Philly Eagle Steaks- Not Nice!

San Francisco 49-ers down 20 -3 and mount an epic comeback against the so called “dream-team” that is the Philadelphia Eagles.Who is the leader in the Eagle’s locker room. Dream teams only work when they come together naturally. The first dream team in basketball with Magic, Jordan and others who won gold at the Olympics was a natural coming together. Johnny Cochrane’s team was a dream team that came together naturally. The Miami Heat’s dream team which came together amidst a debacle which was “The Decision” did not happen naturally.

Now we saw what the Eagles did once the lockout was over in the summer. They signed everybody with a big name who was available. Then along came the “experts” and all but game them the Lombardi trophy. But after four games they are 1-3. Vince Young named them “the dream team” and Michael Vick signed a $100M contract. What could possibly go wrong? The Eagles are under a curse for their treatment of Donavon McNabb and Kyle Kolb. For the Eagles this is no dream, no nightmare, but reality. This is really happening.

Michael Vick -The $100 Million Dollar Man

The $100 Million Dollar Man

Hello world,

Some people are up in arms about the $100 million that the Philadelphia Eagles gave Michael Vick today. Why is that so? It is a difficult thing because some people believe that what he did to the dogs was so terrible that he should not get a second chance to earn a living. Then there are others who argue that he did his time and oaid his debt to society and he should be allowed to move on with his life and make his money. So, where do you stand on the issue? Were the Phildelphia Eagles wrong in giving him this contract? Please share your thoughts right here.

Leave Tim Tiebow Alone

Tim Tiebow Will Be Great

Tim Tiebow Must Play

Hello world,

Leave Tim Tiebow alone. He only played three games towards the end of the season and he played great. He energized the once proud Denver Broncos franchise and people need to stop saying what he can or cannot do. Hopefully Tim Tiebow has some sensible people in his corner who believe in him and who will encourage him in this challenging time. I know he is going to prove these so called “experts” wrong. I don’t know Tim Tiebow, but I watched him when he played for Florida and he is a gifted player.

I think Tim is like a Michael Vick or a Vince Young. He is gifted and therefore does things unconventionally. Don’t expect him to stand in the pocket and play like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. He has his own style. The so called “experts” who never won anything is are always predicting doom and gloom over the careers of these young players. Give them a chance to play. Tim Tiebow played three games for Denver and he did great. He has what it takes and Meryl Hodge needs to give him a chance. Look at Michael Vick? His style is so unique that he displaced the veteran Donavon McNabb and a good Kevin Colb. Let’s give Tim Tiebow a chance.

Listen people of the world, don’t let other people tell you what you can’t do and what you can’t be. They don’t even know you and yet they want to tell you you can’t be great, you can’t live there, you can never become anything. Stop listening to that junk. Based on its design the bumble bee should not be able to fly, but it does.

Have you ever been told you can’t do or be anything? Did you do it anyway and confuse the “experts?” Please share your comments on that and also weigh in on the Tim Tiebow issue. Should he start for the Denver Broncos?

NFL PLAYOFFS: Michael Vick and The Philadelphia Eagles

Vick and Done- The Story Of The Phadelphia Eagles

The pit to the palace story of Michael Vick with the Philadelphia Eagles might be over. Talk radio hosts have been having a hay day because of the Eagles loss on Sunday. How quickly people can change their feelings and attitudes towards you. Saturday Vick was a hero and MVP candidate. On Sunday he is the scapegoat.

Yesterday and today the sports news media did not give Michael Vick a break. When he was carrying the team on his back and causing them to win impossible games, nobody brought up his past. But now that he threw an interception when he had enough time on the clock to ground the ball, everybody remembers the dog chapter.

I will not dwell on that, I just want to know how the Eagles feel now that they traded McNabb, demoted Cobb and started Vick. If my facts are right, McNabb took them to a Super bowl. No wonder Eagles fans are upset. Let’s see whose head will roll or who will be the real fall guy for the Eagles elimination from the NFL Playoffs. Of course, as a NY Giants fan, I am glad the Eagles are cooked. But, let’s be balanced with our views if possible. Share your comments.