Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion Basics For Fashionistas

Longer hours of sunshine is a sure sign that spring is coming and winter is leaving. People even seem happier with longer daylight hours and very soon we will be shedding those winter coats for light, bright, colorful clothes. Spring is in the air indeed.

Fashion is not hard, but if you don’t know what colors fit your skin tone, what fabric will enhance your body frame, and what styles make you look older, younger, elegant, taller or shorter, you can turn heads for the wrong reasons. The Oscars are just finished and from what I saw the majority of the women looked great. For example, Jennifer Hudson was popping in her orange gown. It was really nice to see people getting away from black and going with lots of color. For spring fashion, color is it and this spring bright colors will be a hit. Go bright orange, green, mauve, and blue. I attended a 90th birthday event on Saturday and blue was the dominant color. Everyone looked great.

It is not necessary to be a fashionista, but it is necessary to know what I call the basics of fashion. When I was growing up my mother had a few fashion basics. I’m sure you were given some too. One of the things she said was make sure you have a black skirt, a white blouse, a white dress, black pump heel shoes, and a black handbag. She said you start with these and then you add as you go along. So, in this fashion blog we are going to start with the basics. What are your must haves in your wardrobe?

I remember speaking with a gentleman and he said his dad told him his basic wardrobe should be a pair of black pants, a pair of brown pants, white shirts, black shoes, brown shoes, and a reversible black/brown belt. He said his father also told him that his belt and shoes should always be the same color. He said when he started working he added grey, blue, and stripe pants to the collection. To be fashionable you do not have to wear expensive clothes or accessories. You have to know what enhances you. Please respond to this blog and let’s get ready for spring.