Knicks Billups Out Could Be Blessing In Disguise

Not Everything Is Going Green

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The injury to Chauncy Billups might prove a blessing to Knicks tonight.

Tony Douglas will keep Rondo on his toes, he will push the ball up the court, and play Knicks basketball. We know that if the Knicks play Boston style basketball the scores are going to be close and Ray Allen can send in a dagger 3-pointer with seconds left in the game. So, with Douglas running the point I expect the Knicks to score 120 and Boston 110.

If the scores are under 100 Knicks will lose. Check back tomorrow and we will see what happened. Again, if the New York Knicks played like they did on Sunday, they will lose by 1 or 2 points and the score will be under 100.

Boston players are tired and cannot keep up to the speed of Knicks. If Knicks slow it down – they would not be playing to their strength. Please add your comments.

The Running of the Bulls- Chicago Bulls

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The NBA playoffs are in full swing and so far, apart from Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Lakers, the top seeded teams are winning, but they are not convincing.  Again, Indiana Pacers have been able to withstand the “Bull run,” so far, and are showing they belong in the playoffs.  I did not see much of them during the regular season, so I am really surprised to see how well they are playing Chicago.  It is just a pity they did not win game one.  It seems quite a daunting task for them to upset the Bulls, but they should be able to win even one game. 

 The Chicago Bulls are relying on one player an dif he has an off night they are done.  So, looking at them going to the finals will be very challenging.  They cannot beat the Miami Heat nor the Boston Celtics with one player.  This is the playoffs and everybody ought to step up.  Had it been any other team, the Bulls would be down 0-2 right now.  Rose is blooming but it’s time for Boozer and the others to come to play and help Rose.  If rose gets worn out from the first round, what chances do they have when they get to the second round?  I am not cheering for the Bulls, except if the Celtics cannot make it over the Heat, I see them beating the Heat. 

Indiana Pacers have no reason to hang their heads.  They just need to try and win one game.  Don’t focus on winning the series against the Bulls, just try to win one while they only have one Chicago Bull do to deal with.  They don’t want a real bull run an dnow is the time to get that one win.  There are other teams who should be thinking the same.  The New York Knicks just need to win tonight.  Win tonight an dcome to MSG with the series tied and take it from there. 

I am not concerned about Chauncy Billups being out, because it is clear if the Knicks play at Celtics Speed they will always come up short.  They need Thomas to run the point and pick up the pace.  Score 120 if you can or else you will be going out in four games and with loses of 6 points or less in each game.  I am not a Knicks fan, but I love what’s going on with the Knicks.  I like it that Amare and Carmelo were not afraid to come to New York and play their hearts out. Even if you are not a Knicks fan you have to love Carmelo and Amare just because you are a New Yorker.

Carmelo Anthony- Now Playing On Broadway

The Deal Is Done And Carmelo Anthony Is A New York Knick

Hello World,

Congratulations to the New York Knicks on landing a superstar in Carmelo Anthony.  Twelve players, $3M, three teams, three draft picks, lots of moving around, but the deal is done and Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. Amen!

Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudamire are two players who wanted to play together and wanted to play for the New York Knicks.  That is very important and we should not lose sight of it.  This is an opportunity for the Knicks to challenge Boston Celtics and Miami Hea,t first for the conference title and then go for a championship.

This will not happen this year but by next year hopefully with Chris Paul or Derron Williams, they will be ready.  Carmelo will play on Wednesday night and I know Madison Square Garden is going to be at fever pitch.  Win or lose the Knicks have hope again.  We don’t miss Lebron now.  People need to look at the Miami Heat and how they are coming together as a great team. They are two superstars and one star saying at the end of it all we would rather pool our talents for the common goal of winning championships, rather than being great individually in our separate cities. Lebron, Dwayne and Bosh are all playing great. Knicks have an example to follow and they will be just fine.

The Knicks have given up many to get one and the one is more valuable than all the pieces put together.  The Knicks just need to add to the two stars that they have.  There is no depth at this time, but they are moving forward in the right direction.  Players like Carmelo Anthony come around once in a blue moon for each team.  If the Cleveland Cavaliers had traded Lebron James they would have been better off today. Look how great Lebron is and he alone couldn’t bring them a championship in seven years.  Some people think this is a case of the tail wagging the dog, but both Lebron and Carmelo stayed seven years and played their hearts out for the teams that drafted them. Should they be prevented from leaving to another city after serving their seven years? What do you think?

Knicks beat the Heat Last Night at The Garden

Knicks beat Miami Heat 93-88

Knicks beat the Heat in a gutsy effort last night at Madison Square Garden. It was a great win for them coming off a six game losing streak broken only by a win over Washington.

The Miami Heat had two of their three stars on the court and Dwayne Wade was really hitting his shots goggles, migraine and all. That is why this win is so wonderful for the Knicks and I congratulate them.

This win is a great take away for the team and their fans as well as for Carmelo Anthony.

It is quite clear that Carmelo does not want to be traded to a team that has to trade all their good players to get him. Who will he play with when he gets there? That’s why Nets would not work. They had what to trade, but after the trade they would only have Anthony. He might as well stay in Denver because what he has is better than what he would have in New Jersey.

Danny Walsh is smart because he realized that if he gave the Denver Nuggets what they want then the New York Knicks would be too depleted. Carmelo and Amare need at least four or five role players. But if Carmelo Anthony stays there and become a free agent then he can come to the Knicks as a free agent with enough pieces of the puzzle in place to get to the Eastern Conference Championship game. After all, that’s why Lebron James went to the Miami Heat.

He knew there was one great player in place and Chris Bosh was on his way there too. So, Knicks fans – keep being the greatest fans in the NBA. That’s why despite the Knicks rough decade they are the number one NBA franchise. Go Knicks! Beat the Hawks tonight.