Live With Regis and Kelly Gets Michelle Obama

Regis and Kelly Ten Years Together

Live with Regis and Kelly will welcome the first lady, Michelle Obama to their show today. That is so wonderful, Regis Philbin is just an awesome entertainer and human being. It is easy to love him. Live with Regis and Kelly is a must if you are home in the morning. They are really funny and Regis will really be missed.First lady Michelle Obama will be talking about her program called, “Let’s Move,” which is aimed at getting kids moving and exercising to reduce childhood obesity.

Regis cannot be replaced or copied. He is just a living legend who has been in the entertainment industry for 50 years. Many people who love Regis have not even been alive that long. It just goes to show how he transcends generations.

Like Oprah, it is good that he is not retiring, but will keep working. That is good because too many people work all their lives and then retire to nothing.

Ten years at anything is a proof of excellence and perseverance in these times. Really, to last ten years at one job, to live at one place ten years, to do anything that long successfully is a testament to the magnetic pull of Regis and Kelly. Congratulations to Regis and Kelly for staying together for ten years. Kelly, you are great and you will definitely hold your own.