Kobe Bryant No Longer Most Popula

Kobe Bryant Toppled

Kobe Bryant No Longer Number One

Kobe Bryant reigned as the number one most popular sports athlete for a long time. Now it is over. Even with the case of rape against him he managed to bounce back in the public’s image. A new list is out and to my surprise Kobe is tied at number 3 with Michael Jordan who retired from the game of basketball for more that five years. That just shows the magnitude and star power of MJ.

Well, according to this article, Derek Jeter is now the number 1 most popular sports athlete. Derek Jeter is a class act for sports. He is not just a New York Yankee sports icon, but he is a super hero. Sure he is slowing down a little, but who is still doing at 37 what they did at 17 and 27?

The issue though is how Lebron James is not in the top ten and how Kobe has lost a step or two. Does it have anything to do with Kobe and the Lakers not making it to the NBA championship as defending champions? Does Lebron James’ fall has to do with the way he left the Cleveland Cavaliers standing at the altar of basketball? I think so. What do you think?

Derek Jeter Gives Them Something To Talk About

Leave Derek Jeter Alone

Hello world,

About three weeks ago when the MLB All Star names were released all the sports reporters, experts, analysts, and everybody who wrote for a newspaper cried, “foul,” “travesty,” injustice,” at the fact that Derek Jeter was voted to start in the MLB All Star Game. They went to great lengths to make their point and prove their “expert” knowledge of why he did not belong there. Then last weekend Derek Jeter went five for five, reached the 3000 hits mark and the same people now want the same Derek Jeter to go to Phoenix. For what? I thought he did not deserve to go there.

Some of those so called sports casters, and sports reporters, and sports writers are two-faced hypocrites. They just ripped the guy to shreds up to the Friday, they thought the game could do without his presence, but now that he has reached this milestone, all of a sudden he belongs at the All Star Game.

The lesson to learn from this is that you should never get high when people praise you and do not get low when they curse you. If you learn this one lesson, you will never ever try to please anybody. That is why you have to take what these “experts” say with a grain of salt. All they want is ratings for their shows so they will say anything. I don’t blame Derek Jeter for not going. People are too quick to judge and the same people peeping in other people’s closets have theirs under lock and key. That is why no one is surprised about Murdock’s newspaper folding.

We need to learn to be patient with people. Give people the same breaks you would want. Leave derek Jeter alone. He is the greatest Yankee I know. Selah!

MLB All Star Game WIth Few Stars Tonight

MLB All Stars or Few Stars

Hello world,

The 2011 Major League Baseball (MLB)All Star Gameis tonight. You can catch it on Fox television. It should be a fun game despite the fact that not too many star will be shining. Most of the stars voted to play will be out due to fatigue or injury or lack of interest.

How dim the night will be with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, A-Rod, CC Sabathia, and others out of the line up. The sad thing is that they will not even be in the stands. That’s the difference between the MLB All Star Game and the NBA all star game. In the NBA all stars show up whether they’re playing or not. So, is MLB All Star Game really important? Leave your comment, please.

Derek Jeter Silences His Critics Going Five For Five

Captain Clutch Hit Parade

Hello world,

Number 2, Derek Jeter, is number one and he silenced his critics with a masterpiece performance at Yankee Stadium yesterday. With over 48,000 fans filling the stadium Derek Jeter did what no one expected. He went five for five, his 3,000 hit was a home run, and then he won the game for the New York Yankees. Not only did he hit 3,000 he went three better. He now has 3,003 hits and Major League Baseballhas a bright star. That is how you silence your critics. Where are you Charlie Sheen- Winning!

Derek Jeter has done what no other Yankee had done and now he belongs to the exclusive 3,000 members only club. I had the opportunity to meet Derek Jeter a few years ago. He spoke about his family values, playing for the New York Yankees, and life in general. He is one of the most humble, polite, intelligent young man you will ever meet. I walked away refreshed and in awe. His accomplishment yesterday was historical and marks Derek Jeter as not only a great Yankee, but one of the best short stop ever. Congratulations to Derek Jeter and the Yankee nation.

Congratulations To Derek Jeter On Reaching 3000 Hits

Derek Jeter Reaches 3000 Hits

Hello Baseball fans,

Congratulations to Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees on reaching the 3,000 hits milestone today. Even if you are not a Yankee fan, you can appreciate greatness when you see it.

Derek Jeter is certainly one of the greatest Yankees ever. He has worn the pinstripes with pride and Mr. George Steinbrenner is smiling today. Such a pity he did not see it in the flesh. What can we say about the future classy Hall of Famer, but, well done thou good and faithful servant. Let’s finish up this awesome year with a New York City parade in November. Can’t wait!