NFL Football Playoffs

This weekend is a big weekend for football fans. Some of the big matchups include Denver versus Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks against Atlanta Falcons. there are so many story lines here that it is must see television. As a New York Giants fan I can only wish that they were still in it, but the interest is still there. I am not going to root for another team, but I will definitely follow the games to see Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis and Aaron Rogers.

No matter which team you support, if you are a football fan you have to keep watching. My only issue with some sports analysts is the praise they are heaping on Denver. If they claim that Tim Tebow was not a good quarterback and he took them to the playoffs and won a game, that means Peyton Manning has to do at least one better. He has to win a series and possible make it to the super bowl. Anything less will be a failure.

Ray Lewis says this is his last ride. Whenever the Raven’s season end he walks away from the game. As a result it will be interesting to see how things will go with them. Flacco is not on the level of Peyton Manning, so I expect the Ravens season to end in Denver.

Atlanta Falcons played well all season and they are a young team. They have a great quarterback who has a good command of the game and so they should put up a good fight against the Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks are the sleeper team this season. They piqued at the right time and they should make it to the Super Bowl. My prediction is Seattle Seahawks versus Greenbay Packers for the Super bowl. Tom Brady has not won anything since the cheating scandal. Eli Manning beat him fair and square last year. The New England Patriots need to regroup and come back.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to comment. Check back on Monday to talk about the results.


Philly Eagle Steaks- Not Nice!

San Francisco 49-ers down 20 -3 and mount an epic comeback against the so called “dream-team” that is the Philadelphia Eagles.Who is the leader in the Eagle’s locker room. Dream teams only work when they come together naturally. The first dream team in basketball with Magic, Jordan and others who won gold at the Olympics was a natural coming together. Johnny Cochrane’s team was a dream team that came together naturally. The Miami Heat’s dream team which came together amidst a debacle which was “The Decision” did not happen naturally.

Now we saw what the Eagles did once the lockout was over in the summer. They signed everybody with a big name who was available. Then along came the “experts” and all but game them the Lombardi trophy. But after four games they are 1-3. Vince Young named them “the dream team” and Michael Vick signed a $100M contract. What could possibly go wrong? The Eagles are under a curse for their treatment of Donavon McNabb and Kyle Kolb. For the Eagles this is no dream, no nightmare, but reality. This is really happening.

NFL Football Movers and Shakers

NFL Free Agents Signings

When Eagles Fly Highest

Hello world,

The NFL is back in business and last night saw a flurry of signings of free agents and people moving from team to team. It is really a lot of moving and shaking going on. Plaxico Burress was invited to Giants training camp facility. Is that a sign of things to come. Hopefully, the two years spent in jail for foolish behavior has matured Plaxico and he should be wiser now. Should the NY Giants bring him back?

Then you hear of the Philadelphia Eagles
Beating out the Jets and the cowboys to sign one of the best wide receivers in the
game, Asomugha, for $60M. Does this guarantee the Eagles a trip to the Superbowl? Is Michael Vick good enough at this stage of his career to repeat his performance of 2010-2011 season? Remember, they traded Kevin Kolb to Arizona. I guess we will have t wait and see.

Are we seeing a shift in power also among the NFL teams. We know they are all making money, but how many seriousky have a chance to go to the Superbowl? How many are positiining themselves for a superbowl run with these new trades and signings? Let’s see who the winners and losers are so far. The Winners- Arizona; Minnesota, Miami, New England Patriots, and Jets.
The Losers- Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals. What does your winners/losrs list look like? Please post your comments. Enjoy your weekend.

NFL Lockout Is Over- Part 2


Are Your Ready for Some Football

Hello world, the National Football League (NFL) lockout is over and done. Let’s get back to football, shall we?

Were you following the news on the NFL lockout? If you like sports and are even a casual Super Bowl fan, then I am sure you were keeping up with what was going on in the NFL. It is interesting that in the NFL they were arguing over how to split their billions of dollars in profit, while the National Basketball Association (NBA) is saying more than half of the teams are not making any money. Is it because of the outrageous contracts that teams are giving to their “star” players to win a championship?

Money Talks Loud

We are living in a time when people want to feel rewarded from their hard labor. Football is a brutally rough sport and accidents do happen. Players have gotten injured which have left them paralyzed and unable to earn an income. So, I think most people were not angry with the players holding out for a better deal, and we were only concerned that they would meet half way and get the deal done. That was done yesterday, and now the signing frenzy begins. Every team has business to do. They have “free” agents to sign and trades and deals to make as they get ready for the start of the NFL 2010-2011 season.

How Does Your Team Stock Up?

What is your team and what do you think they will have to do to win this season? my team is the NY Giants and I am hoping they can win another Super Bowl this season. The only thing they should not do is sign Tiki Barber. Of course, you cannot ignore the New York Jets, so it will be interesting to see what they will do. Please share your comments here. Who is your team and what do they have to do to win this season? What changes must they make or not make? Who will win the Super Bowl? How do you feel about it? Put your comments here.

Tiki Barber Cuts Again

Barber Shop 2

Hello world,

Tiki Barber is on the lose again, hold your head. After four years of trying to make it as a sportscaster and not having the kind of impact he thought he would have, Tiki is returning to the NFL. Well, we can only wish him luck.

At the peak of his career Barber decided to walk away from football, supposedly at the top of his game. It was rumored that he did not like the coach. The irony of the situation is that as soon as he leaves, the NY Giants win the Super Bowl. The same coach and the same quarterback whom he said could not win, won the superbowl without him. He still does not have a ring. I don’t know about other people, but I certainly was not impressed with his analysis of the games nor his interviewing skills. I think he is a better football player than he is a broadcaster or sportscaster. Hopefully for Tiki, “Barber Shop 2” will be much better and he will find a team willing to put up with him.

The NY Giants have already indicated that even though they still hold the rights to his services, as soon as they can release him they will do so. That is such a contrast to what they are saying about Plaxico Burress. Maybe Tiki will go and play with his brother in Tampa. Comebacks are never easy- not in life nor in sports. Already, in less than 24hrs of his announcement, Tiki is in a lot of conversations. The thing about making a comeback is that it is all up to you.

You know better than anyone else what you are capable of. As long as you are prepared for the doubters and naysayers, then go ahead and announce your comeback. Life is about making not just one or two, but several comebacks.

Good luck, Tiki.