Yanks and Tigers in Motor City Tonight- Game 3



In Sebathia Yankees Trust

Hello world,

Baseball playoffs 2011 is in a good place. The New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers are in a match-up of aces on the mound in Detroit tonight. The series is tied 1-1 and clearly the Tigers look set to pounce on the New York Yankees. So, what should a Yankee fan do? Call on George Steinbrenner to send help. George we know you’re watching, help the Yankees, please.

Losing the game last night was not good news for the New York Yankees. If they can’t beat the Detroit Tiger’s second and third pitchers, they will have to come really hard to be Tiger’s ace. So, Yankee Nation, tonight is Game 3 and you must invoke the Yankee blessing now. May the Yankees be blessed in Detroit tonight,
May A-Rod and Derek Jeter
Be Misters October
And may C. C. SebathiaBe See See
And strike out the Detroit Tigers. And leave AJ Burnett on Will Call. Amen!


Carlos Beltran Gone

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

Carlos Beltran is a Giant In More Ways Than One

Hello world,

Carlos Beltran is a San Francisco Giant this morning. The New York Mets are two games over 500 and they have traded away one of their best players. Are they giving up on this season and rebuilding for next year?

Giant Carlos

Who benefits the most from this deal., Mets or Giants? Well, the Mets have a potentially great prospect coming and he will help as they rebuild. The Giants on the other hand have gotten a player to help then now. With the Diamondbacks not wilting in the summer heat, the Giants got the big bat they needed to help them win their division and probably head back to the World Series.

A Giant Step For Beltran

Is the trade of Carlos Beltran to the Giants a “giant” step for Beltran? If you are a Mets fan or a Giants fan- please share your thoughts? Are trades weakening the balance of power between the two divisions? Sometimes trades make one division stacked with all the good teams and another division has such bad teams that a division winner could win less than 100 games. Please add your comments.

MLB All Star Game WIth Few Stars Tonight

MLB All Stars or Few Stars

Hello world,

The 2011 Major League Baseball (MLB)All Star Gameis tonight. You can catch it on Fox television. It should be a fun game despite the fact that not too many star will be shining. Most of the stars voted to play will be out due to fatigue or injury or lack of interest.

How dim the night will be with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, A-Rod, CC Sabathia, and others out of the line up. The sad thing is that they will not even be in the stands. That’s the difference between the MLB All Star Game and the NBA all star game. In the NBA all stars show up whether they’re playing or not. So, is MLB All Star Game really important? Leave your comment, please.

Congratulations To Derek Jeter On Reaching 3000 Hits

Derek Jeter Reaches 3000 Hits

Hello Baseball fans,

Congratulations to Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees on reaching the 3,000 hits milestone today. Even if you are not a Yankee fan, you can appreciate greatness when you see it.

Derek Jeter is certainly one of the greatest Yankees ever. He has worn the pinstripes with pride and Mr. George Steinbrenner is smiling today. Such a pity he did not see it in the flesh. What can we say about the future classy Hall of Famer, but, well done thou good and faithful servant. Let’s finish up this awesome year with a New York City parade in November. Can’t wait!