Donald Trump For President?

Can Donald Trump Beat Obama- Not Anymore!

Hello world,

Donald Trump made enough noise to force President Obama to release his real birth certificate. Then Donald Trump said Obama was not fit for Harvard. The president said nothing. So the Trumpster was really looking good. But on Friday when all the world was focused on the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, President Obama was getting things in place to capture Osama Bin Laden. On Sunday Night just before Donald Trump said, You’re Fired! He was interrupted by an address to the nation by President Obama.

Who is looking foolish now? From what I hear, President Obama’s approval rating went up by 9%. Not sure if Donald Trumps’ went up by that much. So, the lesson here is not to worry about what people are saying about you, just keep doing what you’re doing and you will have the last laugh. The same people who were demanding a birth certificate have nothing more to say.

President Trump Is Trumped Up

All TRUMPed Up!

Hello world,

The idea of Donald Trump as President seems far fetched and all “trumped” up. So too are his charges against President Barack Obama. I believe that if the “TRUMPster” keeps up his attack against the President, he will turn off many voters. We will see what happens down the road.

At this point Trump should be getting his game plan ready if he is going to run. If he is not going to run he just needs to get on with building luxury hotels and hosting the Apprentice. He cannot possibly run a campaign on whether President Obama has a real birth certificate or not. He’s already president and the issue is now moot.

If the Republicans don’t come better than what they’re doing now, then President Obama will get a second term. We want people who have a plan to put the country back at number one in all areas.

Celebrity Apprentice 2011- The Line Up

Celebrity Apprentice Still Going-Not Fired Yet!

Hello world,

It’s time for another season of Celebrity Apprentice with “The Donald.” This is one of those reality shows that not just entertains, but teach you practical business principles that you can use either to start or to improve your own business.

I liked the season when Melissa and Joan Rivers were on. I loved Joan Rivers and I was so happy she won. Even though there were fireworks between Melissa and other women they managed to be civil and it made for good television. The last season was great too. I am really looking forward to watching a few episodes whenever possible.

There is truly so much to learn. You learn how to select a team, how to plan, strategize, execute the plan, stay focused, and you learn that if you use your team members in the area of their strengths (which is their area of gifting), you will keep everybody doing something. In addition, it also shows that as a leader, you are ultimately responsible for the failure or success of your team, group, company or corporation. Now, that can be good as well as bad. If your team decides not to corporate it can be a challenge for you.

Leadership, strength of conviction, know how and people skills are all put under the microscope. If you have never watched Celebrity Apprentice or if you have watched it just for the entertainment, watch it this season with a new eye. Watch from the perspective of what can I take away from each episode that will help me in my business.

The season starts this Sunday, March 6. Enjoy and Learn!

The New York Mets Need A Bailout

Mets Need Money

The news which broke yesterday about the Mets is not good. It was widely circulated last season that the Mets had allegedly lost millions in the Madoff scheme.

now the Mets are looking for a part owner, someone to come in with some money to stabilize the organization. It is not a bad business idea. So who could be the likely suspects? Probably Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, probably Nets billionaire owner, Prokhorov and maybe Donald Trump. They all have money, they are astute businessmen, and they have high visibility and credibility. It is too early to use the Nets as an example, but look at what Mark Cuban did with the Dallas Mavericks. Then if you have watched The Apprentice, been to The Trump Tower, the Trump Hotels and been to the men’s department in any Macy’s store, you know the power if the Trump brand. It’s one word that just trumps you.

Anyway, these people have what it takes. Hopefully the Mets will be able to at least slide into home plate if they can’t hit a home run.

Have a great weekend. Do you realize that very soon it will be spring training.