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Self-Publishing 101- Part 3


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E-Readers Are Here To Stay

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Nowadays almost everyone has an E-reader of some sort, whether it be a kindle, or an iPad or Sony reader, Nook or another devices. Despite Borders closure, people are still reading and people are still buying books and things to read. The shift though is to e-readers and so you have to create something for people to download. Gone are the days of lugging around a big book. We are all looking for that one gadget that can do it all and when we find it we put our trust in it. So this brings me to self-publishing and what to do as an author. The big news is about the EPub platform, but print is not out. People still love the feel and smell of a book. The key to being successful in the self-publishing business as an author is to make your material available in all formats.

EPUB versus PDF

Yesterday I wrote about two self publishing companies that I was working with for these series of blogs. I am going through the process to see how you would benefit from self-publishing. In other words should you look into it or keep praying and hoping for a cal from a big traditional publishing house. Go read it now and come back here. Alright, now we can move on. Today’s blog is about Epub format. Simply put Epub is a format that has flowing text. When the text flows it means the reader using a Nook or any reading device is able to adjust the size of the text and they can flip the pages like a real book. They differ from PDF files which are static. With the popularity of Nook and Kindle and now Kindle fire you want your work in the EPub format. It does not mean you cannot do PDF format, but just remember that you will be limited to a few devices. Lulu will convert your document to EPub file and Createaspace (part of Amazon) will allow you to do that also. Again, there are other companies out there that do this, but it would not be fair to write about them because I have not used them. I want everything here to be what I have gone through myself, so I can tell you the real deal. My suggestion to you is, self-publish until you don’t have to anymore.

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Yankees Post Season Baseball- The Fall Guys

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27 Going On 28

27 Going On 28



Yankee Pride

Yankee Pride

Yankees Go For 28

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New York is excited to throw their support behind the New York Yankees as they take the road trip to championship 28. Yankees and Detroit Tigers tonight at 8:30pm at Yankee Stadium, the cathedral. That’s the only news of the day and I can’t wait for the game to begin! This is the greatest season if you are a sports fan. Yankee Nation don’t care what Las Vegas says, because they had the San Francisco Giants vs Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Vegas knows best, huh! Yankee Nation always believe.

Root, Root For the Home Team

Well, the NY Yankees will have more home games than away games and that is great. It gives Yankee nation more opportunities to “root, root, for the home team.” How does the Yankees really stack up against the Detroit Tigers? Does the Yankees have what it takes to beat the Tigers? I believe the Yankees stack up very well. Well, baseball postseason 2011 is here so it’s time to play ball. They have poise, experience, confidence, and skill. That should prevent them from getting ripped by the Tigers.

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Go Yankees!

Think Success and Be A Success Everyday

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Yesterday I started a new series of blogs based on my new book
Everyday Success. To get yesterday’s principle, read yesterday’s blog.


Principle number two is to think. We are not even going to talk about thinking big. Just think. Many people refuse to think things through. If I am to have everyday success I need to think everyday success thoughts. It cannot be that today I think I’m going to make it and tomorrow I am not even thinking about my goal or my dream or my vision.

You could call this brain storming also. You need a pen and notebook (not a piece of toilet tissue or napkin that you’re going to unintentionally throw away). When you are thinking about being a success and having a successful day, write down the thoughts that come to you. In order for me to be successful today I must think I am a success. I must think that success is possible. You are who and what you think you are. Thoughts are powerful so think good thoughts of success for you.

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How To Have A Successful Day

Everyday Can Be A Success

Hello world,

Everyday success is possible. How is it possible you may ask? Well, it starts with a plan. Are you planning to have a successful day? What would make a day successful for you? What tasks would you have to accomplish? Do know know what you will tackle first? Then go ahead and make a plan. Your day can be successful if you plan it.

I am aware of the unforseen circumstances, the walk-ins you never planned to see, the phone call you were not expecting, I’m aware of all of that, and I tell you that you can still have a succesful day if you plan it. Click on the link to preview my new book titled, “EVERYDAY SUCCESS” Once it opens click on the far right icon next to the shoppig cart to see the book in full screen mode. Then when you are finished use your back arrow to finish reading this post.


Plan your day. Plan for it to be a success. If you plan it and have it scheduled and written down somewhere it will guide your daily activities, asnd nomatter how many interruptions you have to dealwoith, you will manage your time accordingly and you will have a successful day. CLick on the link below and take a look at my book titled everyday success. So today’s success tip is make a plan.