Valentine’s Day Is For Everybody

What Is Love All About?

Every year when it comes around to February 14, people seem to remember that they should love somebody, but what is love? Why so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day and nothing the rest of the year? Then if you are a single person, you feel so left out because there is nobody to give you flowers, or chocolate, or to take you out to dinner. Don’t be silly, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. We should all love one another and that is a daily practice.

Nowadays, people put different meanings to love. Many people when they say “I love you,” they mean I want you. But love is more than wanting someone. Love is more than giving chocolate, flowers, and a card. Love is simply treating one another like how you would want to be treated were the shoe on the other foot. Love means being willing to lay down your life for your friends. Would you really lay down your life for the person you are going to give chocolate, and flowers, and cards to tomorrow? After the flowers have faded and the chocolate melted, do you still feel the same way you did on February 14? Who do you love sacrificially? Who do you love beyond need? Who do you love beyond lust? Who would you put ahead of yourself? Then also, do you love people who you know are your enemies? Also, do you love yourself?

This Valentine’s Day is for everybody, not just for lovers. This Valentine’s Day extend yourself beyond your mate and remind those parents, children, friends, and teachers, that you love them. If you are single, take yourself out to dinner if you want to, buy yourself flowers if you like flowers, and get yourself chocolate if you like chocolate. Love is not just for Valentine’s Day- that is why many people will get flowers and chocolate and dinner tomorrow but by Wednesday they will end up with a broken heart because the love that was expressed on Valentine’s Day was not to give and prefer the other person, but to get something. When you say “I love you,” it should mean I care about you, I want the best for you, I will do whatever I can to help you, I am there for you, and I want to understand you rather than judge you. That’s what love is all about.

This Valentine’s Day try to love those around you by trying to understand them. Learn their ways and means. Learn their moods. Learn what makes them happy, sad, excited, down, and energized. Love is also forgiving people and accepting their forgiveness too. Unforgiving people cannot love anyone- not even themselves. Love is a great antidote for everything. Love is not blind and those who think love is blind are in a lot of trouble. Love one another everyday, that is the spirit of Saint Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!