Knicks Get Broomed By Boston Celtics


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How many people believe that the Knicks would get swept when the NBA 2011 playoffs started. Nobody! But the reality has set in and while the Knicks were competitive in the first two games away from home, they came home and lost both games by double digits. Well, it’s over now!

Are the Boston Celtics the team to beat in this NBA championship? Who is coming out of the Eastern conference, Boston Celtics or Chicago Bulls? Is Denver Nuggets going to win a game or be swept also? Please send your comments especially if you were against the trade for Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are the first team to get eliminated from the NBA 2011 playoffs. Will the Celtics beat the Miami Heat in round two? Please comment

Lakers playoff 2011

Lakers Holding On

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The Lakers are really being pushed in the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs. The hornets are stinging and the Lakers are feeling it. It is an interesting series to watch and if the Lakers are able to win it, will make it to the NBA finals.

As I stated in an earlier blog, if the Knicks could not score 100 they were going to be swept. They were trying to play a style in the playoffs that they never played during the season and it was a tough transition. The Knicks need not hang their head, they did well and watch out for them next year. Good job!

Knicks Billups Out Could Be Blessing In Disguise

Not Everything Is Going Green

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The injury to Chauncy Billups might prove a blessing to Knicks tonight.

Tony Douglas will keep Rondo on his toes, he will push the ball up the court, and play Knicks basketball. We know that if the Knicks play Boston style basketball the scores are going to be close and Ray Allen can send in a dagger 3-pointer with seconds left in the game. So, with Douglas running the point I expect the Knicks to score 120 and Boston 110.

If the scores are under 100 Knicks will lose. Check back tomorrow and we will see what happened. Again, if the New York Knicks played like they did on Sunday, they will lose by 1 or 2 points and the score will be under 100.

Boston players are tired and cannot keep up to the speed of Knicks. If Knicks slow it down – they would not be playing to their strength. Please add your comments.

Lakers Stung By The Hornets

Lakers In The Hornet’s Nest

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It is hard to believe the Los Angeles Lakers got stung by the Hornets. It really was not that close. The Hornets really played them tough and that should not surprise people. The Lakers waltzed their way into the playoffs thinking they can just flick a switch and all will be well. Not so, this 2011 NBA playoffs really does not have a team that does not look vulnerable.

There is very little separation between number 1 seed and number 8 seed. The San Antonio Spurs were smothered by the Memphis Grizzlies. That should not be a shocker because San Antonio did not seem that hot to me. The New York Knicks played a great came are even though they lost to the Boston Celtics. They proved they can hang with the Celtics, so being down one game is not a big deal.

Boston is my team, but I liked how the Knicks are back in the playoffs and playing with heart. They will even the series on Tuesday night. The knicks will have to score more points if they intend to win. Who said the Knicks can’t play defense? It’s not about defense- it’s about Winning! Dah! Tell them Charlie.

Is the New York Knicks Fool’s Gold

Knicks- Fool’s Gold In Playoffs?

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Will the New York Knicks win even one game against the Boston Celtics?

People think the Knicks can beat the Celtics. Are people fooled by how the Celtics have played down the stretch? Are they equally fooled by how the Knicks have played? Now, I am making it clear that Boston Celtics is the only team in Boston that I root for, but I like the excitement that the Knicks bring to New York. So, to that end I want to see the Knicks win, however, if the Boston Celtics win I will be happy.

Has the Knicks done anything to show that they can match up with the Celtics? I would not be surprised if the Knicks win the series. I know Carmelo came in just over a month ago and they are still working out the kinks, but every team going to the playoffs has a chance to win. The truth is, if the New York Knicks can beat Boston Celtics they can make it to the Eastern Conference finals. Would that be something?