New York Yankees and the Post Season


Hello world,

If you are a NY Yankee fan then you should be very happy that they made it to the playoffs.  A few days ago, they were in danger of having to play to get in- thank goodness they are in and that is all that they need.  Some people are like that- all they need is a chance. Even the die-hard Yankee fans know that they are not as strong as they would have liked.  A-Rod and others are not the hitters they were even three years ago.  In addition, the Baltimore Orioles are playing with house money.  They were not expected to make the playoffs, so they are under no pressure to perform.  For the New York Yankees, any year they do not win the world series it is a let down.  They just don’t want to be in the postseason they want to win the world series.  I am wishing all Yankee fans a great postseason and another parade. Image