Super Bowl XLV-Steelers Will Steel-Away To Glory

Steelers Will Steel The Cheese In Super Bowl XLV

Hello World,

Hope you are having a great week so far. I hope you are enjoying all the fanfare and buzz around Super Bowl XLV. In my post yesterday, I suggested that you
listen for the human interest stories.

Nonetheless, I am ready to make my prediction for the Super Bowl winner. Based on all that has
Happened throughout the season, the Green Bay Packers have shown they are a formidable team despite their record. Atlanta never showed up for their game and so the Packers are really going to be battle tested. Had the Chicago Bears played up to expectations, it would have been the Giants going to the next round.

That does not mean Green Bay Packers does not belong in the Super Bowl, I think it only means this game will be their biggest test yet. They have an excellent quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, but I think Ben Roethlisberger has been battle tested by the Ravens and the Jets and they are ready.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that is able to stop the run. I don’t expect the Packers to rack up too many yards on a great defensive team. I think the Steelers want this one especially because of the spotlight on Big Ben. My prediction is that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win 31-28 in a tight game.

Andy Petitte To Announce Retirement From Baseball

Just wanted to add that as a New York Yankee fan, I will miss Andy Pettite.He announces his retirement today at 10:30 from Yankee Stadium. It will be carried live on ESPN.

Super Bowl XLV is Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Stories

Every Super Bowl“has at least one heart warming story that reminds us that the players are humans just like everybody else. So far, the story that really got my attention is that of Cullen Jenkins. He plays for the Green Bay Packers and this Sunday he is hoping that his father will show up and take his seat in the stands with the other family members. According to reports, his father went to Hawaii in December and the family has not heard from or seen him since.

This has to be a tough time for the entire family and also for Cullen. In the interview on media day he did not go into much detail, but he said enough for the listener to conclude that even though this is weighing very heavily on him as he tries to focus on the biggest game of his life, worrying is not the answer.

Long time ago I heard some say, “you can’t help worrying, and neither can worrying help you.” I Thought about it for a while and then I concluded that the statement was true. It is a story like this that helps us put things in perspective. These football players are wonderful, brave men who for at least 16 Sundays put on uniforms and run through the tunnels of their stadiums to the cheers of adoring fans, and sometimes to the boo’s of the same fans. Fans who have no idea what it took for them to lace up and strap up and come out on the field to play their hearts out.

As we get closer to Super Bowl XLV keep your eyes and ears out for more heart warming stories like these; and when you hear them, if you believe in prayer, then say a prayer for these men and for their families.

Tomorrow I will have my predictions on the Super Bowl. Coming Monday, February 7, I will have a guess blogger from Mary Kay Cosmetics who will share tips on how to care for your skin especially in the winter. This is for men, women and children. If you have skin this is for you. You will learn something. Valentine’s Day is coming up and women do not like dry, tough hands- so men be prepared.

NFL Football -Super Bowl XLV Media Day

Super Bowl XLV Media Day

Hello world,

Super bowl media day came and went without a “touchdown.” Can anybody tell where the real journalist went?

Anyway, I was pleased with how Ben Roethlisberger handles the press conference. He did not let the reporters lead him down the path of his past transgressions. All he can do is just win this Super bowl and keep playing and winning. Surely, he must know who his friends are an how to conduct himself as a man.

Aaron Rodgers also handled himself well. He did not try to get into too much about He is a likable person and that might be why people are leaning more to the to win the Super bowl. Well, media day is over and the players are back to business. Are you ready for some football? Are you hosting a party or going to the sports bar, or will you be doing something else? Talk back!

Super Bowl XLV -Two To Tango

Steelers To Packers – We Melt Cheese!

Hello World,

Be prepared to hear Super bowl XLV analyzed to infinity this week. These few days leading up to the Super bowl will be either heaven-sent for football fans or complete nonsense to the casual fans. So, casual fans, let me talk to you first.

Everybody you see on sports channels, talk shows, writing articles in newspapers, to the bookies in Las Vegas is an expert. Most of these experts played the game and the rest have great knowledge of the game. This is where you need to pay attention, these experts are going to know so much you are going to wonder why in the world they are not playing. By Wednesday all of us will become the new experts.

Believe me, by Wednesday you would have heard it all. How is that? Tomorrow is Media Day. All the healthy players from the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers have to speak with the media. Oh, they cannot ask the questions and answer them either. Then on Wednesday the Media is going to analyze what the players said and did not say. Thursday the players are about their business. Practicing! Don’t mention this around Iverson.

On Friday and Saturday Jerry Jones and Dallas will throw parties. Experts are at the parties too, so you won’t hear from them until Monday. So. Just hang on and you will get the hang of it. I will make my predictions on Friday.

To the real football fans – you know what time it is. It’s time to make a decision about who you’re going to root for. It’s time to either get your “terrible towels” out or get your “cheese head” on. Hope you enjoyed reading this. The point is just enjoy each day because time is fleeting. Enjoy your day on purpose.