Miami Heat Turns Up The Heat: Series Over

Beautiful Display

Beautiful Display

OKC Thunder Can’t RolI

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Miami Heat are one win away from another NBA title and their first as the new look Big 3. My prediction is that the Miami Heat will be crowned NBA champions tomorrow night and Kevin Durant will have the dogs days of summer to grow up. The Heat is really on and Thunder just can’t roll. OKC Thunder was supposed to win game 4 but they really never played a balanced game. They went up 17 in the first quarter, but lost their fight as the game went on. Kevin Durant did not show up and he just need to go sit down.

Last night Russell Westbrook was amazing and was not afraid of the Heat. Kevin Durant has to wake up and realize that this is stage where Superstars shine. So far he is not shining at all and doesn’t seem to want it bad enough. Kevin Durant is playing like he is just happy to have beaten Dallas and Lakers. OKC is not digging out of this one because only one guy, Russell Westbrook, understands the urgency.

The Heat Is On

Lebron James is playing with blinkers on because he knows this is his year to get his first ring. With other teams getting better, with D Wade having frequent injuries, the Miami Heat’s window as composed is really closing faster than it opened. If Lebron James doesn’t win this year he might as well make another decision to go back to Cleveland. He knows this and that is why he is playing like a man with a mission. It’s time to give Lebron James the accolades he deserves. He will win one title and that will be tomorrow night. He deserves it. OKC Thunder had many opportunities that they let slip away and they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

Lebron Wants The NBA Title

Congratulations to Lebron James and the Miami Heat on winning the 2011-2012 NBA Championship. He wants it more than Kevin Durant and life has taught us, in the words of Jimmy Cliff, “You can get it if you really want, you can get it if you really want, You must try, try and try. You’ll succeed at last.” Please add your comments.

Miami Heat Takes Game 1



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Celtics “Grilled” In the Miami Heat

Lebron James comes up big against Boston Celtics. Only Kevin Garnett of the Celtics showed up and withstood the south beach Heat. The Celtics certainly got grilled in the Miami Heat. For Game 2 the Celtics have to focus on playing basketball ann then they won’t have to worry about the referees. It is clear that the fix is in for Miami Heat and OKC to go the NBA finals 2012. If the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics play their game no matter how they are cheated they will be fine.

The Fix
Boston played a game 7 in the previous round while the Heat was rested. The Celtics are more mature, so Boston has to slow it down. Is the fix in for the Heat to get all the calls and get to the finals? What are your thoughts? Does Boston even the series tomorrow? If they go down 0-2 they will be done. Please share your comments and thoughts. Are you still following the NBA playoffs?

Lebron Returns to Cleveland



The King Is Coming Back

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Lebron James played great in Cleveland as he always does. I don’t know if he saw Betty White but it seems to me they are both Hot In Cleveland. Anyway, on a serious note, Lebron managed to capture the spotlight a little from Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks and made headline news by saying he would not rule out going back to play for Cleveland. His sentiments are genuine because what Lebron is learning is that if the grass is greener on the other side the water bill is higher too.

The Grass Might Be Greener But the Water bill Is Higher

It is an object lesson that we all learn later rather then sooner. Lebron is realizing that what he was looking for was right where he was and traveling all the way to South Beach was not the answer because he could not get away from himself. It is possible he will win a title in Miami before his two year opt out clause kicks in, but now he has just put added pressure on himself and his Miami Heat team mates by saying he is keeping his options open.

Lebron’s Return to Cleveland

When you want to keep your options open you do not burn your bridges behind you. If Lebron James and the Miami Heat don’t win people will say it’s because he is not happy in Miami. I don’t know the young man, but from what I see of him, he craves a type of approval that he is not getting in the house that Dwayne Wade built.

Don’t Burn Your Bridges Too Soon

Many times in life we get discontented with our lives because we do not think the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place quickly enough. As a result, we think we must get up and leave. Many times we leave in our discontent and as a result we burn our bridges and hurt people in the process. There is no doubt that the kind of money the Cleveland Cavaliers lost initially and are losing now, they could recover if he returns. At this moment in time we just have to wait and see.

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Is Lebron James Trade Bait For Miami

Magic Show

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The NBA Draft is tonight and with a possible lock out of the players by the owners, teams might be willing to focus on the draft rather than trading for players with huge contracts. There are many good free agents on the market. One is Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. My question is after the letdown of Lebron James and the Miami Heat, should Pat Riley trade Lebron James for Dwight Howard if such an offer were made?

It is an interesting if not indecent proposal. Afterall, Lebron did not resign with the Cleveland Cavaliers because he wanted to “take his talents to South Beach” and play for the Miami Heat. Clearly, Miami Heat lacks a true big man who can throw it down. If Dwight Howard takes his Magic Show to South Beach, Pat Rilesy would have to give up somebody. Wade and James play the same position, so if the experiment of summer 2010 failed, should the Heat trade somebody for Dwight Howard? I don’t think it will happen, but it is food for thought. The Heat will have to do something. Bosh and James can no longer shy away from championship games. That’s why they play the game of basketball.

Dwight Howard is not afraid of the bright lights of the fourth quarter. He understands that it pays to finish strong. When you watch athletics, many times you see an athlete with a burst of speed who manages to beat out the runner who led from the start. That’s finishing strong.

Dwight Howard could help Miami or stay in Orlando and hope he still has some magic after 12-15 years with no ring. The East has gotten very strong and there is no guarantees for any team next season. The Heat might win seven or more championships in the next decade, but so could Dallas Mavericks, Boston, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Chicago Bulls. So, tonight is gonna be a good night. Tonight is gonna be a good good night.

Lebron James Learns Life Is Not A Beach

Lebron James and the South Beach Bummers

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Dallas Mavericks played great down the stretch to beat Lebron James and the South Beach Bummers. Nonetheless, instead of all the talk being about Dallas and their win, the talk is about Lebron James and the Miami Heat. It is very interesting that in Cleveland the governor has issued a proclamation about Dallas and in Miami the Herald Newspaper has an ad from Macy’s congratulating the Heat on being champions. Is Lebron James such a bad person? No, of course not. He was right in his comments that all who wanted to see him fail and not win a championship got what they wanted, but while they will go on with their miserable lives he will continue to live the life of a king. It is true.

However, Mr. James needs to understand that it is how he did what he did that has drawn the wrath of people. It would be hard to find any Lebron “hater” who would not acknowledge that he is a gifted basketball player, but if hi fans were to be true, they would say all the gloating and mocking were not necessary. Lebron James let the moment took him out of character, and Dwayne Wade who should have known better did not do better. Lebron should be copying Wade, not the other way around.

Wade single-handedly won a championship and in seven years Lebron did not. So, while there are people who “hate” Lebron the basketball player because of what how he “spoils people with his play,” they know that Lebron has overcome many adversities and has handled it well up to last year. The series is over and we need to put the Dallas Mavericks back in the spotlight. The media created “king James” and when he acts anything but, they are ready to crucify him. If Lebron does not learn from this debacle he has a tough head. He needs to spend half of the summer getting his head together and the other half getting his moves together. There is no guarantee that the Heat will have the chance next year. Remember Kobe and the Lakers earlier this year. It was so unceremonious how they made their exit out if the playoffs. The Bible is truth, ” a house divided against itself” cannot stand.

The Heat will eventually win a few championships, but had they done it this year, the impact would’ve been great.