Jets Nation Press Conference

The recent tattoo of Rex Ryan’s wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey can now be put to rest because this was done three years ago. So, what are the real sports stories about the NY Jets.

The first thing is that Rex Ryan remains the head coach and that is a good thing. Even though the NY Giants were Superbowl Champions they got little to no coverage. The New York Jets stole the headlines all year and as a result stayed in the spotlight. Only Rex Ryan could do that. He has the personality and the swag to do just that. So, all the people on the radio who have a lot to say- what would you say if Rex was not around? As a matter of fact, Rex Ryan was in the Bahamas on vacation and the news media sought him out. He wasn’t bothering anyone, but the truth is when Rex Ryan leaves town there is no excitement.

Now, I am not a NY Jets fan, I am a NY Giants fan, but because of Rex Ryan I have to keep an eye on them. Rex does not bother me. Rex takes the spotlight off his players and that works well sometimes. New York needs a Rex Ryan or else the Jets would become “Team Irrelevant.”

What did we learn from today’s press conference that gives Jets fans hope of a bright future? Well, we learned that the coach is committed to winning and he recognizes that last season he made mistakes, which if repeated, will cost him his job. Sports people and journalists are funny people. If Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson were to have revealed everything prematurely, the same news media would criticize them. When they say they can’t speak about players at this time because they need a coordinator and a GM first, the media says they wanted more. It is a no win situation with the media and Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning know that. Eli created a firestorm when he answered a question as to whether he was elite or not. If he had said he was not elite the media would have said he has no self-confidence. When he said he was elite they went searching for evidence to show he was not elite. But Eli Manning proved to them that it doesn’t matter what they think. He knows who he is and what they say can’t deter him. That is the same mindset Rex Ryan has and that is the mindset needed in a big sports city like New York.
I wish Rex Ryan and the NU Jets good success because I like Rex Ryan and I believe he is the best man for the job as coach right now. Please share your comments.

Football Sports Round Up





Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

The sports teams in New York who played
his weekend are 1- 1 so far. We can only hope that the Jets can mount a comeback. They still have one quarter to go. Well, the Jets lost.

Giants had a big win though some people think it was a close call. It doesn’t matter how you win as long as you win. Eli Manning brought the Giants back just like he did when they won the Superbowl. There is no replay on that play, so get over it. Every team needs a break some time. Cardinal fans – get over it. Win your other games if you can. You will get your breaks too.

The New York Jets did not get the same breaks. They just gave away 21 points through carelessness. Mark Sanchez needs to be protected better. Come on Jets Nation, get it together now. Beat the Patriots on Sunday and you will be back in the thick of things.

NY Giants and the Jets

Hello world,

The football game between the two New York football teams who play in New Jersey just ended. The Jets beat the NY Giants 17-3. Thanks to Met Life for stepping up and claiming the naming rights. Does that really make the Jets number one football team in New York? I don’t think so. I believe until the Jets win another super bowl, they can make a lot of noise but they won’t be number one. Of course, one pre-season game is no indication of how the season will go. I expect the Jets to get to the Super bowl this season. New York City is a great sports city, but only winners get parades. Please share your thoughts.

NFL Lockout Is Over- Part 2


Are Your Ready for Some Football

Hello world, the National Football League (NFL) lockout is over and done. Let’s get back to football, shall we?

Were you following the news on the NFL lockout? If you like sports and are even a casual Super Bowl fan, then I am sure you were keeping up with what was going on in the NFL. It is interesting that in the NFL they were arguing over how to split their billions of dollars in profit, while the National Basketball Association (NBA) is saying more than half of the teams are not making any money. Is it because of the outrageous contracts that teams are giving to their “star” players to win a championship?

Money Talks Loud

We are living in a time when people want to feel rewarded from their hard labor. Football is a brutally rough sport and accidents do happen. Players have gotten injured which have left them paralyzed and unable to earn an income. So, I think most people were not angry with the players holding out for a better deal, and we were only concerned that they would meet half way and get the deal done. That was done yesterday, and now the signing frenzy begins. Every team has business to do. They have “free” agents to sign and trades and deals to make as they get ready for the start of the NFL 2010-2011 season.

How Does Your Team Stock Up?

What is your team and what do you think they will have to do to win this season? my team is the NY Giants and I am hoping they can win another Super Bowl this season. The only thing they should not do is sign Tiki Barber. Of course, you cannot ignore the New York Jets, so it will be interesting to see what they will do. Please share your comments here. Who is your team and what do they have to do to win this season? What changes must they make or not make? Who will win the Super Bowl? How do you feel about it? Put your comments here.