March Madness and the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks March Madness

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The March Madness Conspiracy in New York

The New York Knicks are winning again. Wow! Am I the only one wondering how is it that the New York Knicks suddenly remember to play defense and to hustle after the ball? Am I the only one wondering how strange it is that all of a sudden the New York Knicks are playing with energy and are happy on he court? Am I the only one who believes that Mike D’antini did himself a big favor and probably prevented himself from having a nervous breakdown by just quitting and walking away before he got fired?

The New York Knicks players suddenly realize that it is a shortened season and they need to play like they want to make the playoffs. Suddenly they are awake and realize that while they were sabotaging their coach they were in fact ruining their season. How many people still believe they can cut off their nose to spite their face. Well, I don’t hear your nose complaining.

LINsanity and March Madness

Looks like Linsanity is alive and well. Why were the Knicks not laying like this before? Because the stars on the Knicks team were not happy with D’Antoni and they knew if they played bad enough the coach would be gone. The question for Woodson now is this; what if they decide to quit on you like they did on D’Antoni? Enjoy your weekend. The Knicks are 3-0 under the new coach. Let’s wish them well.>

Too Much Bull for the Knicks

Bull Market

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What should be made of the Knicks showing against the Chicago Bulls last night? Are the Bulls the real deal or what? When the Knicks travel to Boston tomorrow, should they stay over or come back home and travel on Saturday?

It is very fascinating how Knicks fans and these people on the radio change their minds from one moment to the next. One thing I learn is that they don’t know much about anything for sure and that is why the games are played. One minute they want Knicks to play the Heat, the next minute they say they don’t have a chance against either. What is the real deal?

Make no mistake about it- the Celtics are not as old and beat up as everybody is claiming. They might not match up man for man with Boston, but they don’t do that with the Heat either. I am not an expert, but I think the Knicks best chance of getting out of the first round would have been against Atlanta. They can’t beat any other team in a series.

Knicks fans should thank Amare for coming to New York first and taking on the challenge. Then they need to thank Carmelo for insisting he wanted to play here. Then be thankful that with two superstars they will be able to attract a dwight Howard or Chris Paul for next year.

New York Rangers Make The Playoffs- MSG Will Leave The Lights On

Rangers and Knicks in Playoffs -Amazing!

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If you are a New Yorker and especially if you are a Knicks and Rangers fan, you are spring fever pitch with enthusiasm that the Garden will be buzzing after the regular seasons of basketball and hockey respectively. That has not happened in seven long years. I guess there is something about seven.

Rangers fans were really taken to the pinnacle of worry because they had to wait for the night game to know if they would hold unto the eight spot. Well, it was worth the wait. Congratulations to the Rangers for making the NHL playoffs and to the Knicks for making the NBA playoffs.

Knicks versus Heat


Knicks Holding down the 6th Spot

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The NBA playoffs are almost here. All eyes will be on the Miami Heat and their matchup with either New York Knicks or Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. Boston seems to be dragging into the playoffs and they better come to win or else they are going home soon.<Knicks have three games to figure out who they want to match up with. Their best chances will be against the Celtics. The Heat will beat them in a series. It's a pity they wont get Atlanta because that seems to be a weakened team.

Chicago has a very good chance of getting to the NBA finals and if it is the Lakers they could win a championship before Lebron James. The playoffs promises to be great because for the first time in a long time the teams are closely matched. We just saw the defending champions losing five in a row. Last year Kevin Durant almost knocked them out. Tomorrow’s games will be very interesting.