The New York Jets: Dont Drink the Coffee

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Ground and Pound New York Jets


The New York Jets are playing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and in Starbucks country -they better not drink the coffee. The New York Jets are coming off their by-week and everyone is watching to see how they will respond. If they didn’t garner the will to win during this off week, they are putting themselves on the road which leads to the point of no return. My guess is the Seahawks will be ready, they will have the coffee brewed and ready for the NY Jets. My advise to the New York Jets is simple, don’t drink the coffee. Instead, they need to get back to their original platform of ground and pound.

Jets: Ground and Pound

The Barack Obama election campaign team has mastered the game of ground and pound. Starting from the first run for president four years ago, the Obama Team knew that if they could get people on the ground, pounding the pavement, meeting the people where they are, they would create a momentum that would be hard to stop.

Four years later they did it again, and Mitt Romney never saw that coming. The point here is that when Rex Ryan came to New York City he said this is the type of team we are, “Ground and Pound.” For two years the NY Jets did just that and made it all the way to the conference championship. Last year they went away from that and so far this season, they have gotten away from it. If they want to get back on the winning trail they better get back to their ground and pound formula. Mitt Romney flip flopped on the issues and he lost the Presidential election 2012. The New York Jets need to get back to their ground an pound game on Sunday.

Tim Tebow and the New York Jets

Tim Tebow is a quarterback. He played that position last season in Denver. Why did the New York Jets bring Tim Tebow to New York, send him out to do a press conference when the head coach and others were out of town? Why is he here? Every week we hear that Mark Sanchez is the Jets quarterback, despite his dismal performance. Why is Tim Tebow being given these foolish one minute roles to get hurt? He might not be the best quarterback, but he is a quarterback. Why then is he not playing? Please comment.