New Book To Go

My new book is ready. It is an 80-page book with 31 wisdom principles to guide you in your everyday life. It also has lined pages for you to write your experiences as you put the principle into practice. It is based on the Bible and it is relevant and relateable.

How many of you when you were growing up or when you were raising your children had little sayings to keep them on the straight and narrow? Well, this is along the same lines but with a few twists. Not everyone who is educated has wisdom. This book will help you help yourself or help somebody else. It is good for college students away from home, good for the workplace and good for the home. More information will be forthcoming in the next few blogs.

What else is happening is this great world of ours? Well, the line up for Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) -season 12 has been announced and there are some popular names in there. I have not looked at the full line up as yet, but I know TV judge Nancy Grace, cooking queen Rachel Ray, and Cher’s son will perform. I am not sure if Regis Philbin made it. That would be great. I believe DWTS is one of the better reality shows. It is amazing to see how discipline and commitment transform people in a matter of weeks.

The other thing in the news is the serious damages hurricane Irene caused. To those people who are still experiencing the after effects of hurricane Irene, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Do not worry if you have lost it all. You will recover all and your latter will be greater than the former. You can build again.

Hurricane Irene- She’s Out of Our Lives

Leaning Light  Pole

Leaning Light Pole

Irene Has Left New York

Hello world,

Hurricane Irene is gone and the sun is shining again in New York City. Thank God that the death toll was not any higher. Based on some of what we heard, the numbers could have been lower too. Take the 68 year old man in Bronx, New York who went out to the City Island Marina to check on his boat at 9 am Sunday morning. Well, his body was found at 4pm tangled up by two boats. That is just such a tragedy. We pray for his family at this time. The fact of the matter is that humans are no match for Mother Nature.

It really make sense to heed the warnings. As we look at the news and we see people doing some foolish things in the hurricane, we realize that everyone has wisdom. The good news is that Irene is gone but she has certainly given us something to talk about. Hope you are safe wherever you are. Still be careful as you go outside. Be careful. Have a safe day. I’m going out to see what’s happening and I will have some pictures for you later.

She’s Here- Hurricane Irene Is Here!

Irene Effects

Irene Effects

Hurricane Irene is here. It is about 7:45am now and I just captured this picture in Brooklyn, New York. Irene is not playing with us – she is serious. In about 1hr she will hit Brooklyn. The picture above was taken by my camera phone. Be safe everybody. I’ll see if I can get more photographs later. Be careful how you travel today. Even if it looks like all is well- be careful.   In the area of Brooklyn closest to Jamaica Bay and Kennedy airport, the rain is really pounding on the windows right now.  A few branches have been broken off and I saw one power line dangling. One of the good things is we can see a little daylight, so we can check for leaks and make sure we charge up phones and so on. Be safe!