The New York Knicks Sky Dive

New York Knicks In Free Fall

There is a problem with the New York Knicks and something has to give. What is the problem with the Knicks? Should Melo be traded? A coach is someone who does not necessarily have to be where you want to go, but has the skill to get you there. There is enough blame to go around from coach Mike D’Antoni, Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare. The point is that somebody has to buy-in. Everybody can’t be stubborn and want it their way. The question to the New York Knicks team is, Are You ALL IN?

Are you all in? People go to work and sweat to make their money and come to a game and see millionaires strolling along the court. The lowest paid New York Knick makes more money than many people who come to the game. Where is the sweat and hustle of the Knicks millionaires? NBA stars are making $250,000 PER GAME for 48 minutes and don’t get a rebound. That is wrong! Three rebounds in a game? Come on! The New York Knicks are robbing the fans.

Fire The Knicks Coach?

Fire the coach- Nonsense! Firing the coach is the easy way out and teams that fire the coach even when it’s clear the players are at fault, never win anything. Let me show you what I mean. When the Heat just came together last year there was a stretch when they were not doing well. Everyone was speculating that they would fire the coach
And Pat Riley would return to coaching. But that did not happen and the Heat made it to the NBA finals.

The New York</Knicks

The New York Knicks have just added new pieces up to a month ago. Amare was grieving, Carmelo was out with injury. So to be fair, the Knicks really haven’t had a chance to really get their act together. But, the Knicks need to do better. D’Antoni is the one who is not coming back next season, Carmelo needs to play harder. That’s it! You are an $85M man. Play hard! Amare – you are a $100M man- play hard.

Shaq Retires and the Basketball World Is Sad



Shaq The Legend

Hello world,

Shaquille O’Neal, one of the greatest big men to play center in the National Basketball Association announced his retirement today. He is a first ballot hall of fame inducteer. In what should not be a surprise, especially with next season of the NBA not happening due to the CBA, he is definitely doing the right thing at the right time.

Today is a traveling day for the two teams in the playoffs, so whosoever has an invitation can fly up to Shaq’s house in Orlando for the press conference and party. It is a nice gesture and Shaq has certainly earned the right to have the focus on him. Last year Lebron held us captive awaiting his “decision.” Shaq just gives a heads up to everybody and then make his announcement. He is simply a class act.

Shaq has proved that you can be a superstar and be human and stay away from foolishness that could ruin your career. He made his money and he will continue to make more money because he is just that talented. As a matter of fact, in December he will be Dr. Shaquille O’Neal and it won’t be an honorary degree. He is doing his dissertation as we speak. That’s a guy with his head fully screwed on his body. Congratulations, Shaq. You are the man.

Shaq will not be short of offers for television because he is that good and he has the star power and the personality. Do not be surprised if he is on TNT or ESPN before the playoffs are all over. Look for him in movies and commercials. Like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, Shaq will not have to look for work. Work will find him. He developed all his gifts, so even at the age of 39 he has so much life ahead of him. The sky truly is the limit.

The Bulls Running From The Heat

The Heat Is On!<br />

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If you are reading this then you are still here. Last night was game three of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. The “heat” was certainly on last night, and it proved that every super star needs other shining stars


The Bulls with the best record in the NBA, and the league’s MVP are
wilting under the heat. One player cannot do it. Michael had the Jordaniers. Kobe had the Shaq Daddy. Hakeem Olajuwon had Clyde Drexler. All the other teams with one superstar have come close but have not tasted victory. Patrick Ewing came close. Charles barkley came close. Vince Carter came close. Lebron James came close in Cleveland. Amare, Howard, Iverson, and the list goes on. They were and for those still playing, they are superstars, but they had no shining stars.

So as much as we don’t want to see it happen, the Miami Heat are on their way to another championship, unless the Dallas Mavericks really wake up and realize this is their year. Dirk has Kidd, Terry, and Marion to help him. They won’t get another chance like this again. The Thunder are doing what they’re supposed to do in their second playoffs, and that is make noise and try to scare people. San Antonio got scared and they were knocked out. Dallas is playing tough and will prevail. If they can keep the momentum going then Jason Kidd will retire with a ring.

Back to the Heat vs Bulls series- Derek Rose needs help. Boozer, Noah, and Deng all have to play like stars. Anything less and the Bulls will be one and done. What do you do when the heat is on? When the heat is on you do what is necessary to stay cool. You don’t curse the heat or fight the heat? No! You get a fan, an AC, you wear light clothes- you do what you have to do. In sports, you have to do the same thing. The ability of the Bulls to do this will determine if they continue to wilt or turn this series into a bull run.

Knicks versus Heat


Knicks Holding down the 6th Spot

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The NBA playoffs are almost here. All eyes will be on the Miami Heat and their matchup with either New York Knicks or Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. Boston seems to be dragging into the playoffs and they better come to win or else they are going home soon.<Knicks have three games to figure out who they want to match up with. Their best chances will be against the Celtics. The Heat will beat them in a series. It's a pity they wont get Atlanta because that seems to be a weakened team.

Chicago has a very good chance of getting to the NBA finals and if it is the Lakers they could win a championship before Lebron James. The playoffs promises to be great because for the first time in a long time the teams are closely matched. We just saw the defending champions losing five in a row. Last year Kevin Durant almost knocked them out. Tomorrow’s games will be very interesting.

The Knicks Beat The Heat- A Win Is A Win, Right?

Hello world,
Hope you had a great weekend. There is so much to catch upon at this time, but the most important thing for me is that I was privy to attend the 90th birthday celebration of my church’ first lady. Congratulations to her.
Now, I know it was also the 83rd Oscar Awards in Hollywood, which from what I heard, was not that well watched. I will do another blog on that, but just thought I would mention it in my weekend round up.

The real show was going on in South Beach where one Mr. Lebron James took his talents. Well, thank goodness that Mr. Carmelo Anthony took his talents to New York to help Amare continue the winning ways of the Knicks. It is a breath of fresh air to have two superstars who said, “We can handle the spotlight of New York City.” That is good because Lebron never wanted to come to New York. New York was not even a blimp on his radar screen. He wanted to go play with Dwayne Wade and that is what he is doing very well. That is where he wanted to be.

So, back to the game between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat last night. It was a great game. The Knicks showed a lot of heart because you do not want to get down by 16 points playing one of the best teams in the NBA. Yet, that was what happened to the New York Knicks. They were down early, but they decided to fight back and that was what they did and won 91 to 86. They proved to us that no matter how down you are in life and no matter how bad your present circumstances look, if you can just look inside and draw out a little strength, you will be victorious. Last night the New York Knicks proved that they can hang with the NBA’s best teams.