Rodgers Leads The Packers To Super Bowl Glory

Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions

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The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV champions for a fourth time.  Aaron Rodgers, (People’s Champ), showed that he is ready for the spotlight.  He played a great game and led his team to football supremacy once again.  The Pittsburgh Steelers should know by now that if you want to win you have to protect the ball.  The team that turns the ball over does not win.  The Steelers gave us a good game, but it has been proven that the team with the fewest turnovers will win the game.  The Green Bay Packers got 21 points off turnovers.  The Steelers lost by six points, so what could have happened if they never had those turnovers?  The Green Bay Packers now have their fourth Superbowl championship in their remarkable history.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Aaron Rodgers has now put down the first marker on his own road to a grand legacy.  He has travelled a hard road to the Super Bowl.  He certainly has not played like a 24th NFL draft pick.  Instead his story is one of guts, grit, and grace. Congratulations Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburgh Steelers should not hang their heads.  They gave us a competitive game.  They came back from 18 down in one instance to make it close and with two minutes to go they still had a chance.  Ben Roethlisberger will certainly take a lot of heat for this loss, but he only had one turn over and his completion rate was above 60 percent.  He did not play a great game, but he did his part.

Now it is time to take a quick look at the super bowl commercials (super bowl commercials), the national anthem, and the half-time show.  I think Budd Lite and Doritos were good. With regards to the half time show, Black Eyed Peas certainly delivered all they promised. About the singing of the national anthem, all I will say is that everyone needs to learn the words. Forget about styling the anthem and get the words right. I know Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera sings National Anthem) can sing, but I am sure she now wished she had the words written in her palm. Sara Palin might have been on to something.

Well, now that the football season is finally over, I can only hope the New York Giants will get back to the Super Bowl next season – whenever that is.  Hopefully, the NFL, the players union and the owners will see what a great product they have and don’t get greedy.  There is enough money and revenue for everyone’s need. Enjoy your day, people of the world.

Super Bowl XLV-Steelers Will Steel-Away To Glory

Steelers Will Steel The Cheese In Super Bowl XLV

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Hope you are having a great week so far. I hope you are enjoying all the fanfare and buzz around Super Bowl XLV. In my post yesterday, I suggested that you
listen for the human interest stories.

Nonetheless, I am ready to make my prediction for the Super Bowl winner. Based on all that has
Happened throughout the season, the Green Bay Packers have shown they are a formidable team despite their record. Atlanta never showed up for their game and so the Packers are really going to be battle tested. Had the Chicago Bears played up to expectations, it would have been the Giants going to the next round.

That does not mean Green Bay Packers does not belong in the Super Bowl, I think it only means this game will be their biggest test yet. They have an excellent quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, but I think Ben Roethlisberger has been battle tested by the Ravens and the Jets and they are ready.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that is able to stop the run. I don’t expect the Packers to rack up too many yards on a great defensive team. I think the Steelers want this one especially because of the spotlight on Big Ben. My prediction is that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win 31-28 in a tight game.

Andy Petitte To Announce Retirement From Baseball

Just wanted to add that as a New York Yankee fan, I will miss Andy Pettite.He announces his retirement today at 10:30 from Yankee Stadium. It will be carried live on ESPN.

NFL Football -Super Bowl XLV Media Day

Super Bowl XLV Media Day

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Super bowl media day came and went without a “touchdown.” Can anybody tell where the real journalist went?

Anyway, I was pleased with how Ben Roethlisberger handles the press conference. He did not let the reporters lead him down the path of his past transgressions. All he can do is just win this Super bowl and keep playing and winning. Surely, he must know who his friends are an how to conduct himself as a man.

Aaron Rodgers also handled himself well. He did not try to get into too much about He is a likable person and that might be why people are leaning more to the to win the Super bowl. Well, media day is over and the players are back to business. Are you ready for some football? Are you hosting a party or going to the sports bar, or will you be doing something else? Talk back!

Jake Cutler and the Chicago Bears

Jake Cutler and The Chicago Bears

Jake Cutler is perceived by many in the football arena as someone who lacks the emotion that is needed as a leader. This is one case where perception is reality for many people and Jake Cutler is quickly thrown under the bus.

People seem to have expectations of people in position of authority and leadership to show their passion. What they saw of Jake Cutler on Sunday was not what they were expecting for someone who is a few minutes from going to the Super bowl; but no one had the facts. So the tweeters went on Twitterand started tweeting based on perception. Comments from former players and TV analysts started a fire storm. When the truth came out it had many of these “experts” had to back pedal.

The truth of the matter is that some people are more demonstrative than others. People had the same complaint about Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs.

People were also mad when President George Bush was crying on TV immediately after 9-11. Then we have people like Bobby Knight throwing chairs and Lebron James refusing to shake the hands with the Orlando Magic team after losing the conference finals.

Jake Cutler has heart or else he would never play NFL football. That game is rough and you have to be tough- not stupid. How correct are we in our perceptions? Should personality and temperament be taken into account? Say something!

Green Bay Packers are Superbowl Bound</html

Green Bay Packers are 2010 NFC Division Champions

The Green Bay Packers just showed us that with passion and desire and drive you can win. How on earth the Chicago Bears let a defensive player rumble his way into the end zone is beyond belief.

The Chicago Bears just did not play with any desperation or any drive. The game was close and if they had just put a little more effort into the game the results might have been different. Bears fans deserved a better performance. Great performance by Packers.