Back To School Tips For Fall 2011

Hello world,
It is time for the students to head back to school. College students are travelling this week and next week to their various colleges and universities. Of course, all the vans and cars have been rented out. Good if you are in the business. The stores are trying to cash in and only the parents and guardians are spending, and in many cases money is limited. So how do you make sure your money stretch as far as it can?
First- Buy only what is necessary to start college for the first week. Get the sheets, towels, a few general things like the note books, pens, and loose leaf paper and folders.
Second- wait to buy new text books. Sometimes courses are cancelled because enough students did not enrol, sometimes the books are available for rental at the book store, and sometimes they can be purchased used from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Third- In some cases you might be able to split costs with another parent you know whose child is using the same software program. usually you can share the software program on two computers (e.g. Anti-virus software is good for three pc’s and you can only use it for a year anyway, so why not split the cost).
Fourth Many states have a tax-free week, so check your favorite stores to find out when that is. During that week you can buy the laptop and the printer and the more expensive dorm furniture or clothes.
Fifth- The fifth tip is that as the students head back to school, especially if they are going to a foreign country, a new city, or a returning to college, remind them to keep their focus, to set their goals and to remember their purpose for being in school. They dont expensive gadgets. They just need a phone that can text and call. They are students – yes they can be sociable, but they are not there to party all week-end. Before you know it, the first semester will be over. Take the time to reinforce your love and support for them and remind them that you expect them to put into the practice the good values they were taught, and finally, pray for them if you believe in prayer.
Happy school year to all.

Back To School Shopping Deals

Back to school shopping

Hello world,

As much as some students just started their summer vacation, others were on vacation earlier in June and so back to school for many will begin as early as August. Especially in the south, like Florida, and Virginia schools will re-open in August. That means it is time for back to school shopping


How do you really do back to school shopping? You start now. Whenever there is a good sale start buying the sheets and towels, wash rags, pencils, eraser, backpacks, and clothes. It is a good time to buy these things as the stores are making way for new merchandise.

As the time draws closer to the re-opening of school demand gets higher and prices also go up higher. It’s the demand -supply principle. One of the things to buy now is computers laptops, tablets, netbooks and tablets. If you are buying an HP laptop or computer make sure you get warranty because things HP should give you in the computer box they will not give you and you will have to pay for them later. Tomorrow I will share more about this. But the point here is to start your back to school shopping now.

Christmas Gifts-Part 1

Hello World,
I was just thinking that with Black Friday just a few days away, how many people are giving gifts this holiday season, and how many people know what gift they are going to give each person on their list? Maybe the better question is to ask, how many people plan to spend more on gifts this year, and how many just plan to take some people off their list so their money can stretch? Seriously, though, have you made a list or are you just going to head out on Black Friday, get the bargains and hope to find something for everyone comes Christmas Day.
Do you have a strategy when you hit the ground running next Friday? I strongly suggest that you have a strategy for getting the right gift (not the perfect gift) for each person. It can be done. Chances are you have the same people on your list year after year and you sort of know their likes and preferences. If that is correct, then you are well on your way to happy faces on Christmas morning. I usually make my list and beside each name I put two or three things I know they would love. When I go shopping I take the list with me and most times I am able to get everything done in one day. Well, that is my strategy. What is yours?

Holiday Shopping 2010

Hello Planet Earth,
Wow! The holidays are upon us and it is exciting here in New York City. The Christmas tree has arrived in the city and it is absolutely a beauty. I can’t wait for the lights to go on and the tree lit. But before we get to that, I was in the supermarket earlier today and the Thanksgiving shopping is on. People were already picking up their collard greens and other necessities. I don’t know if anyone has observed this, but about three weeks ago one of the popular chain supermarkets had Sparkling Apple Cider for about $2.79. Today I saw them selling for two for five dollars. But I can tell you that the day before Thanksgiving, the price is going to go back up. It’s the law of supply and demand. The closer to the holidays the more you need the stuff and the more you are willing to pay any price. I suggest you start your food shopping now. What do you suggest?