Deal or No Deal

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We are keeping our collective fingers crossed that common sense will prevail in Washington and before the sun goes down today, Congress will vote to raise the debt ceiling so the world can keep turning. This is probably the toughest challenge the President has faced so far, and depending on the outcome, he could be a one term president.

Whether the debt ceiling is lifted or not, we have to ask ourselves, why are these people in Washington? Is this what we sent them there to do? We don’t have time for political grandstanding- they are there to get a job done. This is not a Republican debt ceiling or a Democrat debt ceiling. If the right thing is not done now, the debt ceiling is going to fall on everybody.

America’s Debt Ceiling caving In



America’s Debt Ceiling Falling on President Obama

Henny Penny Was Right

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August 3 is a few days away and from the grandstanding and circus going on in Washington, D.C., many have concluded that Henny Penny was right. The sky is indeed falling. The “economic” sky is indeed falling over America. When did we get to the stage where no matter how large or how small the item is – it is stamped “.made in China.” Politicians have allowed companies to ship jobs abroad and then they fight in Washington over raising the debt ceiling. America has gone from a producing and manufacturing giant to greedy consumers, unable to pay for what we bought. Has anybody stopped to figure out how is it that America is paying 49 cents on every dollar to China for debt reduction?

We cannot blame China for our woes- we created our woes. In a recent sermon, my pastor opened our eyes to see that in September 10, 000 Borders employees will lose their jobs. Why? Because they turned over their online bookstore to Amazon. In other words, instead of learning all they could about Ebooks and online selling, so they could do it themselves, they turned it over to Amazon. Now they can’t get it back and Borders will be no more. Barnes and Noble did not do anything so foolish. They developed their own ebook, sold it on their own website, and guess what? They are still in business.

President Obama has to decide if he wants to continue running the country like Borders or Barnes and Noble. We cannot do both. Just on the news last night we heard that people who have been out of work for six months or more are not even being considered for jobs. Hope is good, but hope deferred makes the heart sad.

Osama Bin Laden- Hidden In Plain View

Osama In Plain View

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With the death of Osama Bin Ladin people are wondering how cooperative Pakistan really was during the whole process. For almost ten years people lived their lives in fear and trembling, while Osama Bin Laden enjoyed his. It seems paradoxical that while the free world lived under the dark cloud of anxiety, Osama and his wives were fairly free to roam about the compound.

Now that he is dead, and Al Qaida even confirmed it today and has pledged that his blood will not be in vain, we are basically back under the state of high alert. The debate rages on as to whether President Omaba is to release photographs of the body of Osama. He has decided there is no purpose to it. The question is if Osama was captured alive, would the world feel safer?

Should the US relations with Pakistan remain the same or should it be adjusted? Were they harboring a terrorist? Please share tour comments.



Osama Bin Laden Dead- Has Justice Been Served?

Obama Bin Laden Is Dead

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News has just broke that Osama Bin Laden was shot and killed. The President of the United States is about to make an announcement. Apparently, there was good intelligence provided and so after many years of war, it seemed as if the US has finally prevailed.

Was it DRONE strikes or JSOC that brought him down? News people are speculating. Listen out for the term JSOC in the coming days.

The President just announced that in fact Bin Laden was killed today. Since 9-11 everything has changed forever. How we travel even within our own country, how we travel abroad, safety threats at international events and much more. We hope that peace will rule and reign in our world because war is not good.

Today a targetted attack was launched at the compound where it was believed Osama was staying. The President said we will remain vigilant to protect our world. In the words of Rodney King, “Can we all just get along!” Has justice been done? What turn will the war against terrorism take in the days and weeks and months to come.

President Trump Is Trumped Up

All TRUMPed Up!

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The idea of Donald Trump as President seems far fetched and all “trumped” up. So too are his charges against President Barack Obama. I believe that if the “TRUMPster” keeps up his attack against the President, he will turn off many voters. We will see what happens down the road.

At this point Trump should be getting his game plan ready if he is going to run. If he is not going to run he just needs to get on with building luxury hotels and hosting the Apprentice. He cannot possibly run a campaign on whether President Obama has a real birth certificate or not. He’s already president and the issue is now moot.

If the Republicans don’t come better than what they’re doing now, then President Obama will get a second term. We want people who have a plan to put the country back at number one in all areas.