Shaq Retires and the Basketball World Is Sad



Shaq The Legend

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Shaquille O’Neal, one of the greatest big men to play center in the National Basketball Association announced his retirement today. He is a first ballot hall of fame inducteer. In what should not be a surprise, especially with next season of the NBA not happening due to the CBA, he is definitely doing the right thing at the right time.

Today is a traveling day for the two teams in the playoffs, so whosoever has an invitation can fly up to Shaq’s house in Orlando for the press conference and party. It is a nice gesture and Shaq has certainly earned the right to have the focus on him. Last year Lebron held us captive awaiting his “decision.” Shaq just gives a heads up to everybody and then make his announcement. He is simply a class act.

Shaq has proved that you can be a superstar and be human and stay away from foolishness that could ruin your career. He made his money and he will continue to make more money because he is just that talented. As a matter of fact, in December he will be Dr. Shaquille O’Neal and it won’t be an honorary degree. He is doing his dissertation as we speak. That’s a guy with his head fully screwed on his body. Congratulations, Shaq. You are the man.

Shaq will not be short of offers for television because he is that good and he has the star power and the personality. Do not be surprised if he is on TNT or ESPN before the playoffs are all over. Look for him in movies and commercials. Like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, Shaq will not have to look for work. Work will find him. He developed all his gifts, so even at the age of 39 he has so much life ahead of him. The sky truly is the limit.


Lebron James and the Miami “Heatles” Too Hot

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

Heat Proved Too Hot For Celtics<br />

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Last night the Miami Heat proved too hot for the Boston Celtics, and with five minutes to go the Celtics melted under the heat. One man, Lebron James, became a fiery furnace and the Celtics could not stand it. They were out scored 15-0 and the Miami Heat is moving on to contend for the Eastern Conference title.

The first question I want to pose is this, now that the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are out of the playoffs, are the Miami Heat the favorites to win it all?
I hope not, but their chances look pretty good. The Chicago Bulls have basically tired out Rose, so if they beat the Hawks they are going to be tired. One of the reasons the Boston Celtics lost to the Heat is that they were older and tired. The Bulls can beat the Heat if they can best the Hawks tonight and get some days to rest. The second question I want to ask you is this, can the Bulls beat the Heat or the Atlanta Hawks?

I believe the match up most sports fans want to see is Bulls versus Heat. For many reasons there would be so many story lines like the MVP versus the best player in the league. Dwayne Wade not coming home to play for the home team. Derek Rose trying to get the Chicago Bulls back to where Michael Jordan took them on six amazing championship runs. It would be great for television and for those fans who are still tuned in. It is not uncommon for people to lose interest as their team gets eliminated. So, we wait and we will see what the next round holds in the East.

San Antonio Spurs Got Spurned By Memphis Grizlies

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

NBA Playoffs 2011- Spurs and Done
<font color="Blue">San Antonio Spurs – Time To Rebuild</font>

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The news of the San Antonio Spurs loss in game six of the NBA 2011 playoffs last night sent a shock around the sports world. Lovers of fundamental basketball are sad to see the Memphis Grizzlies defeat the San Antonio Spurs. They play the game based on the fundamentals, which to many is boring, but which has brought them great success over the years. They were the number one seed in the Western conference, with the best record in their conference, and second best record in the entire league and they get beaten by a number 8 seed. That was shocking.

It is definitely time to rebuild. This reminds me of when David Robinson was slowing down in his career. But after that came Tim Duncan and four championships. Now it’s time to rebuild. I don’t think they will be missed that much from the next round of the NBA 2011 playoffs.

San Antonio Spurs Are Done

Spurs Struggling

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The top NBA teams in the Western conference 2011 playoffs are not looking good. Spurs are down 3-1 to the number eight seed, Memphis.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are missing in action. The San Antonio Spurs look sluggish and now you have to wonder if there is much merit to playing for top seed, getting the best record or second best record and then have nothing for the playoffs. We saw what happened with the Boston Celtics.

They were on a losing streak towards the end of the season once they realized they would not be the top seed. Now it seemed like they were definitely trying to get the Knicks in the first round. They now look very good and have momentum back on their side. The Spurs were winning and now they seem to have nothing left in the tank. Memphis just tried to get in and now they are really playing. There is very little hope for the Spurs winning that series. They are done for this season.

Now, they are not done as a team based on present composition, but they are certainly losing ground to the OKC Thunder and Memphis. Their days of dominance in the west are over. There are some new kids on the block. Tim Duncan turned 35 yesterday. He has done well to avoid serious injuries, but his days are numbered. Truly, the writing is on the wall for the teams that have not had any changes for a while. The new teams are staking their claim on the league.

Now it makes sense why Lebron James and Chris Bosh went to team up with Miami’s Dwayne Wade. Same idea in Boston and New York, otherwise everybody else is the new kid on the block and they are energized. How about Denver? They pulled out one win and that is good for them. More games tonight- enjoy!

Knicks Get Broomed By Boston Celtics


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How many people believe that the Knicks would get swept when the NBA 2011 playoffs started. Nobody! But the reality has set in and while the Knicks were competitive in the first two games away from home, they came home and lost both games by double digits. Well, it’s over now!

Are the Boston Celtics the team to beat in this NBA championship? Who is coming out of the Eastern conference, Boston Celtics or Chicago Bulls? Is Denver Nuggets going to win a game or be swept also? Please send your comments especially if you were against the trade for Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are the first team to get eliminated from the NBA 2011 playoffs. Will the Celtics beat the Miami Heat in round two? Please comment