Yankees at Half Time

Hello Yankee World,

The New York Yankees are at half time and Joe Girardi is a coach in panic mode. As a result, he tried to win game 3 with men who had not proven anything.A-Rod is not the only player in a slump. The Yankees are only losing by one run. That means they do not know how to play small ball. They need to when to bunt, when to foul away as many balls as possible. They don’t know how to do that and as such they face elimination tonight. The Detroit Tigers have their champagne on ice and their T-shirts ready and they will undoubtedly go on to win the World Series. If the Yankees could not win two at home how can they win three away?

Half Time in Yankee’s Locker Room

On Monday night we say the Denver Broncos down 24-0 at half time. They had enough pride in themselves to know that they still had another half to play and they just had to get one touchdown at a time. That’s what they did and they won. So, as a Yankee fan I realize they are at half time. The question is do they realize this.

How Yankees Can Win Game 4 Tonight

The New York Yankees have to come out tonight down 0-3 and realize that it is only half time. They just have to win one game -that will be their touchdown. If they can come out with that mind set, they will survive tonight. If not, the Yankees will only smell the champagne and they will have a long winter.