Welcome! WE WERE WAITING FOR YOU TO ARRIVE!  There is a lot to see and do on this blog so take five minutes and browse around.  We are working on moving this over to our very own website at milepostsproductions.com.  Until such time, keep coming back here and tell your friends by tweeting about it.  Make sure you check out the sections under “Other Websites” and Favorite sites.  They will become your favorite too. 

We are working on adding a magazine section.  It will include articles on what’s trending in New York City.  You will know what’s happening and where it is happening.  Then we are also adding a Consulting Services Section where you will be able to email us your information and get a professional resume emailed back to you for a reasonable fee. 

Thanks for stopping by and spread the word if you found even one blog article that appealed to you.  Check out my new book at lulu.com under the title, “Daily Wisdom Principles.” Also, be sure to watch the slide show below.  There will be more pictures coming. Talk to you soon.

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Contact: milepostsproductions@gmail.com

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