    You have only a few hours to left to begin your Cyber Monday shopping.  For anyone unfamiliar with the term, cyber Monday it is the day when the online (Internet) retailers give great deals similar to Black Friday deals.  In order to benefit you need a game plan.

    1. Have a budget.

    2. Get a Pay Pal Account or use one credit card for online shopping.

    3. Preview the websites today.

    4.  Read return policy.

    5. Print or make note of your purchases (item numbers are important).

    6. Get online early.

    Some of my favorite sites include:

    Mary Kay

    Best Buy


    B and H

    J and R


    New York City -Out of the Doldrums

    New York, Sandy, and the Nor’Easter

    New York City has taken a beating. Devastation from hurricane Sandy and if that was not enough, a Nor’Easter came and blew us away and then dumped snow on us. Wow! How are New Yorkers to respond? Well, the good news is that the sun will come out today and New Yorkers will
    Get out of the doldrums.

    The New York Jets: Dont Drink the Coffee

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Ground and Pound New York Jets

    Hello JETS FANS

    The New York Jets are playing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and in Starbucks country -they better not drink the coffee. The New York Jets are coming off their by-week and everyone is watching to see how they will respond. If they didn’t garner the will to win during this off week, they are putting themselves on the road which leads to the point of no return. My guess is the Seahawks will be ready, they will have the coffee brewed and ready for the NY Jets. My advise to the New York Jets is simple, don’t drink the coffee. Instead, they need to get back to their original platform of ground and pound.

    Jets: Ground and Pound

    The Barack Obama election campaign team has mastered the game of ground and pound. Starting from the first run for president four years ago, the Obama Team knew that if they could get people on the ground, pounding the pavement, meeting the people where they are, they would create a momentum that would be hard to stop.

    Four years later they did it again, and Mitt Romney never saw that coming. The point here is that when Rex Ryan came to New York City he said this is the type of team we are, “Ground and Pound.” For two years the NY Jets did just that and made it all the way to the conference championship. Last year they went away from that and so far this season, they have gotten away from it. If they want to get back on the winning trail they better get back to their ground and pound formula. Mitt Romney flip flopped on the issues and he lost the Presidential election 2012. The New York Jets need to get back to their ground an pound game on Sunday.

    Tim Tebow and the New York Jets

    Tim Tebow is a quarterback. He played that position last season in Denver. Why did the New York Jets bring Tim Tebow to New York, send him out to do a press conference when the head coach and others were out of town? Why is he here? Every week we hear that Mark Sanchez is the Jets quarterback, despite his dismal performance. Why is Tim Tebow being given these foolish one minute roles to get hurt? He might not be the best quarterback, but he is a quarterback. Why then is he not playing? Please comment.

    Hurricane Sandy’s Visit to New York City

    shuttle Bus connection to J train

    shuttle Bus connection to J train

    The MTA and the Mayor’s Office are really doing a great job in getting people moving in New York City. A major reason for the lack of subway service is sea water in the train tunnels. The shuttle buses are getting people from the outer boroughs into Manhattan. Lower Manhattan has no electricity so the NYP are out in full force directing traffic and preventing looters from breaking into stores.

    At the time of writing this post, electricity is back in all of Manhattan. That means subways are up and running and that is good because the lines for gas are getting longer. I spoke with a friend who is a nurse at a hospital in the Bronx and she had been waiting for 2 hours to get gas.
    Another friend is saving her gas today so she can have it to attend church tomorrow. The lines are just too long and upon reaching up to the pump people are told there is no more gas.

    Yesterday I took my camera and two lenses and headed into Manhattan. Two trains and a bus ride over the Williamsburg Bridge and I was in Manhattan. I don’t see how the NYC marathon could have been run. The streets were crowded with sand bags, Con Ed trucks and emergency vehicles trying to pump water from the subways or cutting down trees that were leaning over.

    My first stop was B and H at 9tj and 34thj street. Outside they had two charging stations for cellphones. The two stations were crowded. Inside the store, the crowd was around their Tablet section. People were test driving the iPad Mini and other tablets like the Samsung Galaxy 2 and the Nexus 7. I am doing another post on tablets.

    After 34th Street I boarded a bus and headed to lower Manhattan and Battery Park which was a Zone A area and where the East River came ashore and flooded all of lower Manhattan. As a photographer, I ignored one of my own tips and that was to dress warmly just in case. Lower Manhattan was cold and as such I could not get to all the places I wanted to because it was simply too cold. I did get quite a lot and those I will post later today.

    There is really so much to say that I am going to have to do this in a series and call it Sandy’s NYC Visit. Let me just say that when you see J and R Music World was closed you know NUC was really hit bad by hurricane Sandy. I passed by City Hall and it was deserted. On a normal day lower Manhattan is buzzing with people, crowded sidewalks and City Hall park full of people and birds. Yesterday, that was all absent save for a few tourists. Sandy’s visit to New York City will always be remembered.

    In my next post I will talk about traveling in and around the city and how that is going.
    View Wednesday and Thursday’s posts for slideshows on Sandy’s devastation in Canarsie, Brooklyn. I’m happy to report that after contacting the NYC Mayor’s Office, most of Canarsie have their lights back on.



    Steel no match for Sandy

    Steel no match for Sandy

    Sandy Effect

    Sandy Effect

    Darkness in Lower Manhattan

    Getting to Manhattan

    Getting to Manhattan

    Hello world,
    New York City is trying very hard to get back on its feet. The photo shows a long line of folks trying to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan this morning. The J train went as far as Hewes Street and then you had to get on a shuttle bus over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.
    Lower Manhattan (below 34th street is in darkness)- no lights. The ride was not bad and it went well.

    It is now 10pm in New York City and very little has changed. There is no train service in Brooklyn, except the L which is running a shuttle service in Brooklyn. There are shuttle buses outside Grand Central Terminal taking passengers to Jay Street and Hewes Street (downtown Brooklyn). Lower Manhattan is in darkness except for the lights from oncoming vehicles and in some cases NYPD flares. Cell phone service is down so this will only post once I get into an area with light and Internet connection.

    New Yorkers are resilient and they just have to be on the move, so I’m not surprised that the buses are all full heading to the subway in downtown Brooklyn near Barclays Center. Tomorrow I will report from lower Manhattan and will also post pictures and some video footage. Police are out in full force so even though darkness covers lower Manhattan, you feel safe.

    Stay posted to for the real news you won’t see on television.

    Safety Tips For Photographers

    Safety cannot be over emphasized in the wake of hurricane Sandy.  The street might be familiar but the water is full of the unknown.  Be careful walking into water even if it appears shallow.

    Another thing to bear in mind is for those photographers looking for the unique shot.  You have to make the shot unique.  There are many fallen trees and everyone will be taking the same photograph of the same fallen tree.  You have to find a different angle. As you go looking for that money shot  make sure you are aware of your surroundings.  Look out for fallen or hanging cables and raw wires.

    Later today I hope to bring you some photos from Battery Park, New York City.  Battery Park is one of my favorite places to visit while in Manhattan. I always liked looking out at the Statue of Liberty.  It was hard to comprehend the East River coming into the park and flooding lower Manhattan.  Sandy certainly made her presence felt.

    Goodbye Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy is gone and sadly we will always remember the damage she created here in New York City.  Nonetheless, as we remember Sandy we will also remember how resilient we are as human beings.  We will always remember how we stood together as a nation and despite our losses we did not surrender, but got up and started the clean up job.

    Mileposts Productions photography team was out in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City and took the following photos.  Enjoy the slideshow and feel free to tweet it.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    Sandy Has NYC on Lockdown

    Man shall not live by bread alone

    Man shall not live by bread alone

    This supermarket in Canarsie, Brooklyn is usually stocked with bread, but today the shelves were empty. This is just one dramatic effect of Hurricane Sandy.

    More photos to come in a few hours. Keep watching my blog or follow me on Twitter @authorhdf
    Visit my website at

    Please stay safe. If you are out taking photographs, be very careful. Look for wires and pools of water. Tree limbs might be weak so don’t walk under trees if you can help it. I was out taking photographs earlier today and it was a challenge to be safe.

    2012 Fall Photography Season

    Fall Photography Season 2012

    Hello world,

    Fall season is almost here and it is just one of the most exciting times for photographers. The colors of fall are fiery, breath-taking, amazing, and extraordinary. No matter where you are in the US, you will see something worth snapping for those holiday calendars.

    You should have your camera ready because you were shooting all summer, but just in case you are new to fall photography, you need to get your camera ready. On the east coast the colors come out in early September, so in states like New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, you might be able to get some great shots. In Connecticut and New York colors are usually at their best in mid October going on to November. In some cases it starts earlier. If you go to the states’ official website you should find additional information.

    Remember, you don’t need a professional camera to get started. Try taking even a set of photos with your iPhone 5, android, or blackberry. More 2012 fall photography tips in next blog.

    Women Allowed in Augusta National Golf Club



    Hello world,

    Augusta National announced that they are allowing women into their “boys” club. For 80 years women were not allowed to join the golf club. It should not surprise anyone- we are talking about the state of Georgia. Do some research on Georgia in the 1930’s. How much rights did women have in America? Are there more barriers that still stand between women and their dreams to come down? What do you think was the tipping point?

    Their stance has caused much discontent in the past decade as women in particular try to understand the reason for keeping them out. Why didn’t Augusta National Golf Club not want women as part if their membership? Your guess is probably better than mine. You decide, but understand that it is a private club so they make their rules. Should they be applauded for finally coming to their senses? The two high profile females have accepted their invitations- does that now open the doors wide for other women? Please share your thoughts?

    Ready For Some Football

    Sunset over Brooklyn, New York

    Sunset over Brooklyn, New York

    Ready For Some Football

    Hello world

    You know fall is here when the kids are restless and want to go back to school. In two weeks summer will be officially over. Wow! Where did the days of summer go? If you haven’t yet taken a break – you better do so now. You still have time.

    If you are a football fan you are licking your chops because football season is almost here. Last night I tried to watch the Colts and Steelers, but could not stay awake. I did see enough of Luck to know that he has skills and will win some games. I don’t think either the Colts or the Broncos are going to do very well. But, what do I know. As someone said, “that is why we play the game.”

    New York! New York

    The game I really wanted to see was on Saturday between the NY Jets and the NY Giants. It is funny how two New York teams could not find a way to stay and play in New York. Anyway, as a NY Giants fan I expected them to win and I heard they did. It would be nice to see both teams do well, but the NY Jets are just not ready. Many people expected to see Rex Ryan show his hand in the preseason games and they are upset that he did not. I had no such expectations. I believe that the Jets will put on greater performances when the games matter. I believe both New York teams will make the playoffs. As we have seen now, the Giants just want to get in and they are heading to the Super bowl. The Jets have to fight to get in that when they get in they have no strength left. Hopefully there will be many great Sunday afternoons and Monday nights of football. I can’t wait!

    Ready For Some Football

    The Olympics had filled the summer nicely, now it’s time for some football. The games filled that Sunday afternoon void and with some baseball games later in the Sunday afternoon, there is very little choice even if you have cable. Let’s bring on football!

    Mileposts Productions

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    World Trade Center Rising Again

    World Trade Center Rising Again

    Macy's Display

    Macy’s Display

    Lessons From the Olympics

    London Bridge Is Not Falling Down

    Hello world,

    London Olympics 2012 was fabulous. Whenever I had the opportunity I would watch live on the Internet and if the event was one of my favorites I would watch the replay on NBC television. The athletes were amazing and London was amazing. Both opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular. So what should we have learned or what did you learn? The answers will vary, depending on who you speak with.

    Lessons from London Olympics

    The first lesson I learned from the London Olympics was that gold does not come easy. The difference between getting a gold medal and a silver is extra effort. It’s also stamina, and it is also determination. Life is like the Olympics. You have to prepare for it. What prepares you? The trials and the heats. If you overcome those preliminaries you go to the final. The gold is not guaranteed. Most times you are competing against the best- and if you are to win the gold you have to put in a little more effort. You have to stretch across the finish line. If you pull up someone will be there to snatch the gold from you. So the lesson you want to implement in your life today is to give whatever you are doing a little more effort. Share your comments and come back tomorrow for another lesson.

    London Olympics 2012

    London Bridge Is Not Falling Down

    Olympic Glory

    Hello world,

    Did you have an amazing time watching the London Olympics 2012? It was really a world class spectacular. As far as I am concerned, London can host it again. They did a fabulous job with security and safety for all. Both opening and closing ceremonies were exceptional. After the closing ceremony I concluded that they could just let them keep hosting it. Congratulations to the people of London for opening up all their sites and attractions to the world. Those who were not skilled enough to make their country’s Olympic team were not sorry because every night they had the best seat on their couch. It was truly a memorable event. London Bridge is not falling down after all.

    London Olympics 2012

    Michaels Phelps and Usain Bolt etched their marks in the pool and track of London and no one will ever be able to erase them. Usain Bolt wanted to be a legend and he is. Phelps and Bolt in particular, but many others too showed the world that if you focus, prepare, and go for your dreams you will have them. All the athletes who made it to the Olympics whether they got a medal or not, were winners just for making it. The difference between gold and silver is usually a fraction of a second. Same between silver and Bronze. What has the Olympics taught you? Sign up for my next blog post as I share what I learned.

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    NYC, NBC and the London 2012 Olympics

    Olympic Hopeful City

    Olympic Hopeful City

    London 2012- The World Is Ready

    Hello world, are you ready for the 2012 London Olympics

    Opening ceremonies are just a few hours away depending on where in the world you are living. If London had not beat out New York in the bidding I would be reporting live from
    Somewhere in New York City- can’t call that the middle of nowhere.

    Anyway, I am excited about the London Olympics and I can’t wait to see Usain Bolt and the Jamaican contingent in addition to the USA Men’s Basketball team. The games are going to be epic and I am excited about it.

    Mileposts Productions is preparing to stream live from New York sports bars, sidewalk cafes and everywhere there is a television set and people gathered to watch the Olympics. It is going to be fun. Sign up for my blog and also visit my website at so you can be kept informed.

    Olympics 2012

    I grew up when technology was a color television- that’s it. Nowadays babies have iPads, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Nook and all the latest gadgets. Do not be embarrassed if you’re and adult and you have to ask a three year old how to set up your cell phone or how to text. I was amazed recently when a 3 year old showed me his Nexus 7 and he was not just playing games on it- he was even texting his mother. He has the Bible on it and he has several other books. This is just amazing and guess what- this is the age for it. So what does that have to do with the London Olympics? A lot.

    This London Olympics is going to be even more high tech than Beijing. Just looking at some of the new venues for swimming (The Sting Ray) and the Olympic Stadium is just amazing. Listen people, even if you are not a sports fan and don’t understand the difference between soccer and football, still watch. You will learn something. So tune in to NBC tonight at 7:30pm for the opening ceremony. It is going to be magical. Let’s all go for gold in everything we do. That means be your best self you can be.


    Jeremy Lin Blasts Off



    New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets

    Hello world,

    So much has happened in the sports world that I was waiting for things to settle down and the dust settled. I think it has for the time been. The London 2012 Olympics will now grab our attentions for the next two weeks. So let’s start with the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin. Why did Jeremy Lin leave NY Knicks? Who is sorry now? Did Houston or New York get win? This is very easy to call. Houston is a loser because they had Jeremy Lin and they did not pay him what he was worth, instead they let him go. Then he went somewhere else in order for Houston to see what they gave up, but now they have to pay Jeremy double for his trouble. That is what happens when people don’t treat you right. Don’t worry if they fire you or let you go because if you will keep trying someone else will see your greatness and the same people who let you go will have to pay you double.

    Linsane No More

    Now that Jeremy Lin is no longer a New York Knick- it is fair to say that Linsanity is over.
    No matter how great he becomes it will never be the same as if he were in New York. Jeremy Lin seemed to have outsmarted himself. Jeremy Lin was taking the attention from the real superstars on the Knicks and he was also shooting the ball too much. In New York he was at the bottom of the totem pole but in Houston he can be at the top. If he doesn’t make the best of his opportunity- Jeremy and the Houston Rockets will be the biggest losers.

    Rockets Still Grounded

    Had Houston not let Jeremy go, Linsanity would never have been born. Now that Houston Rockets have Jeremy Lin- are they still poised for takeoff. I don’t think so at all. Jeremy has not had a chance to improve that much to help the Rockets make the playoffs. So, the only purpose for Jeremy Lin being back in Houston was for him to get his money. It is not about the New York Knicks, but about Jeremy Lin and the fact that he needed to make his money. We should wish him well in Houston for he is vey young, but if he already blew out his knee- the question is does he have longevity? Please feel to respond.

    London 2012 Olympics

    Bolting to Victory in London Olympics

    We are just a few days from the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and the world is already buzzing with anticipation of world records being lowered especially in the men and women 100 and 200 meters race. Can Jamaican superstar runner, Usain Bolt lower the world records for the 100 and 200 meters races. You have got to tune in to NBC and certainly You Tube to stay current with the action. Don’t miss it! Everyone can’t be participants, this is one instance when spectators are needed. Will Usain Bolt strike gold in world record time again? Will the USA men’s basketball team bring home the gold? Will Michael Phelps repeat his Bejin performance? Please comment if you love the Olympics.

    Miami Heat Turns Up The Heat: Series Over

    Beautiful Display

    Beautiful Display

    OKC Thunder Can’t RolI

    Hello world,

    Miami Heat are one win away from another NBA title and their first as the new look Big 3. My prediction is that the Miami Heat will be crowned NBA champions tomorrow night and Kevin Durant will have the dogs days of summer to grow up. The Heat is really on and Thunder just can’t roll. OKC Thunder was supposed to win game 4 but they really never played a balanced game. They went up 17 in the first quarter, but lost their fight as the game went on. Kevin Durant did not show up and he just need to go sit down.

    Last night Russell Westbrook was amazing and was not afraid of the Heat. Kevin Durant has to wake up and realize that this is stage where Superstars shine. So far he is not shining at all and doesn’t seem to want it bad enough. Kevin Durant is playing like he is just happy to have beaten Dallas and Lakers. OKC is not digging out of this one because only one guy, Russell Westbrook, understands the urgency.

    The Heat Is On

    Lebron James is playing with blinkers on because he knows this is his year to get his first ring. With other teams getting better, with D Wade having frequent injuries, the Miami Heat’s window as composed is really closing faster than it opened. If Lebron James doesn’t win this year he might as well make another decision to go back to Cleveland. He knows this and that is why he is playing like a man with a mission. It’s time to give Lebron James the accolades he deserves. He will win one title and that will be tomorrow night. He deserves it. OKC Thunder had many opportunities that they let slip away and they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

    Lebron Wants The NBA Title

    Congratulations to Lebron James and the Miami Heat on winning the 2011-2012 NBA Championship. He wants it more than Kevin Durant and life has taught us, in the words of Jimmy Cliff, “You can get it if you really want, you can get it if you really want, You must try, try and try. You’ll succeed at last.” Please add your comments.

    Credit and Debit Cards Living Together

    The Gates of City Hall

    Credit and Debit

    Hello world,

    It seems to me that the banks are realizing that if they do not extend credit they will not make much money in this recession ridden economy. The fact of the matter is that there has to be a partnership between banks and the consumers. I believe that the banks are realizing this because many consumers have turned to debit cards to free themselves from the stranglehold of credit cards.

    Most people do not have the cash at the end of the month to pay off what they bought at the beginning of the month and that is how debt creeps up. Take January 2012 for instance, when the credit card bills start coming in the mail, many people will not be able to pay off their holiday purchases. What is the answer, then? Some will say, debit cards. Well, let’s check that option.

    The debit card is a great way to keep within your budget. It is like spending cash. That means no matter how much you want to buy something if the money is not in your account you cannot buy it. The debit card is one way of forcing you to stick to your budget. That is the “good” news. The “bad” news is that if you are trying to rebuild your credit it will not help you. Your debit card transactions will not be sent to the three main credit bureaus. That is a big disadvantage because credit is like fire, it can be a good servant and a bad master. You have to control it because if it ever controls you- you could get burned literally and figuratively.

    Many people give the impression that if you use a credit card you are going to get into serious debt. That is not always true. Many of you will admit that up to five or ten years ago you really did not know how to budget and use your credit cards wisely. You bought things that depreciated the minute you walked out of the store instead of buying things that would appreciate in value over time. it is good to have a credit card and the benefits of the credit card are quite different from those of the debit card.

    Possible Solution?- ASecured Credit Card

    Get a secured credit card. A secured credit card will get you back on your feet as you rebuild your credit. They report to the three credit bureaus . In many cases you can 5 deposit as little as $95 and you will get a minimum of $300.00 Be careful with these because the $95 might be processing fee or application fee. There are many options out there, so look them over carefully before applying.

    Some companies will refund you your first amount with interest and some have small or no annual fees. Look for those without the annual fees first and then if you have to pay a fee go with the one with the smallest fee. One of the things I noticed as I was doing some research is that some secured cards have no grace period. Avoid those like the plague, because that means interest will be calculated on a daily basis until you pay it. If that is the case you might as well use your debit card.

    Watch out for those small things that can cause big problems down the road. The purpose of the secured credit card is to rebuild your credit, so the strategy you want to use is to make small purchases and pay off the entire balance at the end of the month. The issuing company wants to see activity on the card. Don’t get it and don’t use it, but pay off the balance as the bill comes. Tomorrow I will reveal to you the secured credit cards I like best and why.

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    Preview New Book:Wisdom Journal



    By Heather Francis

    The Rockefeller Christmas tree comes down on Saturday, January 7, 2012. If you have not seen it as yet, come to New York City and see it now. It is the most famous Christmas Tree in the world. Also, Macy’s at Herald Square has beautiful window displays that you can still see. Many stores on Fifth Avenue still have their holiday displays up, so there is really a lot to see. Of course, there is also a lot to do in New york city even without much money. Times Square is always a fun place to visit. You have Hershey, M and M, Cold Stone Ice-Cream, Toys R Us and so much more. So, bring your camera and come.

    NEW YEAR- 5 Ways To Make Extra Money



    Real Ways To Make Money at Home

    Hello world,

    The New Year is here and for many people the bills will be arriving or they have already arrived last week. Where is the money coming from is the big question? Here are some real things you can do from home.

      1.Sell something.You can join Ebay, Amazon, Mary Kay, and set up a store, take pictures of the shoes, clothes, toys, you have not looked at in 2-3 years.
      2.Exchange your time for money. Babysit, care for neighbors pets while they’re away.
      3.Bake. Bake cakes, cookies and sell to small offices.
      4.Cater.Do people praise your cooking? Cater your local community events. Supply lunch to a nearby garage or workplace.
      5. Host a Mary Kay party. Visit

      The good news is there is always something you can do to make some extra cash. Could you use an extra $50 per week? If you even make $100 a week, who is giving you $100 per week? So, get your ideas on paper today and make some extra money this year. I remember wishing I had an extra $100 to spend this Christmas. Let’s make some extra money in 2012.

    December to Remember



    Hello world,

    There are a number of things to pay attention to in this month of December.  Here are a few of them worth paying attention to for yourself or somebody you know:

    1. Medicare open enrollment period ends on December 7, 2011.  If you have elderly relatives or friends check to see if they need to change their prescription plans (Part D), or whether they are now eligible to enroll.  The age is 65 unless disabled for a year, then they can enroll before age 65.
    2. NYS Unemployment extension ended – no extension spoken of as yet, and we are smack in the middle of the holidays.  December breaks with no money for millions out of work.   Unemployment rate is down to 8%.  Really!  The Presidential candidates need to be talking about putting Americans back to work instead of worrying about who is going to get Cain’s supporters.
    3. Hanukkah is December 20.
    4. December 22 is the first day of winter.  Are we in for a white Christmas?
    5. December 25, Christmas Day  (for those who celebrate it) is on a Sunday this year.   Perfect!
    6. December 26 is Kwanza
    7. December 31 is New Year’s Eve.  Isn’t it interesting how New Year’s Eve is almost bigger than New Year’s Day?

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    Book Review – $10 Incentive

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    Hello world,

    Check out this new travel journal. You get $10 off if you use the promo code BIG TEN.
    Just click on the link and it will take you to the website. Look at the preview and then say if you like it or not. If you like it, then buy it. Whatever the price is you will get $10 off if you use the promo code BIG TEN. Get two or three copies because these make great gifts for the stockings.

    Check these books out and get $10 off each book.

    Take another look
    By Heather Francis

    The Journal
    By Heather Francis

    31 wisdom principle…