Boston Celtics’ Ray Allen Makes NBA History

Ray Allen Makes History Against the Los Angeles Lakers Last Night.

Ray Allen knocked down another three pointer last night against the Lakers and put himself in the history books of the NBA for making the most three pointers. Whether you like the Celtics or not, you have to cheer on Ray Allen. He is just one of the nicest guys in the NBA. Congratulations, Ray, you are a true all star and you deserve all the praises that you are getting. Well done!

Despite the fact that the Celtics lost to the Lakers, their fans had a lot to be proud of and to cheer for. The win was more important for the Lakers for obvious reasons. They are 1-5 against the real good teams and they were skidding a bit which triggered the Andrew Bynum trade for Carmelo Anthony. It was clear that the Lakers were not playing great defense which is their hallmark. Bynum is a big guy and while Carmelo will bring more scoring he does not have that big body that Andrew Bynum has. It would not make much sense for the Lakers to give up Andrew Bynum, especially if they will have to play San Antonio, Orlando and Boston, all teams with big men.

The Lakers might not be playing like a championship team right now, but we know that Kobe lives for the post season. He only plays the regular season because he has to, but come playoffs time and a chance to win another ring, Kobe brings it every game. There is no need for them to trade Bynum- Amare needs the help more than Kobe does. Tonight the Lakers take their show to Broadway when they face the New York Knicks. That is going to be a wild atmosphere in the Madison Square Gardens tonight. The Knicks need to win and Lakers need to win. However, if the Lakers win then they might forget about Carmelo and if the Knicks win they can just send two players to Denver by Monday. Do it on Valentine’s Day and show some love.

Just a quick note about what happened in Utah with Jerry Sloan. That is such a sad state of affairs. Respected Sports people with the inside scoop said there has been problems with the point guard Williams and coach Jerry Sloan. Yesterday it got to the point where Jerry decided that if the management was not going to back him up, then it was time for him to go. If that was what led to his decision, then shame on the management. Jerry Sloan was a model of consistency and excellence. Every year the Jazz goes to the post season and plays well. He is a wonderful person and it is really sad when millionaire players do not understand the purpose of the coach. The coach is the person who pulls out the greatness out of the players and get them to their destiny. The player might be more talented and make more money than the coach, but that does not mean they shouldn’t listen and be respectful. Jerry Sloan is an excellent coach and these NBA managers and owners need to teach the players coming in to respect their coaches. If they are allowed to disrespect the coach after a while they will disrespect you (the owners and managers) and you will not win with them either. We will miss you Jerry Sloan.