The New York Jets: Dont Drink the Coffee

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Ground and Pound New York Jets


The New York Jets are playing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and in Starbucks country -they better not drink the coffee. The New York Jets are coming off their by-week and everyone is watching to see how they will respond. If they didn’t garner the will to win during this off week, they are putting themselves on the road which leads to the point of no return. My guess is the Seahawks will be ready, they will have the coffee brewed and ready for the NY Jets. My advise to the New York Jets is simple, don’t drink the coffee. Instead, they need to get back to their original platform of ground and pound.

Jets: Ground and Pound

The Barack Obama election campaign team has mastered the game of ground and pound. Starting from the first run for president four years ago, the Obama Team knew that if they could get people on the ground, pounding the pavement, meeting the people where they are, they would create a momentum that would be hard to stop.

Four years later they did it again, and Mitt Romney never saw that coming. The point here is that when Rex Ryan came to New York City he said this is the type of team we are, “Ground and Pound.” For two years the NY Jets did just that and made it all the way to the conference championship. Last year they went away from that and so far this season, they have gotten away from it. If they want to get back on the winning trail they better get back to their ground and pound formula. Mitt Romney flip flopped on the issues and he lost the Presidential election 2012. The New York Jets need to get back to their ground an pound game on Sunday.

Tim Tebow and the New York Jets

Tim Tebow is a quarterback. He played that position last season in Denver. Why did the New York Jets bring Tim Tebow to New York, send him out to do a press conference when the head coach and others were out of town? Why is he here? Every week we hear that Mark Sanchez is the Jets quarterback, despite his dismal performance. Why is Tim Tebow being given these foolish one minute roles to get hurt? He might not be the best quarterback, but he is a quarterback. Why then is he not playing? Please comment.

Knicks Get Broomed By Boston Celtics


Hello world,

How many people believe that the Knicks would get swept when the NBA 2011 playoffs started. Nobody! But the reality has set in and while the Knicks were competitive in the first two games away from home, they came home and lost both games by double digits. Well, it’s over now!

Are the Boston Celtics the team to beat in this NBA championship? Who is coming out of the Eastern conference, Boston Celtics or Chicago Bulls? Is Denver Nuggets going to win a game or be swept also? Please send your comments especially if you were against the trade for Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are the first team to get eliminated from the NBA 2011 playoffs. Will the Celtics beat the Miami Heat in round two? Please comment

NBA Playoffs 2011: Lakers, Spurs, Thunder Won Big Last Night

Lakers Tie It Up 

Hello world,

Last night the NBA teams in the Western conference came out playing exciting basketball. Teams that were down bounced back and that could signal the end of the lower seeds winnings in some cases.

The Los Angeles Lakers won with Kobe Bryant scoring under twenty points. Andrew Bynum carried the team, and that showed they are getting their grove back. They may not have to go to Jamaica after all. They still look beatable, so don’t count CP3 out just yet.

The other Western conference teams also won. The San Antonio Spurs got their desperately needed win and pulled even. They should go on to win the series. Tony Parker is getting his rythm back and he is got good help last night. Tim Duncan is stirring up the fire in his belly and showing some enthusiasm. That’s a good sign for them.

Kevin Durant not just plays for the OKC Thunder, he is “thunder.” The Denver Nuggets might be the only team to get swept in the first round. The Knicks will definitely win at least one game against Boston Celtics. The New York Knicks should really be up 2-0, so they should get their first win on Friday night. Hopefully it will be a “good” Friday for them. I’ll blog about them tomorrow.

Let’s Hear It For The Knicks and Carmelo-AMare

Hello World,

I hope you had a great week.  This is a big weekend in sports.  The NBA trade deadline came and went and maybe a few teams are now “dead” because they suffered loss of their good players and they are now reeling from the effect.

The interesting thing about life is that we have to expect changes.  The issue though is that you can never prepare too much for changes.  Take Carmelo Anthony for example.  He wanted to come to New York, but he had been in Denver since he left college.  Sure enough he had to pull up roots and say good-bye to long time teammates who became all but family.  That must have been hard for him too.  Then we have to also look at the Denver Nuggets; a loss is a hard thing to deal with, but don’t feel sorry for them. They got a good deal.  It is the change we sometimes demand but when we get it we realize that we really wished things had remained the same because we were not as prepared as we thought we were.  This is what is called life.  We have to navigate it through changes and we just have to do the best we can.

The good thing about Carmelo Anthony’s situation is that he had labored for seven years in Denver and never won anything.   In seven years nothing changed and as he neared the peak of his career he realized that staying in Denver would suit the owners, but not him.   He did his seven years and he never complained.  Denver should be really happy because they are much better after their loss of their star player than Cleveland was after theirs.   Now he is in New York and people are still questioning what the New York Knicks had to give up to get Anthony.  It was a lot because we saw how they played for Denver last night.   This weekend will shed some light on whether he was worth it.  On Sunday they play the Miami Heat.  The Knicks played them good the second time around with one superstar, so let us see what happens when the power shifts this Sunday.  Make sure you watch.
Let me just say congratulations on an amazing woman who is celebrating her 90th birthday today. Have a great weekend.

Carmelo Anthony- Now Playing On Broadway

The Deal Is Done And Carmelo Anthony Is A New York Knick

Hello World,

Congratulations to the New York Knicks on landing a superstar in Carmelo Anthony.  Twelve players, $3M, three teams, three draft picks, lots of moving around, but the deal is done and Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. Amen!

Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudamire are two players who wanted to play together and wanted to play for the New York Knicks.  That is very important and we should not lose sight of it.  This is an opportunity for the Knicks to challenge Boston Celtics and Miami Hea,t first for the conference title and then go for a championship.

This will not happen this year but by next year hopefully with Chris Paul or Derron Williams, they will be ready.  Carmelo will play on Wednesday night and I know Madison Square Garden is going to be at fever pitch.  Win or lose the Knicks have hope again.  We don’t miss Lebron now.  People need to look at the Miami Heat and how they are coming together as a great team. They are two superstars and one star saying at the end of it all we would rather pool our talents for the common goal of winning championships, rather than being great individually in our separate cities. Lebron, Dwayne and Bosh are all playing great. Knicks have an example to follow and they will be just fine.

The Knicks have given up many to get one and the one is more valuable than all the pieces put together.  The Knicks just need to add to the two stars that they have.  There is no depth at this time, but they are moving forward in the right direction.  Players like Carmelo Anthony come around once in a blue moon for each team.  If the Cleveland Cavaliers had traded Lebron James they would have been better off today. Look how great Lebron is and he alone couldn’t bring them a championship in seven years.  Some people think this is a case of the tail wagging the dog, but both Lebron and Carmelo stayed seven years and played their hearts out for the teams that drafted them. Should they be prevented from leaving to another city after serving their seven years? What do you think?