Lessons From the Olympics

London Bridge Is Not Falling Down

Hello world,

London Olympics 2012 was fabulous. Whenever I had the opportunity I would watch live on the Internet and if the event was one of my favorites I would watch the replay on NBC television. The athletes were amazing and London was amazing. Both opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular. So what should we have learned or what did you learn? The answers will vary, depending on who you speak with.

Lessons from London Olympics

The first lesson I learned from the London Olympics was that gold does not come easy. The difference between getting a gold medal and a silver is extra effort. It’s also stamina, and it is also determination. Life is like the Olympics. You have to prepare for it. What prepares you? The trials and the heats. If you overcome those preliminaries you go to the final. The gold is not guaranteed. Most times you are competing against the best- and if you are to win the gold you have to put in a little more effort. You have to stretch across the finish line. If you pull up someone will be there to snatch the gold from you. So the lesson you want to implement in your life today is to give whatever you are doing a little more effort. Share your comments and come back tomorrow for another lesson.