Jets Nation Press Conference

The recent tattoo of Rex Ryan’s wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey can now be put to rest because this was done three years ago. So, what are the real sports stories about the NY Jets.

The first thing is that Rex Ryan remains the head coach and that is a good thing. Even though the NY Giants were Superbowl Champions they got little to no coverage. The New York Jets stole the headlines all year and as a result stayed in the spotlight. Only Rex Ryan could do that. He has the personality and the swag to do just that. So, all the people on the radio who have a lot to say- what would you say if Rex was not around? As a matter of fact, Rex Ryan was in the Bahamas on vacation and the news media sought him out. He wasn’t bothering anyone, but the truth is when Rex Ryan leaves town there is no excitement.

Now, I am not a NY Jets fan, I am a NY Giants fan, but because of Rex Ryan I have to keep an eye on them. Rex does not bother me. Rex takes the spotlight off his players and that works well sometimes. New York needs a Rex Ryan or else the Jets would become “Team Irrelevant.”

What did we learn from today’s press conference that gives Jets fans hope of a bright future? Well, we learned that the coach is committed to winning and he recognizes that last season he made mistakes, which if repeated, will cost him his job. Sports people and journalists are funny people. If Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson were to have revealed everything prematurely, the same news media would criticize them. When they say they can’t speak about players at this time because they need a coordinator and a GM first, the media says they wanted more. It is a no win situation with the media and Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning know that. Eli created a firestorm when he answered a question as to whether he was elite or not. If he had said he was not elite the media would have said he has no self-confidence. When he said he was elite they went searching for evidence to show he was not elite. But Eli Manning proved to them that it doesn’t matter what they think. He knows who he is and what they say can’t deter him. That is the same mindset Rex Ryan has and that is the mindset needed in a big sports city like New York.
I wish Rex Ryan and the NU Jets good success because I like Rex Ryan and I believe he is the best man for the job as coach right now. Please share your comments.

The New York Jets: Dont Drink the Coffee

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Ground and Pound New York Jets


The New York Jets are playing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and in Starbucks country -they better not drink the coffee. The New York Jets are coming off their by-week and everyone is watching to see how they will respond. If they didn’t garner the will to win during this off week, they are putting themselves on the road which leads to the point of no return. My guess is the Seahawks will be ready, they will have the coffee brewed and ready for the NY Jets. My advise to the New York Jets is simple, don’t drink the coffee. Instead, they need to get back to their original platform of ground and pound.

Jets: Ground and Pound

The Barack Obama election campaign team has mastered the game of ground and pound. Starting from the first run for president four years ago, the Obama Team knew that if they could get people on the ground, pounding the pavement, meeting the people where they are, they would create a momentum that would be hard to stop.

Four years later they did it again, and Mitt Romney never saw that coming. The point here is that when Rex Ryan came to New York City he said this is the type of team we are, “Ground and Pound.” For two years the NY Jets did just that and made it all the way to the conference championship. Last year they went away from that and so far this season, they have gotten away from it. If they want to get back on the winning trail they better get back to their ground and pound formula. Mitt Romney flip flopped on the issues and he lost the Presidential election 2012. The New York Jets need to get back to their ground an pound game on Sunday.

Tim Tebow and the New York Jets

Tim Tebow is a quarterback. He played that position last season in Denver. Why did the New York Jets bring Tim Tebow to New York, send him out to do a press conference when the head coach and others were out of town? Why is he here? Every week we hear that Mark Sanchez is the Jets quarterback, despite his dismal performance. Why is Tim Tebow being given these foolish one minute roles to get hurt? He might not be the best quarterback, but he is a quarterback. Why then is he not playing? Please comment.

Football Sports Round Up





Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

The sports teams in New York who played
his weekend are 1- 1 so far. We can only hope that the Jets can mount a comeback. They still have one quarter to go. Well, the Jets lost.

Giants had a big win though some people think it was a close call. It doesn’t matter how you win as long as you win. Eli Manning brought the Giants back just like he did when they won the Superbowl. There is no replay on that play, so get over it. Every team needs a break some time. Cardinal fans – get over it. Win your other games if you can. You will get your breaks too.

The New York Jets did not get the same breaks. They just gave away 21 points through carelessness. Mark Sanchez needs to be protected better. Come on Jets Nation, get it together now. Beat the Patriots on Sunday and you will be back in the thick of things.

Jets and NFL Football

The Jets Have It

Hello world

The New York Jets play tonight on CBS in prime time. That’s what it’s all about. The Jets belong in the prime time regardless of what anyone else thinks. Ever since Rex Ryan came to New York he made it clear that the Jets were about to wake up sleeping Giants. They have done that. People are not giving the Jets and Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez much credit because they forgot the New England Patriots were stealing the signals from the other teams including the Jets.

Has anyone noticed that since the scandal they haven’t won anything? What are your thoughts on the upcoming NFL football season and how do you think the Jets and the Patriots will do. Please leave your comments here.

NFL Divisional Championships- The Final Four

Jets Do It!

Jets Do It!

The Day For The NFL Underdogs-Bears and Jets

Hello world, this is the big day football fans who still have a team on the field have been waiting for. It will only get better if your team makes it to the Super bowl. For the Bears, Jets, Packers, and Steelers this is where boys are separated from men. This is the day when you get laser focus on this game only. Today is what matters. You cannot do tomorrow what you should do today. What is done today will determine your tomorrow.

The final four teams did not get to this stage of the game by special favors. They had difficult roads to travel. The Packers were popular from the start of the season, but for the other three teams they were given no chance at all. Just go back to last week with Jets against Patriots, the Jets were underdogs.

Even if you do not understand the game, try to watch it because there is so much to learn. Sometimes the underdogs just want it more because they know their ability, and all they want is just one chance.

Go Jets! Go Gang Green Nation! This is one NY Giants fans rooting for you. NYC is behind you Mark Sanchez. The Empire State Building is Green.We’re Going Green.

Going Green