2011 Baseball Season Opens Today-Play Ball!

Yankees Win! Dah Yankees Win!

Hello world,

The 2011 baseball season is here and it’s time to play ball. I find it very interesting that before the first ball is pitched the so called experts have already ruled out some teams, ascribed the term favorites to others and have gone on to give some teams the world series.

Isn’t that lunacy? Isn’t that why they play ball? Who really knows which team is going to lose their ace or their star players and who knows which team seem like underdogs on paper that is going to win it all. Of 6 million people who filled out the NCAA brackets on ESPN only two people have the final four correct. So, here’s my word of encouragement to all you baseball fans out there, do not listen to the experts. Go out to the games if you can and support your team. Remember its not over until the last out I am a Yankee fan and that’s what I will be doing- cheering for the Yankees until the last out. By the way, today is opening day for the NY Yankees. First pitch is at 1:00 p.m.

As in sports so goes it in life. Do not give up before you’ve given yourself even one “at bat.”. People will want their three strikes but will rob you of yours. Enjoy your life and no quitting.


Cleveland Cavaliers and the Second Coming of the “King”

Cleveland Cavaliers Dethrone the King

Hello world,

The second coming of Lebron James, the King, did not go as planned last night. Certainly, Lebron got his triple double, but it was not enough for the Heat to win. I think many people are happy to see the Miami Heat lose and when the Cleveland Cavaliers (the team he jilted) get a win over the Miami Heat people rejoice.

When the Miami Heat and “King” James had their first coming on December 2, 2010, the Cavaliers were so down and out they had no fight in them. Since then they one of the longest NBA losing streaks, and they have put a few wins here and there. They have really feasted against the New York Knicks. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat have had their winning and losing streaks and they are trying to get themselves ready for the playoffs. While the Heat did not want to lose, the loss is not going to set them back. They are better than the Cavaliers even if they had lost by 50. They are not worried. They will keep playing in May and the Cavaliers will be home watching.

Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks

Will the Knicks Be Making the Playoffs

Hello world,

The Knicks won last night over Orlando Magic. It was not pretty but it was a win and that is what is important. Why then are Knicks fans still complaining? It cost a lot to get Carmelo Anthony, we wore out Amare while waiting to get Carmelo Anthony. One thing is needed and that is patience.

NCAA Final Four- The Unlikely Suspects

Not Your Usual Suspects

Hello world,

Have you been following the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament? It has been real madness. How many experts or fans guessed that Kentucky, Butler, Connecticut and VCU would still be “dancing?”

I know I have Kentucky and Connecticut going pretty deep on one bracket sheet, but I
Know I am not one of the two people who out of over 2 million fans on ESPN bracket challenge got the final four correct.

Now when you look at it seemed as if careful analysis would have brought more people to this final four. Afterall, Butler just missed out of the winnings last year. Connecticut played their heart out in the Big East Championships. Kentucky we know is a perennially good team. VCU should have been the only to throw us off. They had to do a “play-in” game to get to the 64. So, why didn’t more people get it?