Super Bowl XLV -Two To Tango

Steelers To Packers – We Melt Cheese!

Hello World,

Be prepared to hear Super bowl XLV analyzed to infinity this week. These few days leading up to the Super bowl will be either heaven-sent for football fans or complete nonsense to the casual fans. So, casual fans, let me talk to you first.

Everybody you see on sports channels, talk shows, writing articles in newspapers, to the bookies in Las Vegas is an expert. Most of these experts played the game and the rest have great knowledge of the game. This is where you need to pay attention, these experts are going to know so much you are going to wonder why in the world they are not playing. By Wednesday all of us will become the new experts.

Believe me, by Wednesday you would have heard it all. How is that? Tomorrow is Media Day. All the healthy players from the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers have to speak with the media. Oh, they cannot ask the questions and answer them either. Then on Wednesday the Media is going to analyze what the players said and did not say. Thursday the players are about their business. Practicing! Don’t mention this around Iverson.

On Friday and Saturday Jerry Jones and Dallas will throw parties. Experts are at the parties too, so you won’t hear from them until Monday. So. Just hang on and you will get the hang of it. I will make my predictions on Friday.

To the real football fans – you know what time it is. It’s time to make a decision about who you’re going to root for. It’s time to either get your “terrible towels” out or get your “cheese head” on. Hope you enjoyed reading this. The point is just enjoy each day because time is fleeting. Enjoy your day on purpose.


NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii Today

NFL Pro Bowl-The Prelude to the Super bowl

Hello World,

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday wherever you are in the world. If you were fortunate to take the trip to Hawaii or if you live there, then you are really lucky. The rest of us will have to watch the Pro Bowl game on the television.

The idea of the Pro Bowl should really be revisited.
I think it will be better if it is played after the Super bowl because it would just be the perfect relaxing exercise to help football fans deal with the off-season.

If you are a football fan, the Sunday after the Super bowl is one of the hardest to get through. Since the Super bowl takes us on such a high even if our team is not involved, we watch and then the next Sunday nothing.

Who is really interested in the Pro Bowl today? Let me hear your comments. Super bowl XLV? Can’t Wait!

The New York Mets Need A Bailout

Mets Need Money

The news which broke yesterday about the Mets is not good. It was widely circulated last season that the Mets had allegedly lost millions in the Madoff scheme.

now the Mets are looking for a part owner, someone to come in with some money to stabilize the organization. It is not a bad business idea. So who could be the likely suspects? Probably Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, probably Nets billionaire owner, Prokhorov and maybe Donald Trump. They all have money, they are astute businessmen, and they have high visibility and credibility. It is too early to use the Nets as an example, but look at what Mark Cuban did with the Dallas Mavericks. Then if you have watched The Apprentice, been to The Trump Tower, the Trump Hotels and been to the men’s department in any Macy’s store, you know the power if the Trump brand. It’s one word that just trumps you.

Anyway, these people have what it takes. Hopefully the Mets will be able to at least slide into home plate if they can’t hit a home run.

Have a great weekend. Do you realize that very soon it will be spring training.

Knicks beat the Heat Last Night at The Garden

Knicks beat Miami Heat 93-88

Knicks beat the Heat in a gutsy effort last night at Madison Square Garden. It was a great win for them coming off a six game losing streak broken only by a win over Washington.

The Miami Heat had two of their three stars on the court and Dwayne Wade was really hitting his shots goggles, migraine and all. That is why this win is so wonderful for the Knicks and I congratulate them.

This win is a great take away for the team and their fans as well as for Carmelo Anthony.

It is quite clear that Carmelo does not want to be traded to a team that has to trade all their good players to get him. Who will he play with when he gets there? That’s why Nets would not work. They had what to trade, but after the trade they would only have Anthony. He might as well stay in Denver because what he has is better than what he would have in New Jersey.

Danny Walsh is smart because he realized that if he gave the Denver Nuggets what they want then the New York Knicks would be too depleted. Carmelo and Amare need at least four or five role players. But if Carmelo Anthony stays there and become a free agent then he can come to the Knicks as a free agent with enough pieces of the puzzle in place to get to the Eastern Conference Championship game. After all, that’s why Lebron James went to the Miami Heat.

He knew there was one great player in place and Chris Bosh was on his way there too. So, Knicks fans – keep being the greatest fans in the NBA. That’s why despite the Knicks rough decade they are the number one NBA franchise. Go Knicks! Beat the Hawks tonight.