Yes, New York Is Ready For Football

We're Ready

We’re Ready

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The NFL 2011-2012 football season begins tonight with the defending Superbowl champions, Greenbay Packers facing the New Orlean Saints. It should be a very interesting game and I am picking the Saints to win.

The next big games are on Sunday and it’s a New York sweep. The Jets will win big at Metlife Stadium and the NY Giants, despite their injuries will win. Hey! New York is ready especially in light of 9/11. As a New York Giants fan I am confident that the giants are making the playoffs and with some luck could play the NY Jets in the Superbowl. What are your predictions and comments? Are you glad football season is here? Say something!





Rodgers Leads The Packers To Super Bowl Glory

Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions

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The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV champions for a fourth time.  Aaron Rodgers, (People’s Champ), showed that he is ready for the spotlight.  He played a great game and led his team to football supremacy once again.  The Pittsburgh Steelers should know by now that if you want to win you have to protect the ball.  The team that turns the ball over does not win.  The Steelers gave us a good game, but it has been proven that the team with the fewest turnovers will win the game.  The Green Bay Packers got 21 points off turnovers.  The Steelers lost by six points, so what could have happened if they never had those turnovers?  The Green Bay Packers now have their fourth Superbowl championship in their remarkable history.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Aaron Rodgers has now put down the first marker on his own road to a grand legacy.  He has travelled a hard road to the Super Bowl.  He certainly has not played like a 24th NFL draft pick.  Instead his story is one of guts, grit, and grace. Congratulations Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburgh Steelers should not hang their heads.  They gave us a competitive game.  They came back from 18 down in one instance to make it close and with two minutes to go they still had a chance.  Ben Roethlisberger will certainly take a lot of heat for this loss, but he only had one turn over and his completion rate was above 60 percent.  He did not play a great game, but he did his part.

Now it is time to take a quick look at the super bowl commercials (super bowl commercials), the national anthem, and the half-time show.  I think Budd Lite and Doritos were good. With regards to the half time show, Black Eyed Peas certainly delivered all they promised. About the singing of the national anthem, all I will say is that everyone needs to learn the words. Forget about styling the anthem and get the words right. I know Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera sings National Anthem) can sing, but I am sure she now wished she had the words written in her palm. Sara Palin might have been on to something.

Well, now that the football season is finally over, I can only hope the New York Giants will get back to the Super Bowl next season – whenever that is.  Hopefully, the NFL, the players union and the owners will see what a great product they have and don’t get greedy.  There is enough money and revenue for everyone’s need. Enjoy your day, people of the world.

NFL Super Bowl 45- Texas Showdown

Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers in the Texas Showdown

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Today is the day that we have all been waiting for.  Super Bowl 45 will begin at 6:30p.m. at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, and the excitement is at fever pitch.   In a few hours from now, we will witness the much awaited Super Bowl XLV.  After several weeks of regular season games and a series of playoffs,  and the Pro Bowl, the moment we have waited for is almost here. 

By now, if you are not in Dallas or on your way to Dallas, you should at least be prepared for your own Super Bowl party.  There are several things to look forward to during the game.  We have the commercials, the defensive match ups of the two teams, and of course the half time show.  This year the half time show should will feature the Black Eyed Peas This half time show should be chock full of energy because that is what the Black Eyed Peas will bring. 

Well, this is all for now.  Enjoy the game. Steelers Win! Steelers Win!

Super Bowl 45 -Snowstorm in Dallas

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We are just about 24 hours away from Super Bowl XLV.  The only people not yet in Dallas are the fans who are stuck in airports in Pittsburgh and Green Bay.  The snow storm is really a phenomenon for the state of Texas and Dallas in particular.   Dallas is not used to this type of weather at all.  Snow!  Motorists driving on ice-covered streets! Unheard of. Yet, that is what is happening in Dallas.  Even Cowboys Stadium roof  is covered with snow, some of which fell off yesterday and injured seven people.   keep reading

Super Bowl XLV is Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Stories

Every Super Bowl“has at least one heart warming story that reminds us that the players are humans just like everybody else. So far, the story that really got my attention is that of Cullen Jenkins. He plays for the Green Bay Packers and this Sunday he is hoping that his father will show up and take his seat in the stands with the other family members. According to reports, his father went to Hawaii in December and the family has not heard from or seen him since.

This has to be a tough time for the entire family and also for Cullen. In the interview on media day he did not go into much detail, but he said enough for the listener to conclude that even though this is weighing very heavily on him as he tries to focus on the biggest game of his life, worrying is not the answer.

Long time ago I heard some say, “you can’t help worrying, and neither can worrying help you.” I Thought about it for a while and then I concluded that the statement was true. It is a story like this that helps us put things in perspective. These football players are wonderful, brave men who for at least 16 Sundays put on uniforms and run through the tunnels of their stadiums to the cheers of adoring fans, and sometimes to the boo’s of the same fans. Fans who have no idea what it took for them to lace up and strap up and come out on the field to play their hearts out.

As we get closer to Super Bowl XLV keep your eyes and ears out for more heart warming stories like these; and when you hear them, if you believe in prayer, then say a prayer for these men and for their families.

Tomorrow I will have my predictions on the Super Bowl. Coming Monday, February 7, I will have a guess blogger from Mary Kay Cosmetics who will share tips on how to care for your skin especially in the winter. This is for men, women and children. If you have skin this is for you. You will learn something. Valentine’s Day is coming up and women do not like dry, tough hands- so men be prepared.