Skating at the Rock

anything They Can Do I Can Do Too

anything They Can Do I Can Do Too

Winter photography is exciting if you know what to look for and how to keep yourself and your gear protected from the cold. If you can get a covering for your camera, do so. if you cannot or do not want to purchase an expensive one, a piece of plastic will do just fine. Also, remember to keep yourself warm. Wear layers and make sure whatever you are wearing have inside pockets or wear and extra jacket with pockets. The pockets will come in handy to keep your extra batteries warm. Wear a hat or cap and big headphones work great as ear muffs if the wind and snow are really blowing hard.

So now that you have been reminded to dress warm and protect your camera from the snow and rain, you are ready to pack your bag. One bag should be sufficient for a short photo shoot and a backpack is preferable because it frees up your hands.

What to put in the bag? One lens is good enough. A zoom lens 24-70mm is a good walk around lens. What this lens will force you to do is to get closer to the object or subject. Extra battery and a charger should be in the bag. Two memory cards rather than one. So two- 8GB rather than one -16GB is what I go for. Also in the bag make sure you have your camera reset for this particular photo shoot. Remember when you are doing street photography for example, you get one opportunity to get the shot, so have your camera ready. Leave the flash home and take a little led light. If the subject is lit properly you will be fine without the flash. Furthermore, it is heavy and you want to keep your bag as light as possible.

So in your bag is your one camera, one zoom lens, 2 memory cards, 1 small led light and a piece of plastic or a plastic bag to cover your camera in case the snow gets too heavy. That’s it. Today is Saturday, so get out there and get some great travel photos. Skating at the Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park are just two places to visit.