Miami Heat Takes Game 1



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Celtics “Grilled” In the Miami Heat

Lebron James comes up big against Boston Celtics. Only Kevin Garnett of the Celtics showed up and withstood the south beach Heat. The Celtics certainly got grilled in the Miami Heat. For Game 2 the Celtics have to focus on playing basketball ann then they won’t have to worry about the referees. It is clear that the fix is in for Miami Heat and OKC to go the NBA finals 2012. If the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics play their game no matter how they are cheated they will be fine.

The Fix
Boston played a game 7 in the previous round while the Heat was rested. The Celtics are more mature, so Boston has to slow it down. Is the fix in for the Heat to get all the calls and get to the finals? What are your thoughts? Does Boston even the series tomorrow? If they go down 0-2 they will be done. Please share your comments and thoughts. Are you still following the NBA playoffs?

Lebron James and the Miami “Heatles” Too Hot

Ball Don't Lie

Ball Don’t Lie

Heat Proved Too Hot For Celtics<br />

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Last night the Miami Heat proved too hot for the Boston Celtics, and with five minutes to go the Celtics melted under the heat. One man, Lebron James, became a fiery furnace and the Celtics could not stand it. They were out scored 15-0 and the Miami Heat is moving on to contend for the Eastern Conference title.

The first question I want to pose is this, now that the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are out of the playoffs, are the Miami Heat the favorites to win it all?
I hope not, but their chances look pretty good. The Chicago Bulls have basically tired out Rose, so if they beat the Hawks they are going to be tired. One of the reasons the Boston Celtics lost to the Heat is that they were older and tired. The Bulls can beat the Heat if they can best the Hawks tonight and get some days to rest. The second question I want to ask you is this, can the Bulls beat the Heat or the Atlanta Hawks?

I believe the match up most sports fans want to see is Bulls versus Heat. For many reasons there would be so many story lines like the MVP versus the best player in the league. Dwayne Wade not coming home to play for the home team. Derek Rose trying to get the Chicago Bulls back to where Michael Jordan took them on six amazing championship runs. It would be great for television and for those fans who are still tuned in. It is not uncommon for people to lose interest as their team gets eliminated. So, we wait and we will see what the next round holds in the East.

Boston Celtics Will Sweep Knicks

In a game that was a must win for the New York Knicks, they lost by their biggest margin yet, in the NBA 2011 playoffs. Boston Celtics jumped out on them and were up by 9 points in about minutes into the first quarter. They never recovered.

It seems like the real Boston Celtics have returned and it’s almost over for the Knicks. Friday was not Good Friday for them, let’s hope Sunday will be Resurrection Sunday. What really happened to the Knicks? If they can win tomorrow I see them playing very good in Boston, but they have to win. Talk to Charlie, It’s about Winning!

New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics

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The New York Knicks are desperately in need of a Good Friday blessing. The Boston Celtics roll into the real “garden,” tonight, and we just believe that the Knicks will send them reeling. The Knicks must win tonight. Mark my words, if they do not win tonight, they will be swept by the Boston Celtics. Tonight is a pivotal night, and if Amare can stand up he has to play. Not winning game three will be like pulling them off the respirator. It will only be three days and they will not resurrect.

As I follow the series, it is very interesting and those who are rooting for Boston Celtics need to be more concerned for them than Knicks fans are about being swept. If they had just a “little bit of luck” they would be up 2-0. The New York Knicks have garnered new respect and love because of how they have been playing. They are playing with heart and it should pay off. It would be too sad if they don’t win even one game. Madison Square Garden should be rocking tonight and hopefully the New York Knicks can pull this one out. They must score over 100 if they want to win.

Today has great significance for the Knicks. This is Passover and Easter weekend for those who believe accordingly. Even though being down 2-0 looks bad, the Knicks are due for a “Good Friday” and a “resurrection” Sunday.

Boston Celtics Beat the Knicks- Time For Some MSG

Boston Celtics Beat Knicks- Time for Home cooking with MSG

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I told you that if Knicks does not play up tempo basketball game and score over 100 they are going to lose by 6 points or less. Sunday they lost by two tonight they lose by three. Read my blogs.

All the people who were clamoring for them to play defense, well they’re playing it and they’re not winning any games. What do you have to say now? The knicks need to play their style. Score 150 points if you have to, just make sure your opponent score 149. The issue here is that you need defense and offense. Defense alone will not do it, you need both.

Things look bright for the Knicks because Amare was out and Billups was out. On Friday they should win game 3 if they score over 100. Anything under 100 and they lose and will get swept and that would be a shame. Knicks really need some MSG (Madison Square Garden).