2012 Fall Photography Season

Fall Photography Season 2012

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Fall season is almost here and it is just one of the most exciting times for photographers. The colors of fall are fiery, breath-taking, amazing, and extraordinary. No matter where you are in the US, you will see something worth snapping for those holiday calendars.

You should have your camera ready because you were shooting all summer, but just in case you are new to fall photography, you need to get your camera ready. On the east coast the colors come out in early September, so in states like New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, you might be able to get some great shots. In Connecticut and New York colors are usually at their best in mid October going on to November. In some cases it starts earlier. If you go to the states’ official website you should find additional information.

Remember, you don’t need a professional camera to get started. Try taking even a set of photos with your iPhone 5, android, or blackberry. More 2012 fall photography tips in next blog.