NFL Football Playoffs

This weekend is a big weekend for football fans. Some of the big matchups include Denver versus Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks against Atlanta Falcons. there are so many story lines here that it is must see television. As a New York Giants fan I can only wish that they were still in it, but the interest is still there. I am not going to root for another team, but I will definitely follow the games to see Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis and Aaron Rogers.

No matter which team you support, if you are a football fan you have to keep watching. My only issue with some sports analysts is the praise they are heaping on Denver. If they claim that Tim Tebow was not a good quarterback and he took them to the playoffs and won a game, that means Peyton Manning has to do at least one better. He has to win a series and possible make it to the super bowl. Anything less will be a failure.

Ray Lewis says this is his last ride. Whenever the Raven’s season end he walks away from the game. As a result it will be interesting to see how things will go with them. Flacco is not on the level of Peyton Manning, so I expect the Ravens season to end in Denver.

Atlanta Falcons played well all season and they are a young team. They have a great quarterback who has a good command of the game and so they should put up a good fight against the Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks are the sleeper team this season. They piqued at the right time and they should make it to the Super Bowl. My prediction is Seattle Seahawks versus Greenbay Packers for the Super bowl. Tom Brady has not won anything since the cheating scandal. Eli Manning beat him fair and square last year. The New England Patriots need to regroup and come back.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to comment. Check back on Monday to talk about the results.

Those Not So Baltimore Ravens Wont Come Up With A Pittsburgh “Steeler”.

Pittsburgh Steelers Will Steal This One

Hello sports world, the second weekend of nfl playoffs is here. It is a guess that at this stage of the game only the real sports fans are still watching. Everybody else is waiting for Superbowl Sunday.

The real fans are in for four great games this weekend. I am picking The Steelers, The Falcons, The Jets and the Bears. Let’s see how right I am on Monday. Enjoy the games. Enjoy your weekend.


Teams Playing With House Money

Are the Chicago Bears and the Atlanta Falcons> playing with House money this weekend? Many people
know that possessing the ball is key to winning the game. Possessing the ball in the sense of taking time off the clock and holding the ball securely are the main keys to victory in a football game. Teams that turn the ball over very rarely win. The NY Giants are watching the game on TV because they turned the ball over too many times. Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles are home because Vick threw an interception that sent them flying off into the winter.

The teams that are still playing know that possession is 90 percent of the game. So, having said that, are the home teams in this weekend NFL Divisional Championship games playing with house money in the nfl playoffs this weekend? Are they expected to win and if they don’t win will it be a disappointment to their players and fans. Which home team playing in the division championships this upcoming weekend do you think is not expected to win and is therefore playing with house money?


NFL Football Playoffs 2011

This is a big weekend for NFL playoffs football. Two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. On Saturday we are picking the Jets to beat the Colts, and the New Orleans Saints to beat the Seahawks. On Sunday we are picking the Chiefs to beat the Ravens and the Packers to beat the Eagles.

Alright, let’s break them down. Now bear in mind I am no expert, I am just using common sense and the information I gathered while watching the games all season. Of course, we don’t know for sure, so that’s why the games played by the Monday morning quarterbacks and the experts are different from the games played on Sundays, and in the case of the playoffs, Saturday and Sunday.

Why will the Saints beat the Seahawks? Let me say, I understand that they are just a shell of their super bowl run last year, but they have a great quarterback. History is not on their side because most time the last Super bowl winner does not even make the playoffs the following year. Having said that, they have been to the Promised Land and while they will not get back there this year, they will do enough to beat the Seahawks who really have not beaten anyone significant. Drew Brees is going to have an air show and they will win 28 to 13.

The Colts against the Jets is more than Peyton against Sanchez. Peyton Manning is great, but he is fading. Peyton is very calculated, cautious, and experienced while Sanchez is inexperienced and hasty at times. He is also dealing with the shoulder injury. Nonetheless, he is the new kid on the block and he does not have as much at stake as Peyton, so he can afford to relax and play loose. Then he has several weapons who can run and catch and power their way to the end zone. I think the Jets know what time it is and they are awake and they believe when nobody else does. That’s how you win in a game of football and in the game of life.

The Ravens are good but have gotten to the playoffs because the other teams they played abandoned their game plan. The Chiefs will be the underdogs, but their methodical ways of playing the game and reading the defense will give them the victory.

The Packers against Eagles is one playoff game I will watch with mixed feelings. As a NY Giants fan, if they had just beaten these two teams when they had the opportunity, New York would be building the floats for another parade. Nonetheless, it’s no use crying over spilt milk. I think the NY Giants created the blueprint for the Green Bay Packers to beat the Eagles. It is safe to say that the marriage of Vick and the Eagles’ fan base is all but over. There ought to be an investigation into their win over the Giants. Packers over the Eagles 33 to 7.
Feel free to share your thoughts on the NFL playoffs which begin this weekend. By the way, is your team still playing or they are just like you- watching from home or a sports bar.

Have a great weekend football fans.