Women Allowed in Augusta National Golf Club



Hello world,

Augusta National announced that they are allowing women into their “boys” club. For 80 years women were not allowed to join the golf club. It should not surprise anyone- we are talking about the state of Georgia. Do some research on Georgia in the 1930’s. How much rights did women have in America? Are there more barriers that still stand between women and their dreams to come down? What do you think was the tipping point?

Their stance has caused much discontent in the past decade as women in particular try to understand the reason for keeping them out. Why didn’t Augusta National Golf Club not want women as part if their membership? Your guess is probably better than mine. You decide, but understand that it is a private club so they make their rules. Should they be applauded for finally coming to their senses? The two high profile females have accepted their invitations- does that now open the doors wide for other women? Please share your thoughts?