Boston Celtics Get Heatstroke

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

Celtics Can’t Take The Heat

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How hath the mighty fallen! The mighty Los Angeles Lakers who has been a staple in the NBA finals for years are out in the second round. If going out in a sweep was not bad enough, Andrew Bynum showed no class by attacking a helpless player and then ripping off his shirt when he got ejected. Had he played the game the right way from the start there would be no need to hack the player with 30 seconds left in the game. Phil Jackson deserved much better than that.

The other team we had become accustomed to seeing was the Boston Celtics. They are now down 1-3 as they wilted under the heat last night. Is that a good thing for the NBA that so far the only familiar team left is the Dallas Mavericks? How interested are you in watching the games now? Are you rooting for the “Heatles” or are you hoping against all hope that the Celtics will be revived.


Lakers Swept Clean!

Lakers Ball Don't Lie

Lakers Ball Don’t Lie

Lakers Implode And Got Swept

No More Show time Lakers<br /> P>Hello world,</p> <p>When the <b>Lakers</b> went down 0-2 some experts claim it was a worrying sign, but the Lakers had the ability to bounce back. They even went on to say that the Lakers had a better chance of rebounding than Boston Celtics were also down 0-2. Since then the Celtics have won one at home and seemed to be ready to rock. The tale of two cities is simply that the Lakers got swept and the Celtics are left to fight another day. Who are the real experts?</p> <p>There are some people (the experts) who believe that Lakers lost because of their bad plays more so than Mavericks winning because of their good plays. Regardless of how you look at it, one thing remains true today and that is, the Lakers are out of the playoffs.</p> <p>So, Phil Jackson is done and it was not the way he wanted to go out, so maybe he’ll be back in New York in 2012 if the world does not end according to Mayan Calendar. In all seriousness, Phil Jackson really seemed like he had reached his plateau in coaching this season. Fisher, and Artest are done with Lakers. Kobe has to learn how to balance things and treat people well, because he needs a team. If he doesn’t recognize this his days of winning are over.</p> <p>

Lakers Down

Big Apple Water Taxi

Big Apple Water Taxi

Are The Lakers In Jeopardy

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The Los Angeles Lakers are down two games to the Dallas Mavericks and from what we saw last night it seems like they are going to have to get on the same page very soon. As a matter of fact they only have today. Tomorrow they play in Dallas and if the don’t win game three there’s going to be heads rolling. Already, Ron Artest is becoming “mad” Artest and might not be available tomorrow night based on a flagrant foul at the end of the game. He was ejected and that is not good for the Lakers.

These 2011 NBA playoffs are really intriguing. Teams that did well all season are now in trouble. Are the Lakers in trouble? Are they in jeopardy? At the press conference after the game, Kobe said, “everybody needs to just stop tripping.” Are people tripping? What did Lamar Odom means by saying there are “trust” issues? Kobe tried to explain it- did you buy it? Are the Lakers in jeopardy.

History is not on the side of the Lakers who lost two on their home court, but as we have seen in baseball and hockey, home court is not necessarily an advantage. We saw the Knicks not making any use of home court. They came closer to winning two games on the road than they did at home. Are the Lakers in Jeopardy?

May Flowers

May Flowers

Lakers playoff 2011

Lakers Holding On

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The Lakers are really being pushed in the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs. The hornets are stinging and the Lakers are feeling it. It is an interesting series to watch and if the Lakers are able to win it, will make it to the NBA finals.

As I stated in an earlier blog, if the Knicks could not score 100 they were going to be swept. They were trying to play a style in the playoffs that they never played during the season and it was a tough transition. The Knicks need not hang their head, they did well and watch out for them next year. Good job!

Lakers Stung By The Hornets

Lakers In The Hornet’s Nest

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It is hard to believe the Los Angeles Lakers got stung by the Hornets. It really was not that close. The Hornets really played them tough and that should not surprise people. The Lakers waltzed their way into the playoffs thinking they can just flick a switch and all will be well. Not so, this 2011 NBA playoffs really does not have a team that does not look vulnerable.

There is very little separation between number 1 seed and number 8 seed. The San Antonio Spurs were smothered by the Memphis Grizzlies. That should not be a shocker because San Antonio did not seem that hot to me. The New York Knicks played a great came are even though they lost to the Boston Celtics. They proved they can hang with the Celtics, so being down one game is not a big deal.

Boston is my team, but I liked how the Knicks are back in the playoffs and playing with heart. They will even the series on Tuesday night. The knicks will have to score more points if they intend to win. Who said the Knicks can’t play defense? It’s not about defense- it’s about Winning! Dah! Tell them Charlie.