Orlando Magic March Madness

March $adness orlando Magic

March Madness in the Magic Kingdom

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march Madness is on in so many ways. The weather is sheer madness. We are five days from Spring. And we have been in spring since January- this is March Madness.

Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard is staying in Orlando – the Magic Kingdom, for the remainder of this season and for another year. It makes no sense and Dwight Howard is going to realize this shortly. With. The Magic has no ability to surround him with better players. We are talking about Orlando. If you’ve been to Orlando, I can bet you went to Disney World. Orlando is not a big draw, that’s why Shaq left. Dwight Howard will never be a big name as he could’ve been had he come to New Jersey Nets.

Dwight is a nice lovable person and maybe his personality is suited for Orlando, but if he wants to win NBA championships I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

March Madness and the New Jersey Nets

As the March Madness continues in New Jersey, the Nets have lost out on a big bonanza. If Kris Humphries was still married to Kim Kardashian, he might be a big draw for Brooklyn, but I don’t know if he is enough to take to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York. The Nets seem to be the jilted lover in this scenario with Dwight Howard. It is all over for the Nets because Knicks basketball is back.

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March Madness Bracket



NCAA Basketball Bracketology

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March Madness is here and it is an amazing time to be alive. Wow! If you are a fan of college basketball you should just go ahead and take the month of March off because you don’t want to miss a game. Wow! College basketball is exciting and it is sheer madness. This is the type of madness that only the sane can appreciate.

Who are the major players this year? Who is the Cinderella? Who will cause the upset? Well, in doing your brackets one tip is to start with the usual suspects. There are some teams that are always upfront each year. Start with those and then make your way to the unfamiliar. Make sure you select Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and Memphis. Then go for the long shots. Come back tomorrow for more bracketology tips.

The Butler Didn’t Do It – Connecticut Did!

Connecticut Are National Championships of the NCAA Basketball

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Congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies (UConn) for winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship last night.I don’t care about “pretty” or not, they won because they didn’t give up at half time they came back with a plan and they won. Butler fought a good fight just to get to the championship game
and they just ran out of gas. They are a superb team and if they stay the same they will be back next year.

UConn is a picture of determination, fight, mental toughness, guts, and then finally glory. They battled their way through the Big East and beat Louisville. They came into the NCAA not as favorites, not as a number one seed, but they just worked hard and played hard. This is just one time when the “Butler didn’t do it.” Congratulations UConn! Congratulations Connecticut! You did it! Great! Great! Great!

People of the world, never, ever give up no matter if everybody is against you. UConn beat some good teams like Michigan State, Kentucky, and Texas during the regular season, and they lost four of their last five in the regular season, and people wrote them off. They didn’t listen to the “experts,” they didn’t listen to “Vegas,” they listened to their coach and they believed in themselves.

Look at Butler- they were in the championship game last year, yet few people had them going that far this year. They didn’t listen to people, they listened to their coach (and what a classy guy he is), they believed in themselves and they gave it their best. Yes, they didn’t win, but they played to the end. That is the take away. Never, ever give up. Play to the end.

The Butler didn’t do it this time- Connecticut did it. Congratulations UConn. Enjoy your victory.

NCAA Basketball – Round 2

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Have you been following the NCAA games? There have been some real thrilling endings and as is usual, the “Cinderella’s” are usually one and done. We are coming to the sweet if and the strongest teams are beginning to emerge. What I have notice is that the strong teams have to withstand a flurry of runs and then they assert themselves. Keep watching and I hope your brackets are doing well.

NCAA Men’s Basketball 2011 -The Divisions

Let the March Madness Begin

NCAA Men’s basketball begin tonight with the play in games. Clemson should be the favorite in that game. The real games begin on Thursday. By now you should have completed your bracket sheet. This year the teams seem evenly matched.

The East seems to be pretty heavy with Kentucky, Syracuse, and North Carolina. Any one of those teams could really cut the nets down at the end of the tournament. well, if you haven’t done so ready, go online and get your brackets done. Share your thought and comments on who you think will be the team to upset a favorite and who will be your final four and also the big winner. Enjoy your day.