Lebron James and the Miami “Heatles” Too Hot

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

Heat Proved Too Hot For Celtics<br />

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Last night the Miami Heat proved too hot for the Boston Celtics, and with five minutes to go the Celtics melted under the heat. One man, Lebron James, became a fiery furnace and the Celtics could not stand it. They were out scored 15-0 and the Miami Heat is moving on to contend for the Eastern Conference title.

The first question I want to pose is this, now that the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are out of the playoffs, are the Miami Heat the favorites to win it all?
I hope not, but their chances look pretty good. The Chicago Bulls have basically tired out Rose, so if they beat the Hawks they are going to be tired. One of the reasons the Boston Celtics lost to the Heat is that they were older and tired. The Bulls can beat the Heat if they can best the Hawks tonight and get some days to rest. The second question I want to ask you is this, can the Bulls beat the Heat or the Atlanta Hawks?

I believe the match up most sports fans want to see is Bulls versus Heat. For many reasons there would be so many story lines like the MVP versus the best player in the league. Dwayne Wade not coming home to play for the home team. Derek Rose trying to get the Chicago Bulls back to where Michael Jordan took them on six amazing championship runs. It would be great for television and for those fans who are still tuned in. It is not uncommon for people to lose interest as their team gets eliminated. So, we wait and we will see what the next round holds in the East.

Are The Heat Having A Meltdown?

Is It Really Crying Time For The Heat

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The Miami Heat seem to be melting under the pressure of winning a title now. Nothing is wrong with great players coming together to play together to win. The outcry of people is for how Lebron planned his exit from Cleveland. Due to that fallout, the Miami Heat are not the most liked team, and some of what is happening to them is harder for them to understand and keep their focus.   

Yesterday they lost to the Chicago Bulls. They have lost to the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and the Orlando Magic. They beat the Lakers, but before they get to the Lakers in an NBA final, they have to get out of the Eastern conference. So, are the Heat melting under their own heat?

Clearly they have not yet figured out how to really play as a team. There are three players who starred on their previous teams. Lebron and Bosh sacrificed money, family and risked the wrath of the fans to play with Dwayne Wade. It seemed that they thought like a lot of people, that they would win every game. The reality of not winning every game and losing those they were expected to win might be what is causing the Heat to melt. They need to regroup by releasing their hold on the panic button.

What about the crying in the locker room, should that have been told to the world? What is really going on with the Miami Heat? Please share your comments.

NBA All Star 2011- The Real Stars Will Shine

NBA All Star 2011- Hollywood Skies Lit With The Stars of the NBA

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It is the 60th NBA All Star Game this week Sunday and already the stars are aligned in Hollywood.   Last week-end it was the Grammys and this week-end it’s the NBA All Star 2011.    This should be a great game with the East versus West.  Congratulations are in order for David Stern, who has really set a very high standard for the players.  Just looking at how professionally dressed these players are is a real great ray of hope for young people.   The players might say they are not role models, but unknown to them, they are role models.   They might as well just go ahead and be the best people they can be realizing that there is life after their playing days are over.

This year is very interesting because of the CBA and the exciting, talented, young breed of players in the league.  Then there are the veterans who have earned the respect of their fans and who continue to give back to their communities and make a name for themselves.  Then there is the Carmelo Anthony watch.  Will he stay or will he go?  Will the Nets sign him or will the Knicks do so?  Will they sign on Tuesday or wait until the 24th?  If the Knicks get Carmelo they become the 5th best team in the East.  If the Nets get Carmelo, nothing changes for them because they would have traded away all their assets. 

Right now we just need to focus on the 60th NBA All star game and see how the east os going to beat the West 150-147.  Let’s hear your thoughts on the Carmelo Anthony situation and whether either the Knicks or the Nets should gut their team in order to get him. 

Carmelo Anthony and The NBA Trade Deadline- Do It

Carmelo Anthony and the New Jersey Nets- Take Two!

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Carmelo Anthony is linked to the New Jersey Nets again and that is making Knicks fans concerned. The people who claim to know what is really going on behind closed doors with the new York Knicks, say Denver is asking for too much. Are they really asking for too much? I don’t think so. I think the problem is that the Knicks do not have a deep bench, and the fact that only eight players are in their rotation confirms this. If the Nuggets take three of their starters, that leaves Amar’e and one other player. The question then is, “Is Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony enough? Now contrast that with wha the Nets would have to do to get Carmelo. They would be giving up their young talent so who would Carmelo play with?

The Denver Nuggets are doing what is right for them. They do not want to be like the Toronto Raptors or the Cleveland Cavaliers. They want a trade rather than letting Anthony walk at the end of this season. That is why if the Knicks don’t make a move the Nets might have him for the remainder of the season. Carmelo Anthony is not going to stay in New Jersey because it will be worse than being in Denver. At least now he has Kenyon Martin, Billups, and a few others to keep the team relevant. He will have no one in New Jersey and he will have to be prepared to suffer for many years.

In sports as in life, everybody needs somebody sometimes. It was John Maxwell who said, “one is too small a number to achieve anything.” All the teams that had only one superstar was never able to win a championship until they got another “proven” superstar. Miami won when Dwayne wade got Shack and Alonzo Mourning. Boston won another championship when they got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Both those players were alone on their teams working hard every night and never won anything. It takes at least two. If two or three come together anything is possible. The New York Knicks need to get the deal done as soon as the NBA All Star Game 2011 is over.

Knicks beat the Heat Last Night at The Garden

Knicks beat Miami Heat 93-88

Knicks beat the Heat in a gutsy effort last night at Madison Square Garden. It was a great win for them coming off a six game losing streak broken only by a win over Washington.

The Miami Heat had two of their three stars on the court and Dwayne Wade was really hitting his shots goggles, migraine and all. That is why this win is so wonderful for the Knicks and I congratulate them.

This win is a great take away for the team and their fans as well as for Carmelo Anthony.

It is quite clear that Carmelo does not want to be traded to a team that has to trade all their good players to get him. Who will he play with when he gets there? That’s why Nets would not work. They had what to trade, but after the trade they would only have Anthony. He might as well stay in Denver because what he has is better than what he would have in New Jersey.

Danny Walsh is smart because he realized that if he gave the Denver Nuggets what they want then the New York Knicks would be too depleted. Carmelo and Amare need at least four or five role players. But if Carmelo Anthony stays there and become a free agent then he can come to the Knicks as a free agent with enough pieces of the puzzle in place to get to the Eastern Conference Championship game. After all, that’s why Lebron James went to the Miami Heat.

He knew there was one great player in place and Chris Bosh was on his way there too. So, Knicks fans – keep being the greatest fans in the NBA. That’s why despite the Knicks rough decade they are the number one NBA franchise. Go Knicks! Beat the Hawks tonight.