NBA All Star Weekend In Los Angeles

NBA All Star Weekend- Hollywood Style

Hello world,

We have a big weekend coming up. For basketball fans it is a heaven sent with the NBA All Star Games. If you are a Denver Nuggets fan, a New York Knicks fan, or a New Jersey Nets fan, you are just wishing Carmelo Anthony will make up his mind and send a clear message as to what he is going to do.

We do not want a repeat of the Lebron James situation. The Nuggets have to do a trade because if they don’t, Carmelo Anthony will leave at the end of the season and they get nothing. They cannot risk that. The approach of the Knicks is correct. Why would they trade away all their players except Amar’e?

The Nuggets are being unreasonable and if they keep it up Anthony needs to stay put until July and then leave for the Knicks where he will have all the pieces in place.

The All Star Game is going to be great and I think the East has enough star power to get a big win. Kobe is going to play well for sure, the party is in his house. He is going to put on a show.