Carmelo Anthony- Hollywood or Broadway

Memo To Knicks: Bring Carmelo Anthony To Broadway Now

Carmelo Anthony is going to have to make a decision very soon as to what he does. Will he take his talents to Hollywood or Broadway? We hope he calls ESPN and just get it done.

What is puzzling to the outsider especially if yoiu are in New York is why won’t the Knicks do something? It is becoming quite clear that the longer they wait it’s the more time they are giving Anthony and other teams to make an offer. The Lakers is an interesting spoke thrown into the wheel. Kobe and Carmelo are friends and we are seeing that same thing work in Miami. The three friends in Miami are settling in and are doing well. So, it is not a long shot for the Denver Nuggets to trade Carmelo to the Lakers. If this happens it will make the Knicks organization the biggest loser.

It is clear that Amare is carrying too much of the burden. The Knicks can give up two of their promising players for Carmelo because Carmelo and Amare with Felton is a very good foundation on which to build. Come on Knicks- get it done now!