Yankees at Half Time

Hello Yankee World,

The New York Yankees are at half time and Joe Girardi is a coach in panic mode. As a result, he tried to win game 3 with men who had not proven anything.A-Rod is not the only player in a slump. The Yankees are only losing by one run. That means they do not know how to play small ball. They need to when to bunt, when to foul away as many balls as possible. They don’t know how to do that and as such they face elimination tonight. The Detroit Tigers have their champagne on ice and their T-shirts ready and they will undoubtedly go on to win the World Series. If the Yankees could not win two at home how can they win three away?

Half Time in Yankee’s Locker Room

On Monday night we say the Denver Broncos down 24-0 at half time. They had enough pride in themselves to know that they still had another half to play and they just had to get one touchdown at a time. That’s what they did and they won. So, as a Yankee fan I realize they are at half time. The question is do they realize this.

How Yankees Can Win Game 4 Tonight

The New York Yankees have to come out tonight down 0-3 and realize that it is only half time. They just have to win one game -that will be their touchdown. If they can come out with that mind set, they will survive tonight. If not, the Yankees will only smell the champagne and they will have a long winter.


Jeremy Lin Blasts Off



New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets

Hello world,

So much has happened in the sports world that I was waiting for things to settle down and the dust settled. I think it has for the time been. The London 2012 Olympics will now grab our attentions for the next two weeks. So let’s start with the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin. Why did Jeremy Lin leave NY Knicks? Who is sorry now? Did Houston or New York get win? This is very easy to call. Houston is a loser because they had Jeremy Lin and they did not pay him what he was worth, instead they let him go. Then he went somewhere else in order for Houston to see what they gave up, but now they have to pay Jeremy double for his trouble. That is what happens when people don’t treat you right. Don’t worry if they fire you or let you go because if you will keep trying someone else will see your greatness and the same people who let you go will have to pay you double.

Linsane No More

Now that Jeremy Lin is no longer a New York Knick- it is fair to say that Linsanity is over.
No matter how great he becomes it will never be the same as if he were in New York. Jeremy Lin seemed to have outsmarted himself. Jeremy Lin was taking the attention from the real superstars on the Knicks and he was also shooting the ball too much. In New York he was at the bottom of the totem pole but in Houston he can be at the top. If he doesn’t make the best of his opportunity- Jeremy and the Houston Rockets will be the biggest losers.

Rockets Still Grounded

Had Houston not let Jeremy go, Linsanity would never have been born. Now that Houston Rockets have Jeremy Lin- are they still poised for takeoff. I don’t think so at all. Jeremy has not had a chance to improve that much to help the Rockets make the playoffs. So, the only purpose for Jeremy Lin being back in Houston was for him to get his money. It is not about the New York Knicks, but about Jeremy Lin and the fact that he needed to make his money. We should wish him well in Houston for he is vey young, but if he already blew out his knee- the question is does he have longevity? Please feel to respond.

Miami Heat Takes Game 1



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Celtics “Grilled” In the Miami Heat

Lebron James comes up big against Boston Celtics. Only Kevin Garnett of the Celtics showed up and withstood the south beach Heat. The Celtics certainly got grilled in the Miami Heat. For Game 2 the Celtics have to focus on playing basketball ann then they won’t have to worry about the referees. It is clear that the fix is in for Miami Heat and OKC to go the NBA finals 2012. If the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics play their game no matter how they are cheated they will be fine.

The Fix
Boston played a game 7 in the previous round while the Heat was rested. The Celtics are more mature, so Boston has to slow it down. Is the fix in for the Heat to get all the calls and get to the finals? What are your thoughts? Does Boston even the series tomorrow? If they go down 0-2 they will be done. Please share your comments and thoughts. Are you still following the NBA playoffs?

The New York Knicks Making the Playoffs

Easter Lily

Easter Lily

The New York Knicks Playoff Hopes Out of Bounds

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The New York Knicks were done in by the Chicago Bulls last night and now they are only one game ahead of the Bucks. NBA Basketball is back and bigger than ever. They are in the conversation and could be the headlines behind the news. If the NY Knicks don’t win tonight they could be in jeopardy of making the playoffs. Why? Because the Milwaukee Bucks would have the tie-breaker over the New York Knicks. Things are getting really interesting in the Eastern Conference. Just a few weeks ago the Boston Celtics were left for dead, Rondo was on the trading block and the team was ready for an implosion, but they have been resurrected and they are hanging in there. They just beat the Miami Heat last night. Seems to me if the Heat don’t like their coach they’re not going to pull a Dwight Howard, they just let the other teams beat them. Is life a beach or is life a South Beach? What are your thoughts? Respond, please.

March Madness and the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks March Madness

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The March Madness Conspiracy in New York

The New York Knicks are winning again. Wow! Am I the only one wondering how is it that the New York Knicks suddenly remember to play defense and to hustle after the ball? Am I the only one wondering how strange it is that all of a sudden the New York Knicks are playing with energy and are happy on he court? Am I the only one who believes that Mike D’antini did himself a big favor and probably prevented himself from having a nervous breakdown by just quitting and walking away before he got fired?

The New York Knicks players suddenly realize that it is a shortened season and they need to play like they want to make the playoffs. Suddenly they are awake and realize that while they were sabotaging their coach they were in fact ruining their season. How many people still believe they can cut off their nose to spite their face. Well, I don’t hear your nose complaining.

LINsanity and March Madness

Looks like Linsanity is alive and well. Why were the Knicks not laying like this before? Because the stars on the Knicks team were not happy with D’Antoni and they knew if they played bad enough the coach would be gone. The question for Woodson now is this; what if they decide to quit on you like they did on D’Antoni? Enjoy your weekend. The Knicks are 3-0 under the new coach. Let’s wish them well.