Darkness in Lower Manhattan

Getting to Manhattan

Getting to Manhattan

Hello world,
New York City is trying very hard to get back on its feet. The photo shows a long line of folks trying to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan this morning. The J train went as far as Hewes Street and then you had to get on a shuttle bus over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.
Lower Manhattan (below 34th street is in darkness)- no lights. The ride was not bad and it went well.

It is now 10pm in New York City and very little has changed. There is no train service in Brooklyn, except the L which is running a shuttle service in Brooklyn. There are shuttle buses outside Grand Central Terminal taking passengers to Jay Street and Hewes Street (downtown Brooklyn). Lower Manhattan is in darkness except for the lights from oncoming vehicles and in some cases NYPD flares. Cell phone service is down so this will only post once I get into an area with light and Internet connection.

New Yorkers are resilient and they just have to be on the move, so I’m not surprised that the buses are all full heading to the subway in downtown Brooklyn near Barclays Center. Tomorrow I will report from lower Manhattan and will also post pictures and some video footage. Police are out in full force so even though darkness covers lower Manhattan, you feel safe.

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