London Olympics 2012

London Bridge Is Not Falling Down

Olympic Glory

Hello world,

Did you have an amazing time watching the London Olympics 2012? It was really a world class spectacular. As far as I am concerned, London can host it again. They did a fabulous job with security and safety for all. Both opening and closing ceremonies were exceptional. After the closing ceremony I concluded that they could just let them keep hosting it. Congratulations to the people of London for opening up all their sites and attractions to the world. Those who were not skilled enough to make their country’s Olympic team were not sorry because every night they had the best seat on their couch. It was truly a memorable event. London Bridge is not falling down after all.

London Olympics 2012

Michaels Phelps and Usain Bolt etched their marks in the pool and track of London and no one will ever be able to erase them. Usain Bolt wanted to be a legend and he is. Phelps and Bolt in particular, but many others too showed the world that if you focus, prepare, and go for your dreams you will have them. All the athletes who made it to the Olympics whether they got a medal or not, were winners just for making it. The difference between gold and silver is usually a fraction of a second. Same between silver and Bronze. What has the Olympics taught you? Sign up for my next blog post as I share what I learned.

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