Self-Publishing 101- Part 3


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E-Readers Are Here To Stay

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Nowadays almost everyone has an E-reader of some sort, whether it be a kindle, or an iPad or Sony reader, Nook or another devices. Despite Borders closure, people are still reading and people are still buying books and things to read. The shift though is to e-readers and so you have to create something for people to download. Gone are the days of lugging around a big book. We are all looking for that one gadget that can do it all and when we find it we put our trust in it. So this brings me to self-publishing and what to do as an author. The big news is about the EPub platform, but print is not out. People still love the feel and smell of a book. The key to being successful in the self-publishing business as an author is to make your material available in all formats.

EPUB versus PDF

Yesterday I wrote about two self publishing companies that I was working with for these series of blogs. I am going through the process to see how you would benefit from self-publishing. In other words should you look into it or keep praying and hoping for a cal from a big traditional publishing house. Go read it now and come back here. Alright, now we can move on. Today’s blog is about Epub format. Simply put Epub is a format that has flowing text. When the text flows it means the reader using a Nook or any reading device is able to adjust the size of the text and they can flip the pages like a real book. They differ from PDF files which are static. With the popularity of Nook and Kindle and now Kindle fire you want your work in the EPub format. It does not mean you cannot do PDF format, but just remember that you will be limited to a few devices. Lulu will convert your document to EPub file and Createaspace (part of Amazon) will allow you to do that also. Again, there are other companies out there that do this, but it would not be fair to write about them because I have not used them. I want everything here to be what I have gone through myself, so I can tell you the real deal. My suggestion to you is, self-publish until you don’t have to anymore.

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Self-Publishing 101 (Part 2)


The Journal
By Heather Francis

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Book Publishing 101 Part 2


If you have followed me on twitter
you will see me publicizing my books that I have published through Blurb mostly. I am doing that because I am testing how effective self-publishing is.  Let me start by saying that it is not hard to get your book online.  Most of the self-publishing companies are pretty good. The results you will get comes down to how much money you have, and that is really the cost of doing business. So far, I have tried Blurb and Lulu.  Here is the difference. Blurb gives you magnificent quality books.  The paper is bright and it is rich and smooth., but their base price is high.  In order to make any money you have to charge a lot.  Until they find a way to lower their base price, just be ready to lay out a lot of cash.   Also, at this time they do not do Ebooks but it is coming.  back with Blurb is that you do not get an (International Book Standard Number) ISBN, so you need your own.  That means your book cannot be sold in bookstores, but you can sell your books in Blurb’s bookstore.  You can also sell them from your website.

Print Books versus E-Books and EPubs

The other company I am working with is Lulu.  The main advantage of dealing with Lulu is that if you do not have an ISBN number they will give you one for your book and your book can be sold in bookstores. I must say that I was not happy with the book I got from Lulu.  The print was so small I needed a magnifying glass to read it.  Luckily, it is in Ebook form so maybe that explains the small print. It did not make sense to leave half the page blank and have the writing so small. May I missed something, so we will leave that alone. One major plus with Lulu is they also covert your document to EPub and PDF files.  The news nowadays  is all about EPub and I will explain EPub tomorrow, so make sure you subscribe today so you don’t miss it. I had one book converted to EPub and it will soon be in the iBookstore and on  We will see how long that takes.

The idea here is to be creative.  While your waiting on the big publishing company to offer you a million dollar contract you can help yourself.  Your beginning might be small but your latter shall be greater.  Steve Jobs died a billionaire, but he started small in his parents garage.  Mark Twain self-published Huckleberry Finn, and he walked door to door and sold it.  Self-publishing companies have come along and leveled the playing field.  Let’s go out there and play.  If you enjoyed this blog please share it.


Book Publishing 101

Hello world,

In my previous blog I wrote about a survey scam that someone just told me about. Scams are all over the Internet and in newspapers and in a time when almost one in three families has a member out of work, desperation can set in quickly and before you know it, you are losing the very little you have. You see what is going on in Congress. That means you can’t wait on the government to give you a job. Their paycheck is sure and the truth is, until their paycheck is in jeopardy, don’t expect much from Washington. So what do you do? Look within yourself. You have skills and experience under your belt. What do you do well? Can you write? Do you have a camera and can take pictures? Can you paint? Do you cook? Have you noticed how cooking shows have become popular nowadays? There is something that you can do to make a living. It might not bring in a big paycheck the first week, but keep at it and word will get around.

I have been looking at the publishing industry with fascination. I want to see if you can really make money as an author. Everyone is telling you how to make money writing articles and so on, but much of what they are saying is old stuff. Check the websites to see when last they were updated and that should give you a clue as to how current their stuff is. The point on demand publishing industry is really generating momentum right now. Even traditional publishing houses now have a branch of their company that does print on demand. So, here are two that I am very familiar with. There is and there is There is an advantage to using Lulu because they give you an ISBN number (13 digits on back of books with the bar code) and that makes it possible for your book to be sold everywhere. Blurb on the other hand does not give you an ISBN number. If you’ve purchased one you can use it, but they don’t give you. That means without an ISBN you can sell your book yourself on your website or you can sell it in the Blurb bookstore. The great thing about Blurb is that you can create a book show and people can flip through the pages of your book. It is awesome as it is impressive. If you look on my website in bookstore you will see what I’m talking about. Now these are the two I am using, but I know there is Author House, Create a Space (Amazon), iUniverse (Barnes and Noble) and many more. So, if you have pictures put them in a book write a sentence or two and earn some cash for yourself.

In my blog tomorrow, I will talk about EPub versus PDF. You will want to convert but which is better. Subscribe to my blog or check back tomorrow. “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do” (John Wooten).

New Book

Fountain of Wisdom

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If you missed my book launch announcement yesterday you can read yesterday’s blog titled “Book Launch” and you can also see my book on The title of the book is “Daily Wisdom Principles.” It is also available as an Ebook so you can get it immediately.

I am doing a test run for an upcoming series of blogs on “Getting Your Book Published.” everyday I talk to people who are trying to get their book published but they don’t have the thousands of dollars to self-publish and they don’t have an agent. They give up on their dreams. I am trying this self-publishing service called Lulu and I will see if it works. You will love the book so I need your support.

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