How to Network To Improve Your Networth

Your Network

Network and networking and popular words in the vernacular of 21st century forward thinking people. Some people have gone as far as to say that your network determines your networth. It is like saying to someone, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Your networth is the total assets minus all liabilities. When you sum up the people connected to you, are they assets or liabilities? It has been said that we become like the five people we are closest to.

Take a look at your network and you might want to “Unfollow” some people. Therefore, a key thing to look at even as we start the new year is to look at the people in your network. Who are these people? What benefit do they bring to you? Are these people adding value to your life? Are these people pushing you and provoking you toward your destiny?

Your Networth

While network has to do with who you are connected to and who is connected to you, networth has to do with the totality of your assets when you take away the liabilities. For example, if you are paying mortgage and you owe $150,000.00, and you have $100,000 in the bank and $100,000 in stocks and bonds, then your asset is only $50,000.00. I hope my computation is correct, but, if it is not, please feel free to comment and give a better example.

So, how do you use your network to improve your networth? Think about this for a minute. Let’s say you have 4,000 followers on Twitter, have you ever asked for their support on any project? Now, this is not just a one way street, you have to give back, but the issue is, are you leveraging your 4000 Twitter Followers? Maybe someone on Twitter has a skill to help you? You can hire them to do a task and that frees up your time to go get new contracts and make more money. That is one way of making your network increase your networth.

Notice that it is not just taking, nut it is also giving. To quote St. Francis of Assissi, “It is in giving that we receive.” Think about this, what is the purpose of having 20,000 followers on Twitter? Who are you following on Twitter? Why are you following them? Are you using your network to increase your networth?