How To Buy A HD TV



HD Television Basics

Hello world,

In a few weeks it will be the Super Bowl and chances are even if you have no idea what that means, you will likely be swept up in the excitement. I find it interesting that people who watch the Super bowl and go to Super bowl parties never engaged themselves on the journey throughout the football season. On Super bowl Sunday, they want to be part of the crown and the excitement and some have no idea the two teams who are playing. Let me help those of you who vested your time from pre-season until now, don’t let them come to the party and be asking a lot of questions. If they don’t know at least one of the teams playing – don’t let them in.

So now we have that out of the way, we want to move on to the television. If you are getting a new television here are some basics. Here is a short list:
Screen Size– Yes, size matters. Screen size is measured diagonally. Do not settle for less than a 42″ screen especially if you are going to have a few friends over. It’s football so a big screen will make it easier for everyone to see even from a distance.

    Resolution– This is not about new year’s resolutions which you are working on. This is about the quality of the picture you will see.
    720p is not full high definition. Look for 1080p. Your colors will be vibrant.
    Internet Capable– Many televisions now are what they call Smart Television and you can connect to the Internet and surf the web from your couch. Maybe that’s something you want to look into.
    Connection Ports– HDMI, Firewire, RCA, VGA- The connection ports allow you to connect different devices like tablets, cameras, camcorders, blue-ray players). Select one with at least 3 HDMI ports so you can connect several devices at once.

Think Long Term

These are just some of the basic considerations if you are purchasing a high definition television for the Super bowl. Remember this is not something you are going to throw out after the Super bowl, so you want one with certain basic features and then you can go for the extras. Extras would include getting a plasma over an LCD. The issue of glare is a concern especially if your television will be placed by a window or will be in the direct path of glare. Plasma is ideal if this is a major consideration. However, LCD’s are great and they are less expensive.

Please add comments. This list is by no means exhaustive. Happy shopping.